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Can supplements be sold without FDA approval?

Supplements don’t technically have to be approved for dietary safety before they reach the consumer. Of course, that makes things a little easier when it comes to purchasing supplements. Because they don’t have to be approved for dietary safety, they can be sold without it. You don’t need to have them approved by the FDA […]

How do I know if a supplement is FDA approved?

Checking on whether or not a supplement is FDA approved is extremely simple. All you have to do is use this Drugs @ FDA catalogue to be able to see which drugs are FDA approved or not. Your supplements should be in there too, if they’re approved. If your drug or supplement is not FDA approved, this […]

What does GMP mean on supplements?

It means that the supplements were created with Good Manufacturing Practices. Generally, all that means is that they were following the rules when they were creating the supplements en masse in a lab: from the types of ingredients included in the supplements to the amounts and the ratios, good manufacturing practices were followed. Seeing this […]

How do I know if my supplements are banned?

Generally, you can check whether or not your supplements are banned by looking up the information online and checking that supplement against various different organisations’ ban lists. Those lists of banned products by, say, the FDA or the WADA would be able to let you know what’s banned and not what you’re allowed to use […]

Does the FDA regulate supplements?

Yes, the FDA does regulate supplements within the US. The FDA stands for the Food and Drug administration, and they’re responsible for looking into the different kinds of things that people are consuming and putting within their bodies. They’re there to make sure that you’re not poisoning yourself on a daily basis. They’ll do this […]

Do you need a licence to sell SARMs?

Currently, you’re able to sell and buy SARMs as long as they’re marketed as research chemicals and not for human consumption. You’d probably need a business licence in general in many companies to be able to sell the SARMs in any kind of organised way, but there’s not currently heavy regulation in this aspect of […]

Can you test SARMs?

SARMs can definitely be tested, for everything from potency to purity and everything in between. Testing your SARMs, or more likely knowing that the SARMs that you buy are regularly tested is something that’s important. Here at UK SARMs we make sure to offer purity certificates with the SARMs that we sell because we know […]

What other considerations should I take during PCT?

You’ll probably want to be aware of any medications or medicines you’re taking, and how that could possibly interact with the PCT. You don’t want to stop training during it: you want to keep exercising and dieting while you’re getting your hormones back under control from the SARMs. Other considerations to take during PCT include […]

How long should you stay off steroids after a SARMs cycle?

It’s a hard question when it comes to how long you should stay off steroids after a cycle. The answer depends, and it can be different depending on each person. For most people, they’ll take cycles of steroids that go in between time ranges of six to sixteen weeks, which is a pretty wide range […]

How long do SARMs remain in your system for after PCT?

SARMs stay in the system for as long as you’re taking them, of course. It takes SARMs between 48-72 hours to kick in for most people and once it does, the SARMs stay in effect for the duration of the cycle that you’re on. They’re potent supplements that are designed to be used to help […]