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Ligandrol for building muscles

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) Review and Results Guide

If you’ve tried SARMs before, or weren’t certain and wanted to do more research on specific SARMs before you began a cycle, we’re here to help! This is the LGD-4033 review and results guide.

We’re going to look over a specific SARM, LGD-4033, and take the time to review all of the results and different experiences people got from taking it. Many people are curious about LGD-4033 results, and we want to provide as much information as possible.


This includes reviewing possible side effects as well as the general results that people get from being on a cycle of Ligandrol. A lot of people have different experiences and it’s important to make sure that you get all of them if you want a complete picture. So we’re going to gather the information for you and show you what Ligandrol is all about.

Let’s dive deep into the science behind this SARM, its side effects, its results, and whether or not you should take it!

LGD-4033: Basic Information

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that is designed to make building muscle, burning fat, and increasing the strength of your bones far easier. Many people use SARMs for increased performance in the gym and in bodybuilding.

Ligandrol is like many other SARMs in that it has huge effects on these aspects of your body while you’re in the middle of a cycle. Huge growth is possible, which is why LGD-4033 results can differ from time to time.

Depending on nutrition, body type, genetics, effort, workout routine, and a few other factors, some people are able to put on 10+ pounds of muscle in a single cycle of Ligandrol, which is a little ridiculous compared to natural growth.

It definitely has the ability to speed up the growth factor, but there are also side effects to worry about. A few are positive, but LGD-4033 can cause some negative side effects too, and it’s important to look out for them.

Overall, LGD-4033 is a very effective SARM and whoever takes it has a really good shot of getting great performance out of the drug. There are a few caveats, as with everything, but if people follow instructions and do their PCT, they could be looking at some serious long-term gains by using Ligandrol.

Concerned about side effects? Don’t be. Let’s go over the side effects for Ligandrol (and how most of them aren’t much worse than common medications people take every day).

LGD-4033: Known Side Effects

The first thing to remember about side effects for any kind of drug or supplement is that everything has side-effects. Here at UK SARMs, we do mean everything. Cough medicine has side effects. Children’s medication, blood pressure pills, everything from the simplest allergy medication to the most complex hospital-grade medicine has potential side effects, and it’s always important to know the risks when you consume any kind of drug or supplement. LGD-4033 results aside, everything has side effects.

Ligandrol side effects

With SARMs, however, they’re marked as a research chemical and not a substance. Most people will be taking SARMs by themselves, so unless you visit your doctor often or intend to tell him (it may be a good idea), you’d be taking them by yourself, without the oversight of a medical professional.

You won’t be dropping dead overnight, of course. But it’s important to note that all drugs have side effects, and SARMs are generally taken without a doctor’s help — so it’s important to have all of the information when taking these supplements.

Let’s dive right into the side effects and review everything that this SARM can do.

Positive Side Effects/Benefits

Taking SARMs does have a wide variety of positive side effects besides the physical improvements. Many people are not aware of this. SARMs have become a kind of scare-drug, despite a lack of industry-wide research into them.

Ligandrol benefits

SARMs have a ton of different effects on the user. Let’s go over some of the biggest positive ones right now.

  • One of the most mild SARMs on the market today: provides benefits without as aggressive as an effect as other SARMs have
  • Increases lean muscle mass and the ability to build lean muscle mass
  • Increases bone strength and density
  • Assists in the ability to lose weight/burn fat and cut aggressively/heavily if you bodybuild or are trying to
  • A noticeable increase in strength and stamina in general
  • Improvement of vascularity
  • Reduced fatigue and increased ability to recover from fatigue/tiredness
  • Various others

As you can see, there are actually quite a few positive side-effects that Ligandrol has to offer to those who take it. While most of these are of course physical enhancements, a good number of them have nothing to do with appearance and are more like practical benefits than anything else. Some of these, you could argue, would be useful in day-to-day-life. Remember, SARMs were originally made to treat cancer and osteoporosis in older people.

Negative Side Effects

Unfortunately, however, no drug is perfect, and Ligandrol is not an exception to that rule. Ligandrol, like all SARMs, has a list of negative side effects, and while many are more or less negligible, some can be quite serious and may require treatment. LGD-4033 results are no different than any other SARM in that aspect.

Keep in mind, much of this depends on the dosage that you take (more on that below) and whether or not you use PCT, among a few other things.Let’s look at a descriptive list of all of the negative side effects for Ligandrol, big and small, and take a moment to review it.

  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Testicle pain
  • Mild hair loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Heart pains/chest pains
  • Increased risk of heart attack/stroke
  • Water retention

So the first thing to point out is that at least half of these side effects come with common drugs like cold medicine and over the counter pharmaceutical products. That’s the first point, and it’s an important one.

That’s mostly because a drug having a list of side-effects that look scary doesn’t make it bad. Think of all of the medication commercials on TV: half of them have side-effect lists that are three pages long and many include fatal outcomes. For an allergy pill.

When you think of that, don’t some of these side-effects seem less guaranteed? Now, many people have had adverse reactions to SARMs, and it’s recommended that you consume them carefully if you’re going to use them. But there’s no point in being scared over side-effects which don’t even always affect the majority of those that consume it.

What about dosage, however? Let’s look at what kind of dosage is recommended for most people, as well as what you should be taking based on your height, gender, weight, and a few other factors.

LGD-4033: Dosage

Many different SARMs have different levels of dosages that people take to get great results. Keep in mind that these dosage amounts can change depending on frequency, height, gender, weight, and a few other factors. Someone much smaller or newer to SARMs would likely take a smaller dose than someone who’s larger or more experienced with SARMs — or someone who’s looking for aggressive, big, fast results.

LGD-4033 dosage

In general, when looking at dosing for LGD-4033, just keep in mind those basic principles. Most people will dose in a range of 10mg-20mg daily. This is usually one dose, but some people spread it apart and take it every twelve hours. Many report that this has a greater efficiency than using the SARM otherwise. If 7 AM and 7 PM work for you, for example, and you don’t miss your doses, this will work just fine.

Dosing Correctly is Important

It’s very important that you dose correctly. Don’t ignore this aspect of taking a SARM. If you dose the SARM incorrectly, or ignore PCT — which most SARMs need, due to the way that they work — long-term side effects are much more likely. It’s still unlikely that you’ll face huge permanent damage due to one cycle of SARMs, but still, it’s safe to avoid it if possible. And it’s an easy thing to avoid, so there’s no reason to take risks.

Keep in mind if you’re female you generally want to half the dosages above. Even a smaller man can take nearly twice as many SARMs as you can: this is biology at work. If you were to take male dosages, you could end up with hormone problems. Please be safe and make sure to dose yourself correctly.

LGD-4033: Recommended Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is the process of making sure that your body can normally produce hormones once an anabolic supplement like a SARM has been in your body. SARMs can sometimes cause long-term issues with hormone production if they aren’t managed properly, and PCT is the main way that you would want to prevent that.

PCT products

PCT works very well and is generally effective at combatting things like testosterone suppression and other hormonal issues that can sometimes happen because of consumption of SARMs. In order to make sure that you have the right PCT to be able to properly cycle and make sure you get off of the SARM safely, here at UK SARMs we have different options available to you.

Check out all of the available PCT supplements that we have in stock right now.

As with any of these products, however, follow the instructions closely and make certain to be careful with the dosage and how much you take. It’s important that you follow it closely so that you can completely clear the SARMs from your system.

LGD-4033: Results – Weight Gained, Fat Burned and Other Important Aspects

Finally, after all of that information, we’re going to look at LGD-4033 results and what kind of results you can expect if you decide to use this SARM. Many of the results will be similar, but it’s important to note that because it shows a consistency across many different people using the supplement.

LGD-4033: Average Muscle Gained

LGD-4033’s main purpose, or one of its main purposes, is helping you build lean muscle. It’s not uncommon to see people get absolutely ripped in just one cycle of SARMs. Not only does it help you build lean muscle, a lot of SARMs also have a component to them that helps you burn fat as well. So this helps with overall definition, among other aspects of bodybuilding.

Ligandrol muscle gain

Almost everyone is going to gain muscle while on a SARM if they’re eating right and working out. But the important part is how much they gained and how much they did it consistently.

After reviewing many different online sources and compiling the information, most people can expect to gain at least six to seven pounds of muscle, with many people gaining far more. Most cases of Ligandrol use online report anywhere between 6-7 – 12+ pounds of muscle gained in one eight week cycle.

This is pretty significant — you wouldn’t be able to match that level of muscle gain without SARMs even if you tried. It would take some Olympian level of training and eating and body optimisation to be able to pull that off.

But gaining muscle isn’t the only benefit of Ligandrol. What about reduction of fat and an incease in definition? Let’s look into that as well.

LGD-4033: Average Amount of Fat Burned

When it comes to burning fat with SARMs, LGD-4033 results aren’t quite as good as they could be. This is for a few reasons, but one big one overshadows everything else. One of the main side effects of Ligandrol that is known is water retention. Water retention, of course, kind of hurts the goal of losing weight, gaining muscle, and achieving really great definition.

Ligandrol fat burning

Of course, it’s still possible to burn a huge amount of fat while on Ligandrol. Additionally, retaining water is generally a short-term side-effect, so it’s possible that after you go through PCT that you could notice a slight to moderate improvement in your definition while losing the water that you previously retained.

Considering that most people put on between 6-12 pounds of muscle in one 8 week cycle, but their weight doesn’t change significantly, it can be guessed that Ligandrol can help you burn at least a few pounds of fat. Most users lose a signifcant percentage of bodyfat from one cycle, somewhere in the realm of perhaps 2-5%.

For experienced bodybuilders, this would be a massive amount of bodyfat percentage to lose, and even for an inexperienced person, you would notice a big change in a short period of time.

LGD-4033: Overall Results and Conclusions

Overall, Ligandrol is clearly a great SARM that does an amazing job at helping people build muscle, strengthen weak bones, and burn fat, among a large list of other positives. While Ligandrol — and SARMs as a whole — have negative side effects, with proper use and post cycle therapy, many of these risks are negated and minimized, leaving a simple process that people can follow for fast, big, long-term gains. LGD-4033 results are great and reliable.

Ligandrol results

Whether or not you’re a body-builder, you can definitely benefit from the usage of Ligandrol if your goal is to build lean muscle in a short period of time. So long as you follow all of the steps and instructions, you should find it very easy to get the kind of results that you want from Ligandrol.

If you want more information about Ligandrol, or you’re curious about more info when it comes to SARMs or supplements in general, our contact form is always available for you to use.

If you’re looking to purchase Ligandrol, or other SARMs or stacks/combinations, here is our general product list at UK SARMs for you to peruse.

If you have any other inquiries, whether it’s about products or the process and results that they offer, please contact us and we’ll try to assist you as soon as possible. No question is too big or small, and the expert knowledge we have here at UK SARMs may come in handy if you’re willing to seek it out.

Happy bulking!