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Do I need to take PCT after SARMs?

A good question is whether or not you need to take Post Cycle Therapy products after taking SARMs. For those who don’t know, Post Cycle Therapy is a kind of supporting drug that normally goes along with SARMs. What Post Cycle Therapy does, or what it is supposed to do – because it isn’t always […]

Do SARMs have side effects?

Because SARMs are such a potent supplement, it’s nearly inevitable that they would have side effects. However, that’s not really an indictment of anything: nor is it a good thing to suggest that just because something has side effects, you shouldn’t take it. The truth is, many things have side-effects: nearly all drugs do, really. […]

How long do SARMs stay in the body’s system?

Once SARMs begin activating in the system, a process that usually takes 48-72 hours, the effects stay in place until the SARMs cycle is over. Considering most SARMs cycles take 8-12 weeks, that’s two to three months that SARMs will be in your system, period. Considering that for most people, taking a PCT cycle for […]

Which SARM is the best for muscle gain?

Determining which SARM is best for muscle gain is a difficult task as different body types react differently to SARM products when it comes to lean muscle building. While there are many SARMs that boost muscle growth – in fact, nearly all do – there are obviously different brands and specific kinds of SARMs that […]

How quickly do SARMs take to start working?

The effects that SARMs give to the human body kick in within 48-72 hours. Because you should be taking the supplement as part of a daily dosage, once the effects kick in, they stay in place until the SARMs cycle is over. What this means is that they kick in very fast and near-instantly provide […]