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SARMs can help you reach new heights with your training goals, whether it’s bulking up, improving workout performance, boosting recovery or shedding unwanted body fat.

UK SARMs offers the purest, high-quality liquid SARMs for sale in a welcoming and comfortable place to shop safely online.

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Research has shown that Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators amplify androgen levels in the body, driving large increases in performance and recovery.

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SARMs Product FAQs

The effects that SARMs give to the human body kick in within 48-72 hours. Because you should be taking the supplement as part of a daily dosage, once the effects kick in, they stay in place until the SARMs cycle is over.

What this means is that they kick in very fast and near-instantly provide a benefit. It’s not uncommon for people to start gaining muscle in the first few weeks after they take SARMs. So clearly, SARMs kick in fast and work right away.

They don’t provide an actual instant effect, of course. You’ll still have to wait at least a few days before any noticeable benefits begin to become apparent. But if your goal is to build muscle, or burn fat fast then don’t worry, you’ll get that by taking SARMs. More than practically any other supplement, SARMs offer explosive muscle growth that can be retained safely by following the right steps.

You can always try a shorter, lighter dosage of SARMs to see if you like the benefits it provides you with. Different dosages and different kinds of cycles are available to fit different kinds of needs.

Once SARMs begin activating in the system, a process that usually takes 48-72 hours, the effects stay in place until the SARMs cycle is over. Considering most SARMs cycles take 8-12 weeks, that’s two to three months that SARMs will be in your system, period. Considering that for most people, taking a PCT cycle for SARMS comes after this, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say SARMs stay in your system for three to four months after initially consuming the supplement.

Don’t take this as a negative statement towards SARMs. The supplements need time to work and so they’re going to be in your system for a while, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a dangerous thing so long as you follow all of the instructions. SARMs are potent supplements and the reason why they have such an effect is due to their potency. If you were to reduce that or take that way, they wouldn’t be nearly as effective for everyone that takes them and relies on them.

Because SARMs are such a potent supplement, it’s nearly inevitable that they would have side effects. However, that’s not really an indictment of anything: nor is it a good thing to suggest that just because something has side effects, you shouldn’t take it. The truth is, many things have side-effects: nearly all drugs do, really. Even something as common as cough medication/over-the-counter cold medicine has a wide range of side-effects. More potent drugs or cures for other diseases and conditions sometimes have a huge list of strange and possibly deadly side effects.

The prospect of side effects from taking specific medications or muscle building supplements is nothing new: that’s been happening for decades, if not centuries. SARMs are no different in the fact that consequences exist for the kind of supplements that they are, but that’s not a fair criticism of SARMs.

Still, for a quick list of SARMs side-effects: diarrhoea, headaches, hypertension, heart disease, aggression, acne, and various other conditions. Keep in mind both the presence and severity of the side-effect, if it happens at all, would likely be based on both dosage as well as which specific SARM you took.

A good question is whether or not you need to take Post Cycle Therapy products after taking SARMs. For those who don’t know, Post Cycle Therapy is a kind of supporting drug that normally goes along with SARMs. What Post Cycle Therapy does, or what it is supposed to do – because it isn’t always guaranteed to work – is help your body return to a normal hormonal balance after being on SARMs for extended periods of time, especially longer cycles.

Not everyone always has to do PCT after they complete a cycle of SARMs, and oftentimes it depends on how long you cycled the SARM and what kind of specific SARM it was that you took that entire time. These two factors can be crucial when determining whether or not you need to take PCT.

Some SARMs don’t require the usage of PCT. Normally, these are SARMs such as Ibutamoren, Stenabolic, and Cardarine. Some others still require it, however. Also keep in mind that if you were on a longer cycle, especially a ten to twelve week cycle, it’s probably a good idea to take PCT. You may permanently damage your hormones otherwise.

Determining which SARM is best for muscle gain is a difficult task as different body types react differently to SARM products when it comes to lean muscle building. While there are many SARMs that boost muscle growth – in fact, nearly all do – there are obviously different brands and specific kinds of SARMs that have a stronger effect when it comes to this than others do.

SARMs like Test RAD-140, Ibutamoren MK-677 and Ostarine MK-2866 are good examples of possible SARMs that would be top-tier for gaining muscle. Why? First of all, these SARMs are relatively affordable and they’re extremely popular, especially in the U.k. and Europe. It won’t be hard to find a supplier for these SARMs (like us!), compared to some other kinds that might be harder.

Finally, these SARMs offer really great performance even compared to some other brands. RAD-140, Ostarine, and MK-677 in particular are all well-known for boosting muscle growth explosively and making it much easier to gain much faster, in general. These SARMs work great when it comes to gaining and building muscle.

If you’re looking to gain as much muscle as possible, or gain a lot of muscle quickly, consider using one of the above SARMs. We have them for sale in our online store.