GROWTH (MK-677) Ibutamoren
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GROWTH (MK-677) Ibutamoren



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UK SARMs GH Pep (MK-677) is an orally administrated GH secretagogue. A secretagogue is the term for a substance that naturally signals the pituitary gland to secrete GH. In other words, UK SARMs GH Pep could be compared to peptides like IGF-1 Lr3 or MGF(peptides), only it doesn’t require any injections nor does it have any side effects.

It has been demonstrated to increase the release of and produces sustained increases in plasma levels of several hormones including GH and insulin-like-growth-factor 1 (IGF-1) for up to 24 hours.

The product was originally developed in a laboratory, to help patients increase muscle mass and bone mineral density. Research has also suggested that MK-677 can alter your metabolism of body fat, whilst also helping to improve the subjects’ sleep.

* 99% Pure SARMs
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Manufactured in the UK
* Compounded by UK SARMs’ Pharmacologist
* HPLC Tested
* Free Next Day Delivery UK / Free International Shipping
* Scientific-backed advice and assistance

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. Sold for research purposes only. Not sold for human consumption.


Product Name MK-677
Short Name Growth
Alternative Name Ibutamoren
Molecular Formula C27H36N4O5S
Concentration 25mg/ml
Volume 30ml


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If you don’t have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If you don’t like it, no hard feelings we’ll make it right.

We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

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119 reviews for GROWTH (MK-677) Ibutamoren

  1. Samuel (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and 100% legit 💪 Arrived as it should all wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box.

  3. Σεργιος

    I bought the mk677 very good product zero soreness after training too bad i live in greece and i pay high duty cost for the international shipment but their mk677 is at god lvl 100 percent legal even my tennis elbow is starting to leave me thank you so much

  4. Conor

    Great product does what it says on the tin, definite strength increase, all items arrived when expected also.

  5. Mark

    Great customer service always reply straight away. good, trusted will buy again

  6. Dale

    I so happy with the product. And first delivery was bang on time. And the next delivery is running a little late.. but Customer service is bang on.👌

  7. Alan Kearns

    Best MK677 on the market right now, thanks guys!

  8. Eli

    On time great 👍

  9. Henry

    Ive started feeling more active and am always in a good mood to hit the gym and sweat it out.

  10. Jake

    The biggest plus point that I personally think that had during my dosage cycle of MK-677 was that my testosterone levels were not way too high neither low.

  11. Brandon T

    Quick delivery. Very happy.

  12. Mason

    my gym trainer recommended me to go with MK677 Ibutamoren and since then my bodybuilding journey has seen new heights.

  13. Billy R

    The biggest difference that I felt was the muscle gain. After a week I started realizing that my body is undergoing constant changes and I can feel bulkiness in my arms and chest.

  14. Freddie

    Good service. Will buy again

  15. James W

    I am now working out twice as hard. This was noticed by my personal gym trainer, and he complimented me on the same 💪

  16. Will

    Customer service is so helpful.

  17. Ricky

    During the MK677 Ibutamoren cycle, my mood was just amazing all the time. I always felt doing so much and always was in a jolly mood. Everyone noticed these changes at my workplace. People complimented me for my physique (which was kind of new to me).

  18. steven

    Was introduced to MK677 by my friend and my gym sessions have changed for the better!

  19. Robin

    Ridiculous results. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

  20. Peter

    Super fast delivery 📦

  21. Matthew C

    I personally continued my MK677 cycle for around 8 weeks. I was really satisfied with the results.
    Seeing your hard work and dedication become successful really feels good.

  22. Charlie

    Noticed changes such as fat loss, lean muscle gains and strength gains. But also noticed the increased sleep quality benefit as well as the increase in hair and skin quality.

  23. Ray

    Fast and hassle free service 👍

  24. Joe Taylor

    Pleased with the results

  25. Theo

    Drastic change in my physique and everyone is noticing the progression 🔥

  26. Damian

    Genuine product 💯

  27. Leon

    MK677 has really helped me hit personal bests weightlifting 💪🔥

  28. Neil O

    Gained muscle and lost fat! A great aid to getting into the best shape of my life. Really happy cant recommend this product enough. Also a great reliable company to get MK677 from.

  29. Aaron

    Great service.

  30. Terry

    Recommended uksarms to all my friends in the gym. Such a great company and all products I have bought are legitimate.

  31. Mustaf

    MK677 is backed with a lot of research and studies and this is why I started using it. I wish I started using it sooner 👍

  32. Luke A

    I will continue to do cycles of this compound, I love the increased sleep benefit as well as the hair and skin quality increase.

  33. Frankie

    I recommend everyone to try this compound out, especially because it’s very safe and is backed by a lot of research.

  34. Colin E

    I started it to recover from my old injuries, in the first place but the other benefits from it were a bonus.

  35. Kilian

    Lifts feel much easier now. I set some PRs within 4 weeks just on MK677

  36. Chris

    New injuries seemed to heal way fast than you can imagine. Recovery from workouts feels fast as well.

  37. Louis

    Genuine product came quick with no problems.

  38. Sonny

    It definitely helps with eating and sleeping and nitrogen retention so it will help you bulk up.

  39. Christopher

    MK-677 was an absolute God send

  40. Andy

    Increased my morning weight to 80kgs. Increased skin health. Increase rate of healing/recovery and reduce joint pain. Glad I started using MK677

  41. Larry Gibbs

    It’s allowed me to stay lean all year round. it’s good at preserving muscle whilst I’m in a deficit.

  42. Brian S

    Really happy with the results so far

  43. Tommy

    Really happy using this company. Really good products and seeing really good difference in my body and mindset in the gym.

  44. Riko

    After researching MK677 I was less apprehensive. Since my endurance is at an all time high. Surprisingly my hair and skin has benefitted from taking this too!

  45. Samuel D

    Fast delivery 👍

  46. Tom

    The best Sarm I have ever tried. I got very hungry at one point but it did work as I am extremely strong right now

  47. Isaac

    Was sceptical, but noticed big difference in my training and started to gain more muscles within a short period of time. Definitely recommend.

  48. Joel

    Currently about half way through my first cycle and I’ve noticed significant improvements in my strength and muscle gain. I will definitely be taking some again.

  49. Dylan

    Did not know this product but gave it a try anyway. Glad I did! The best MK I have ever tried

  50. John

    I have tried multiple MK677 from different companies and I can say that this is by far the best MK677, it does everything what it suppose to. Also, the best price I could find online and fast delivery!!

  51. Patrick

    The best price and fast delivery, I love it!

  52. Mike

    This was my first sarm stack. I have never tried anything like this before.
    I feel much stronger now and definitely gained some lean muscle. Recommended

  53. Kurt

    I have put mass on, shoulders are bigger as are biceps but do seem to have lost some bf around the stomach & chest. Great value for money!

  54. Calvin

    In the gym I feel strong, the pump has been very noticeable , I did change my training routine whilst using this stack dropped reps to 6`s but increased the weights and this seems to have really worked for me

  55. Chris A

    First time user of TWP products though I have been looking at this brand for a while now. I am in my early 50`s and have been very impressed with the gains made to date.

  56. Mikel

    Strength gains are unreal. Can’t stop eating now though lol🙈🤣

  57. Micheal

    Recovering has been much easier since I have been using this SARM. 100% one of the best/most effective on the market in today’s fitness world!

  58. Steve

    Nice supplement. Would buy again👍🏻

  59. Matthew

    Drastic transformation since trying out this supplement. Life could not get any better. Please do not knock it until you’ve tried it!!!🤩

  60. Charles

    Rapid results if you really do love the gym. Fast delivery 👍🏻

  61. George

    If you’re serious about training… then look no further!

  62. Simon

    The biggest difference that I felt was the muscle gain. After a week I started realizing that my body is undergoing constant changes and I can feel bulkiness in my arms and chest. Also, my girlfriend complimented for the first time in two years since the time I started hitting the gym.

  63. Owen

    During the MK677 Ibutamoren cycle, my mood was just amazing all the time. I always felt doing so much and always was in a jolly mood. Everyone noticed these changes at my workplace. People complimented me for my physique (which was kind of new to me).

  64. Baz

    Amazing stuff!!!

  65. Ivan

    I really love experimenting with new sarms but this particular product has most definitely changed the game. Thanks guys😎

  66. Stephen

    This is great helped give me a massive boost in the gym after a week I’ve noticed a difference

  67. Shane O malley

    This is great helped give me a massive boost in the gym after a week I’ve noticed a difference💪🏻

  68. Salim A

    Over the moon with my current results!

  69. Adam T

    After using this for only a short time you can see the results very clearly. It’s amazing. I’m buying this every month!

  70. Euan

    1 month of using this product and have noticed a 15-20% increase in max reps and 5-10% increase in maximum lifting capability.

  71. Colin

    to early to say but definitely a definition and strength improvement

  72. Stuart Mctaggart

    Excellent product which is working well even at the age of 57….then age is just a number!

  73. Trevor

    Building muscle quite rapidly and seem to be loosing fat to so all is good

  74. Anthony

    Early days only 2 weeks in but positive movement

  75. Lee

    Amazing will always recommend!!!

  76. Elizabeth H

    I brought this for my partner and he seams happy with the results. He dose not have time for a regular training schedule but sees results with this product straight away

  77. Thomas Nev

    Strong anabolic supplement which helps grow strength quickly

  78. Leon

    Really like the feeling and the results I am getting from this product. Thank you!

  79. Simeon

    Right from the off I noticed an increase in strength I wasn’t surprised as I have been using SARM products for eighteen years so I know they work. Only after a couple of weeks people are noticing my gains.

  80. Ali B

    Great results in short time🌟

  81. Aman

    Within a few days I noticed an increase in strength.
    Would certainly buy again!💪🏻

  82. Matt

    1 word. PUMPED!

  83. Anderson

    Was cynical regarding this product, but have to say that I noticed gains in strength almost immediately. Impressive product.

  84. Sezer D

    With clean eating and high intense training the results are noticeable. 5/5

  85. Lyndon

    Unbelievable works very fast a must for the serious workout

  86. Aryan

    Thank you

  87. Colin

    The big gun for maximun results fast.

  88. Phil D

    Excellent results can’t fault it…

  89. Leon

    This product is pretty impressive all my weights started creeping up by the 2nd week felt less fatigued and had more ooommpphhh to really push myself!!

  90. Paul

    Marvellous. Good stuff guys🙌🏻

  91. Robert

    Do take this product as directed and you will have gains that will surprise you. I was bit of a skeptic at first but even my personal trainer noticed the energy and results it gave me within days. I was able to lift more. IF you don’t get anything else, get this product.

  92. Jaspal singh

    Super good. Gains upon gains upon gains!!!!

  93. David


  94. Hussain B

    Absolutely incredible I’ve tried this and norateen heavy weight 2 before but I love this more made me lift more weights it will be always on my supplements list

  95. Gion

    very good product
    feel this product working

  96. Sanjeev

    A brilliant product. I always using it. Working perfect.

  97. Liam

    I been ordering for some time now and everything is been good. The best way is to stack two different muscle builders.

  98. Joseph C

    Progression & transformation has never felt so sweeter! Amazing stuff guys. Truly. Thank you!!!!

  99. Karl

    Hard gym sesh, this stuff makes you sleep like a baby

  100. David

    Will never shop anywhere else for SARMS NO1 company👍🏻

  101. Louie

    My 8 week cycle has never felt smoother.
    I’m sharp
    Sleeping better
    What’s not to love.

  102. Ellie

    Amazing service.

  103. Andrew

    10/10 customer service.
    11/10 for ultimate gains!🤜🏻🤛🏻

  104. Ricky T

    Didn’t expect it but really helped with my sleep

  105. Zak

    My pre workout usually kicks in but since I have been taking pump I feel more energised than before and I do feel a much better pump when I’m curling that sweet iron. Would buy again 1 million percent.

  106. Craig L

    Happy with the benefits so far… will update further down the line😄

  107. Christian

    Good buy👍🏻

  108. Mohammed F

    Perfect delivery time !!!

  109. Big Nick

    Nothing like a good pump like when you take some pump hahaha love it 💪🏻🔥😉

  110. Tommy boy

    Can’t wait to start really seeing the results show… still happy with this though

  111. Iain

    Love the packaging!
    I was worried my order would get damaged so glad you guys come prepared🤣🙈

  112. Joe Hogan

    If you haven’t tried a sarm you haven’t lived lol please don’t tell me you know you’re fitness game if you haven’t ever taken any kind of sarm in you’re life… facts!

  113. Tony maguire

    Rapid delivery🙂

  114. Jordan H

    Thank you!
    You guys rock!!👏🏻🦾

  115. Steven T

    Fast results.
    Quick delivery.
    Great value for money.
    I’m a happy man. Thank you!

  116. Jay (verified owner)

    Helped me put insane size on feeling more confident than I’ve ever been and hitting PBS every session incredible product has helped me so much

  117. James

    Extremely quick delivery and a product that’s exceeded my expectations!

  118. Farhan

    Excellent product, bench went up 10kg in one week! Thanks UK Sarms!

  119. Endri Dedja

    I Purchase Mk677 here and Rad 140 at New SARMS. I really give me a good result. Thanks!

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