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SARMs Product FAQs

If you’ve been wondering about SARMs in general, or just had a question that you wanted to ask us, all of our SARMs FAQs are listed below. This is intended to be an extensive list to cover other questions that weren’t explained under other headings or individual category pages.

We hope that your questions will be answered by this FAQ list. Simply look for the heading that best fits what you’re trying to answer and we should have a relevant question that’s placed underneath there somewhere.

You’ll see some of the most common SARM product questions answered on our SARMS product page and here are some of the other questions we get asked most often when it comes to SARMs and their effects.


Faqs Page

Yes, SARMs do expire. All SARMs products sold and distributed by UKSARMs have a shelf life of two years from the date of purchase.

The safest SARM – or the SARM with the least possible risk – is LGD-4033, mostly because it provides a lot of different benefits to those that take it, and really helps with your performance, all without providing many downsides.

The side effects from LGD-4033, compared to most SARMs, are extremely mild. Meanwhile, the results are still really great. LGD-4033, at this point in time, is probably the safest SARM available.

Out of all SARMs, the ones that have the strongest effects would be SARMs like RAD-140. These are considered SARMs with extremely potent effects on the body: enough that they can cause serious issues all on their own if they’re not taken in the right way.

SARMs like RAD-140 are so potent that they can cause insane growth and results without any other assistance. If you have a good diet and exercise while taking a SARM like Rad-140, it’s likely you could put on as much as 3-5 kg in a single SARMs cycle of pure muscle, which is of course pretty significant.

Those kinds of gains you won’t normally find from most other supplements or sources: not even other SARMs. They’re excellent gains, even for someone who was experienced and knowledgeable about bodybuilding. RAD-140, when it comes to pure bulking, is one of the strongest SARMs there is.

No, it isn’t, at all. SARMs work by building up and causing different effects to happen in your body. Now, sure, if you miss a lot of dosages in a row, you’re going to notice problems start popping up. Just don’t do that. If you only miss once or twice in an entire cycle, considering you’re likely to dose yourself many many times… it won’t make a big difference in the long run.

Missing a day of SARMs is no big deal: it happens to people all the time, more than they’d like to admit it. Even to celebrities, big bodybuilders, or super famous people that a normal person might recognize on sight. The reason why it happens so much is simple: you need to remember to take your dose.

Nowadays, we have medicine alarms, phone notifications, and a ton of other ways of reminding you to take your medicine: even if you were able to forget it, the alarm would remind you.

When it comes to building up lean muscle, you’ll want to build up a lot of muscle while burning a good amount of fat.

The best SARMs for this vary, but one good example would be Andarine, also known as MASS (S-4). Andarine has the exact kind of qualities to build up a lot of lean muscle, and will help you make great gains and get the kind of body that you’re really looking for. Use Andarine to be able to build up as much lean muscle as you need to and really look your best!

Besides the obvious risks, such as tampering, there are a lot of other risks that come with buying medicine or supplements online. Buying products online in general has a small amount of risk to it, as your package could be damaged or lost. Even if you receive the package, the problems don’t end there.

Without proper proof, it’s hard to say what you’re buying from an online website — even a big one or a well-known one — is legitimate. This is because unless you have legitimate proof, such as purity certificates here at UK SARMs, you can’t be certain that the actual source of the medicine itself was safe or legitimate.

Be careful when you purchase medicine or supplements online. Without proper proof or research, it’s possible to buy poison for yourself. Stay safe.

The main health risks from SARMs revolve around the person’s hormones and their heart, along with a few other factors. But hormonal issues or heart issues/a stroke are the main ‘real’ health risks of SARMs. SARMs are such potent supplements that if you don’t take them correctly, or don’t perform your PCT properly, it’s possible you can run into these health risks.

Take these seriously. SARMs can cause serious issues if they’re taken irresponsibly. That’s always the biggest cause of people developing serious health issues because of SARMs. SARMs are potent supplements that have a lot of strength behind them. They’re not meant to be taken irresponsibly or differently than the instructions that are given with them.

If you want to take SARMs but you’re serious about avoiding or minimising the risks whenever possible, just make sure to follow all of the instructions and consult a doctor while you’re taking the SARM.

This is a complicated question to answer.  The legality of a SARM is complex and has gone through a long process, and it still isn’t even completed at this point in time. The crux of the matter is, however, that SARMs are not intended to be consumed, but you can purchase them legally.

SARMs are almost always packaged as ‘research chemicals not fit for human consumption’, or something along those lines. What that means is that while SARMs are not intended to be consumed, you can purchase them, and once you have them, it’s your choice when it comes to what you want to do with them.

In Australia, this isn’t the case. SARMs are considered a schedule class IV drug and require a prescription to use them. You can’t just purchase the SARM and immediately start a cycle as soon as you want.

So, for the most part, SARMs are legal: even if it’s currently through a loophole.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has been keeping a close eye on SARMs since they were originally created decades ago. They’re much more modern than steroids and though they function similar, the two drugs are not identical. The World Anti-Doping Agency found its first positive test in 2010. As of 2022, there have been over 230 positive tests for SARMs.

This may come as a shock to some people, but since SARMs are viewed as a better version of steroids by many, it should not. In competitions all over the world, people always try to cheat. It just so happens that cheating in events like the Olympics or famous bodybuilding competitions involves twisting advantages and boons to your body as far as possible.

It’s probably also a good time to state that you shouldn’t take SARMs to obtain advantages in competitions. Even if you don’t get caught, you’ll know that you didn’t really win: you got an unfair advantage to give you the edge. Don’t be like these other hundreds of cheaters who got caught.

SARMs and dietary supplements are usually two different things. Now, in the supplement industry, scams and misinformation are unfortunately uncommon. It’s possible to find a brand of supplements that produces toxic products, laced with incorrectly made supplements or other substances entirely. People have died from this in the past before, which is why you want to make sure you’re buying legitimate products: things like our purity certificates here at UK SARMs prove that.

If you think that you found SARMs in your dietary supplements and they weren’t supposed to be there, then that’s a problem. You need to make certain of what you’re buying and who and where you’re getting it from when it comes to supplements.

SARMs should not be mixed in with other supplements unless it’s some kind of special product or an advertisement, like a two for one deal. Otherwise, that’s a substance that should be labelled and kept separate on its own.

This is a common question because SARMs are often mistaken for steroids, since some of their side-effects and the kinds of benefits they give are seen as similar. Fortunately, SARMs and steroids are quite different, and the two should not be confused with one another. For example, steroids has far sharper and more permanent consequences than even SARMs do, and SARMs can sometimes have dangerous side-effects: but still nowhere near as bad as steroids.

SARMs can, however, sometimes increase aggression in people. Men of course would be the primary suspect in this situation: that much testosterone in your body is, without a doubt, likely to make you far more aggressive. It’ll make getting and staying mad that much easier.

You may also notice various different aspects of your mood behaving differently than how you’d like. There are other elements of SARMs that affect your mood as well: keep in mind please that this is a drug that does affect your hormones and therefore can also have an effect on your mood as well. This is something you should be aware of – and attempt to control – while you consume SARMs.

One of the main side-effects from SARMs (much more at risk with improper dosage, cycle length, or improperly done PCT) is the possibility of long-term damage to the body’s production of hormones, usually testosterone in the case of a man.

 Now, this is a problem for many reasons. The first is that it can cause long-lasting health issues for the rest of a person’s life that can affect many parts of their life, including their overall appearance. Hormone issues can cause a wide variety of issues that would be better explained by an endocrinologist, but just a few include things like balding, gynecomastia (breast tissue production in men), and things like the shrinkage of testicles.

Many of these side-effects are similar to those that steroids cause. It’s because the conditions being caused in this case are basically more or less the same conditions that SARMs give you. It’s your damaged hormone production that’s causing all of this stuff to happen in your body.

SARMs aren’t guaranteed to damage your hormones, but it is possible, and there are ways to prevent and minimise the side-effects.

SARMs, as a rule, have a ton of side effects because of how they affect the body. Some of the biggest of these side-effects involve hormonal issues, the heart, and a few other different biological processes. Most problems revolve around hormones and the heart, though.

One potential side-effect from SARMs, however, is damage to the process of how the body builds and creates sperm. Now, this isn’t a guaranteed side-effect and it’s not like the majority of men that take SARMs experience it, but it has happened to people before.

For your own safety, it’s recommended that you follow dosages and cycle lengths. Oftentimes, people cause symptoms or side-effects for themselves by taking the supplements for too long, or for skipping their Post Cycle Therapy when they shouldn’t have. While the risk will still be there, you can make sure that you’re not putting yourself any more at risk than you need to.

SARMs in general do not have a huge influence on sperm count. Some studies — which SARMs have very little of done on them in general — have found that certain SARMs provide negative side-effects to the process of sperm being created in the body, also called spermatogenesis. However, as previously stated, SARMs have not been heavily researched in any way, and there simply isn’t enough conclusive evidence to confirm SARMs affecting your sperm.

That isn’t to say it’s impossible that they could have any kind of effect. SARMs, after all, can affect your hormones and do other things inside your body. The idea that they could change your fertility isn’t a huge step to take at all. It’s completely possible that SARMs could mess with your sperm or damage your fertility. It’s entirely possible.

We just don’t have the evidence to conclusively prove it. With what we’ve seen, SARMs do not provide a negative side-effect on sperm count: at least not something big and menacing that’s immediately noticeable.

As stated above, SARMs have the ability to cause hormonal problems within the body. Hormonal problems can sometimes cause hair loss, but it isn’t always guaranteed. It’s much more dependent on the type of SARM you took or how much of it you took versus just taking a SARM at all.

SARMs have a huge list of side-effects and each person will be affected differently. It’s possible, technically, for SARMs to cause hair loss in people, but most people won’t run into that side effect at all while they use the supplement.

Instead, it’s more likely that you’d run into more common side-effects first before more serious ones like hair loss happen. Hair loss might not be immediately fatal, but many people consider it serious because it can permanently affect their appearance, which is definitely important.

To be safest and avoid any hair loss occurring while using SARMs, we recommend making certain to follow dosages and PCT carefully.

SARMs have the ability to cause heart damage and heart disease as a potential side-effect. This is fairly well-known and is considered common knowledge within the SARMs community. While it’s not guaranteed that this will happen, and many people still have hearts that are just fine, it’s probably a good idea for you to be aware of this as a possible risk.

SARMs are supplements that help the body build muscle and selectively bind with certain androgen receptors to make new muscle tissue appear faster. They boost the production of testosterone in your body, which is of course a double-edged sword. SARMs must be taken very carefully.

SARMs can, but are not guaranteed to, affect your heart. When taking SARMs, please follow all instructions and dosages carefully, to avoid as much risk as possible and minimise your own risk of getting some kind of serious health issue.

There are a few health risks associated with SARMs. While most of the side-effects are more or less mild, there are a few serious side-effects that need to be looked for because they are dangerous. Usually, these are side-effects that either have to deal with either your hormones or your heart.

 If SARMs have damaged the way you’re able to naturally produce testosterone, this can cause long-term side effects that will follow you if it’s not dealt with. PCT is generally what’s done to prevent this problem from happening, and most SARM cycles involve PCT of some kind once the supplement is over with.

If your hormones were fine, the next concern would be your heart. SARMs do have the ability to cause potential heart disease or heart damage, though it’s not guaranteed. If you feel like your heart is a concern for you, or it already was before you began taking SARMs, it’s best to be under the eye of a doctor so they can monitor things like your heart or your hormones more closely.

Besides those two main risks, other side-effects and issues with SARMs are usually mild or resolve themselves on their own.

If your doctor prescribes a SARM for you, it’s likely that you should take the SARM and follow both the instructions that the medication gives you as well as your physician. If your doctor gives you conflicting information, such as a change to dosage, cycle time, or another important bit of information, always feel free to ask the doctor to explain why, though it’s smarter to side with the doctor in almost every case.

Trust your physician. They’re licensed, trained, educated professionals that have spent years in schools and hospitals, learning and learning. They have the information and education necessary to be able to help you as much as possible: so listen to their advice and directions when it comes to using any kind of medication or supplements. SARMs are no different. Take the SARMs as you’re directed to and your doctor will help you make sure that you stay healthy while you’re on the supplement.

Like many other drugs that have a chance to boost performance,  SARMs are banned and prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The rules that the agency uses to determine this are fairly simple, but SARMS falls under and violates practically each rule.

Not only do SARMs have a proven way of increasing your performance, they also offer several other benefits to those who take them. Things like an increase in endurance or bone strength might not be obvious from the moment a race or a long event starts, but they can make a big difference when everyone in the competition is competing using only their bodies. To change that would be to risk interfering in the process: to allow someone an unfair advantage would be unacceptable.

SARMs are prohibited – and likely will stay banned – by WADA due to all of these reasons and more.

Not properly following the intended dosages when it comes to SARMs can cause all kinds of issues, mainly hormonal. For most people, when they take SARMs, it affects the way that their body is able to produce certain hormones. So if you were to take too many SARMS, it’s likely that you’d see some side-effects from that. These side-effects can range from disastrous to mild.

Here’s a quick list of potential side-effects:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Water retention
  • Mood swings
  • Aggression
  • Acne
  • Hormonal issues
  • Heart disease
  • Risk of stroke

While this isn’t a full list of all side-effects of SARMs, here are just a few things that you’re risking but not taking the correct dosage. If you take too much one time, it’s unlikely to affect you. Taking an improper dosage for an entire cycle, however, could possibly be extremely dangerous.

Please follow the instructions given on the supplements when you purchase them, wherever you purchase them from. Recommended dosages and cycle lengths exist for a reason: they’re there to help you and keep you safe.

The effects of SARMs kick in within 48-72 hours, and noticeable results from SARMs can be found in as little as a few weeks. SARMs are potent supplements that activate quickly, and you’ll find that early on in your cycle, you’ll already begin feeling some of the very strong effects.

Your strength will increase, and your muscles will explode and grow fast, in what seems like nearly overnight. Your bone strength and density will increase, and you’ll receive a few other physical advantages, such as increased endurance.

Much of this sets in very quickly. SARMs don’t take long to kick in at all.

RAD-140 is no different than any other SARM product in this respect. The gains that you keep are not related to the SARM that you take: while certain SARMs give different benefits over one another, the way you keep gains after you take a SARM isn’t by taking more SARMs or taking another supplement or drug, but rather just by diet and exercise, nothing else.

That was what built your muscles when you first started doing SARMs, right? You may have been taking SARMs, but you were also exercising like crazy and eating really healthy. That provided the body with everything that it needed to get huge and jacked and ripped and strong. You were probably really proud at that moment.

Nothing changed between wanting to build a better body for yourself and then wondering whether or not you’ll keep the gains that you’re making in the middle right now. The answer is yes, but it’s all dependent on how much effort you decide you want to put in.

SARMs, as a whole, almost all promote and contribute to the building of muscle faster than it would otherwise be possible. Very few SARMs don’t share that as one of the main benefits. It’s a very popular bodybuilding supplement for a reason.

However, if your goal was to get the most efficient SARM for muscle building, then the most likely targets would be SARMs such as Ostarine, MK-677, or RAD-140. Compared to other SARMs, these supplements offer explosive muscle growth over a short period of time. It’s even faster growth than most other SARMs offer.

Of course, these SARMs are pretty powerful. If you do it the right way — this usually involves knowing your way around things or asking for help — you could even increase your dosage and amplify the effects further. It all depends on how far you’re willing to go and what you want to get.

Using these SARMs and techniques, it’s not impossible to build pound after pound of muscle in as little as two or three months. SARMs offer huge growth potential to those interested.

While many SARMs are generally safe, it’s true that there are some SARMs that are safer than others. Specifically, SARMs still need a lot of research to be done before we can really say with certainty the true risks of the supplement. Many of these tests or studies are yet to be completed. In the mean-time, it’s probably best to recommend a SARM that’s been lab-tested much more compared to many others that it’s similar to.

We are, of course, referring to the SARM known as Ligandrol aka LGD-4033. While LGD-4033 still has a variety of side-effects that can arise by taking it, compared to other SARMs it’s much safer because the risks are much more known and generally mild, whereas the benefits for taking the SARM are noticeable and significant.

If we had to recommend one SARM as the safest, it would be LGD-4033 for those reasons. If you’re looking to take a solid SARM that offers good growth while little to no risk is taken, LGD-4033 is one of the best bets in that case.

SARMs are, without a doubt, far safer than steroids are. There are a huge list of reasons as to why, and we’ll look at the biggest ones. First of all, the side-effects for steroids are far more serious than SARMs are, and SARMs arguably provide a bigger benefit than steroids do for far less risk.

The side-effects that steroids can cause within your body are serious and should be taken seriously. We’re talking about things like balding, issues with your heart, heart attacks, strokes, hormonal issues within the body, aggression, acne, and various other problems. Steroid side-effects range from irritating to life-threatening.

As a safe steroid alternative, SARMs issues, on the other hand, are far more mild. Headache, nausea, muscle fatigue, and back pain are all common SARMs problems. While there are other SARMs side effects, of course, the noticeable risk to the person taking the supplement or drug is far less, and SARMs offer serious performance at a relatively low-risk cost. SARMs are far safer than steroids.

Despite a lot of online misinformation and general public confusement about these two different substances, no, steroids and SARMs are not the same thing. They’re not even close. Anabolic steroids have been around for decades, whereas SARMs have only really been around for the past twenty to thirty years.

While they have similar side-effects and give the user similar benefits when consumed, steroids are still much different from SARMs. The likelihood of side effects with steroids is massive, and most people that take anabolic steroids for a serious length of time often suffer permanent side-effects. These can be anything from shrinkage of the testicles to hair loss, mood issues, and various other physical problems caused by steroids.

SARMs side-effects, while sometimes serious, are not usually this bad. It’s far more common for minor illnesses, such as headache issues, mood issues, or muscle aches to be problems, along with a few other common side effects.

SARMs also offer other benefits steroids do not: such as a general increase to endurance, strength of the bone, and other benefits. So, SARMs and steroids are not the same, and SARMs are not steroids.

Some people start seeing gains from taking SARMs in as little as three to four weeks after they first begin their cycle. If they have a really steady diet and exercise routine, it’s not impossible to start seeing gains nearly right away. By the time that the SARMs really begin to settle into your system, you could’ve already been to the gym at least a few times. By four or five weeks in? If you’re hitting the gym 3-4x a week, you’ll certainly see some kind of progress after you’ve been to the gym a dozen times or more with SARMs active in your body.

You’ll start noticing that’s it’s easier to lift the weights and that you’re getting stronger. Not only that, but your general endurance will also increase, which of course makes it easier to gain muscle, since, you know, you’ll be able to perform more reps and increase your weight. As long as you feed your body all of the macronutrients and calories it needs, and you exercise it and give it plenty of rest, you won’t just see quick gains from SARMs: you’ll see massive ones.

When you have to cycle off of SARMs due to the fact that your time is up, you have to do it carefully. Many times that people use SARMs, they’ll also be required to perform what we call Post Cycle Therapy or PCT afterwards. Performing PCT is normal and a lot of people have to do it when they take SARMs to make sure they don’t develop any hormonal problems.

If you have to perform PCT, a good rule of thumb is stay on PCT for at least a month, or four weeks. Most dosages of PCT, from major different brands and companies, advise that the entire dosage of PCT be taken over a timeframe anywhere between two to eight weeks. The length of time that you need to perform PCT all varies depending on whether or not your SARMS cycle was strong or weak, long or short, anywhere in between, it changes the response in PCT necessary.

If you stack — or take multiple kinds of SARMs at once for maximum performance — it’s likely that heavy PCT will be necessary if you want to keep both your gains as well as stay healthy. Not performing PCT is extremely dangerous and can cause hormone issues in the body, so we strongly recommend performing PCT and following the instructions when you do so.

SARMs do in fact increase muscle growth! Not only do SARMs increase muscle growth, but they do so at an explosive pace! SARMs work by binding androgen receptors and increasing the body’s ability to grow and build muscle that way. SARMs have been tested over and over again in many trials and the ability of increasing muscle growth has been proven repeatedly, over and over.

Many supplements  claim to assist with muscle growth, but SARMs actually backs its words up with actions. On average, most people who complete a cycle of SARMs will gain at least 3-4kg of muscle over an eight to twelve week span, on average. That’s not a small gain to sneeze at. That’s actually a significant increase to your muscle and many would be happy with such an increase.

The more you gain, of course, the harder it gets to gain more. If you’re already completely ripped and looking for tons of ways to get bigger, SARMs will likely still help you bulk a little further, but the gains you get from them will be less noticeable than they would be otherwise, since you’re already ripped. Keep that in mind when looking to consume SARMs.

This is a relatively simple question to answer. SARMs stand for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. What that means is that SARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors, in a similar manner to steroids, and make changes that allow muscle growth to be easier and more frequent. This makes the process of getting ripped much easier.

If you were worried that SARMs can have a negative impact on your muscles, fear not. While health issues with SARMs are possible, muscles are not the target of those issues. As long as you upkeep your muscles after you initially get them, you shouldn’t have any problems on that front.

If you’re taking SARMs to increase the size of your muscles, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a plan in place so that you’ll be able to get jacked without having issues. Being prepared for your SARMs cycle is one of the best ways that you can insure you’ll be able to get the maximum possible benefit out of the cycle and get as ripped as possible!

It’s entirely possible to be able to retain a physique after consuming SARMs! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However, it has to be done in a specific way in order for it to be successful. Remember that what SARMs do is provide your body with the kind of boost it needs to build muscles at an accelerated rate. They cause a boost in explosive muscle growth and make it easier to build tissue. All of these effects are great and helpful. But they are not going to continue after the effect from the SARMs ends.

What’s the best way to keep your muscles up? Make sure that you continue to diet and exercise, every day. You need to feed your muscles and keep them constantly growing and engaged. The more ripped you get, the more that body needs to be maintained. SARMs make acquiring the body initially a bit easier, but once you do that, you have to put in the work to keep it going.

It’s a good recommendation for a user of SARMs to be ready and prepared to the change that comes when you get yourself off of the supplement. If you’re more prepared for what has to be done to keep your muscles, you may run into less trouble when that part of the process comes.

The answer of how large should your SARMs dosage be is a pretty easy question. Each SARM that you purchase has a recommended dosage attached to it, and it’s heavily recommended that you don’t stray far from that recommended dosage. Doing such a thing could have drastic consequences.

Remember that SARMs are potent supplements that have the ability to help the body change drastically. That kind of power doesn’t come without consequences. SARMs have to be used in the correct way in order to be safe.

You also don’t want to go too far towards the other direction, however: under-dosing yourself. If you don’t take enough of the drug, you’re essentially wasting it, as your body will absorb it and you won’t gain any real effects. Make sure to research the correct dosage.

For most SARMs, people usually take a dosage of 10-15 mg a day. Sometimes, with a heavier dosage intended for greater results, people will take the same dosage, but twice a day, effectively doubling their SARM intake. It all depends on what the listed dosage is for your SARM, but most aren’t too different from the above numbers.

Normally, the safest way to get off of SARMs involves a process called PCT, or Post Cycle Therapy. What PCT does is help your body return to a normal, balanced hormone level after the SARMs that you have taken raised it up past normal levels. So in most cases, yes, it is necessary to cycle off of SARMs.

Now, this may not always be the case. Keep in mind that the decision on whether or not you should cycle off of SARMs or not is mainly based on how long you’ve been on the SARM as well as what kind of SARM it is. Some SARMs don’t require the usage of PCT at all. It’s always a good idea to make sure you check the kind of SARM you’re taking before you even begin the cycle in the first place. That way, you’ll know what to expect when the cycle is ending.

In most cases, to stay on the safe side, just assume that PCT is likely necessary on any intense long SARMs cycle. It’s most likely right, and to skip PCT can have drastic consequences: just double check and make sure –or know ahead of time — that you need to do it before you start.

As it is with most SARMs, RAD 140 doesn’t kick in for up to 48-72 hours. During that time, the contents of the SARM are beginning to build up in your body and the effect is beginning to finally kick in. For most people, after three days, they begin to notice major differences that stay until the end of the SARM cycle.

Most of these results from RAD 140 include things like the following: increased endurance, stronger bones, faster (to sometimes explosive) muscle growth, faster muscle recovery, reduced fatigue, and various other symptoms and benefits.

While taking SARMs, always be on the lookout for any odd symptoms. If you feel like SARMs are causing a problem or you don’t like how they’re making you feel, remember that you can always stop taking them. It’s not worth your peace of mind if they’re disturbing your life, regardless of the results.

Make sure to take regular dosages at the correct times so that the effects stay potent and consistent once they’ve finally settled in. Check out our guide on how to cycle RAD 140 for best results.

RAD-140, also known as Testostolone, is a particularly popular SARM that sees usage all over the place. It’s one of the more popular SARMs out there and a lot of people use it to get jacked. If you want to know the common cycle length for this SARM, most people don’t stray outside of the 6-10 week range. Furthermore, in that range specifically, it’s usually advised you don’t go beyond 8 weeks.

The reasoning for that is because it’s likely that you’ll overdose your body with the SARM if you continue past 8 weeks. If you disregard the warnings, there’s a good chance you can cause hormone problems within yourself because you didn’t listen to the instructions.

A good estimate of the 6-10 week range would be to stick to the 8-week limit and don’t go beyond it. Experts and those with different bodies, especially larger ones, may find the 10 week length to help them better, but others may be harmed by the same duration. Err on the side of caution and end the cycle early if you feel like anything is wrong.

Another common question that we often get here at UK SARMs is about people keeping their gains after their SARMs cycle. It’s a line of logic that makes enough sense, after all: once you’re off the SARMs, you still want to keep the jacked body that you worked so hard for.

The easiest way to keep the gains that you’ve earned is to feed them. With enough calories and exercise. A little bit of loss is likely inevitable, but if you are tenacious with your diet and exercise, it’s likely a majority of the gains will stick around.

Using SARMs to develop your muscles and your definition and then easing back is a good idea if you want to do things completely naturally. However, SARMs always have the offer of higher performance. Ultimately, keeping your gains is a matter of making sure that the progress you made in all of those muscles doesn’t backslide the instant the effects from the SARMs end.

Do your best to feed your muscles enough protein and exercise. They should stick around. Other supplements might also even be useful, such as natural supplements that aid in resisting muscle wastage.

A common question that many who are new to SARMs ask is about the way that the supplement is taken. Specifically, do you take it with or without food? SARMs in general are still somewhat experimental, and though we know a good deal about them, there’s still a lot more concrete research that has to be done.

In this field, however, many people online have offered their anecdotal experiences and evidence. For the most part, many experts and those who are long-experienced with SARMs tend to report that there’s no real difference whether or not you take SARMs with food or not.

So if you were wondering if you’d always have to have a bit of food on you to take your SARM if you’re potentially in another place at the time, fear not. It’s not required at all. If it’s more convenient for you to remember to take your dosage with your breakfast or dinner, do so by all means. Just know that you don’t need to do it that way if for some reason it interferes with your schedule.

While it is likely not the end of the world, missing a day of your dosages is not good: the effect that the SARMs provides, causing greater muscle growth, increases your endurance, and various other benefits: all of that will begin to fade. Obviously, that’s kind of a problem when you’re in the middle of a SARM cycle and you’re trying to max out your gains.

So it’s best to not miss a day of SARMs if you can help it, but if you already have, don’t worry: it won’t cause you to completely lose out on your gains. If you resume consumption of SARMs right away, there’s a good chance that the levels of hormones and the levels of the supplement in your body won’t even change significantly.

That’s right: despite the fact that you missed a day of SARMs, you’d be able to continue onwards as normal, without worrying about some kind of damage happening to the gains that you could receive from that specific cycle.

Do whatever you can to remember to take your dosages, however. Too many missed days will definitely cause a loss of the effect.

A SARM cycle is run by first looking at how long it is recommended that a person stays on that specific SARM, and then beginning to take the supplement for the allotted period of time. It’s generally recommended to not change your consumption too much from what the directions with the product recommend.

For most SARM cycles, that means you’ll be consuming SARMs daily, with a common allotment of a 10-15 ml daily dosage, until the cycle is up. Most SARM cycles fall between the ranges of eight to twelve weeks. Sometimes they can be higher, but it’s more likely for them to be slightly lower or stay within this range than anything else.

Not listening to the directions when they talk about how long to run the SARM can be dangerous and lead to hormone problems.

Please be careful and follow the directions on the products. As an example, if a SARM run is done improperly, it’s possible to have many different side-effects from SARMs, usually because you overdosed yourself. Remember that these supplements are potent and need to be taken in the correct way for your body to stay safe.

SARMs are interesting in that they are more effective if you time the dosages correctly. When we say correctly, we mean that we don’t want the body to go too long without having the supplement in the system. Most experts agree that for nearly all of those who wish to take SARMs, the ideal time of consumption would be twice a day, twelve hours apart.

It’s easy to imagine what that would look like. Say that you took the SARMs at 7 AM and 7 pm, respectively, every day, for the entire time that you were on your cycle. This would be really efficient consumption! If you managed to time the dosages each day to be on point and at the exact time, it makes the SARM work more effectively in your system.

It’s possible to even have a minor impact on your overall results with the SARM if you take the supplement 100% correctly. That means taking the correct dosage, at the right time, over and over again. You want to get into a perfect rhythm and a cycle. It will help you get the most out of your SARM.

This question isn’t necessarily hard to answer, but it’s definitely not something that has a universal answer. Most people that use SARMs end up cycling them for a period that usually falls between eight to twelve weeks. That’s the most common cycle. However, different periods are possible.

For example, certain SARMs are so potent that it’s more common to stick to a cycle that runs between six to eight weeks. It might only be a difference of a few weeks, but that matters when we’re talking about supplements and products that are as potent as SARMs.

So how long you cycle your SARMs for depends on which kind of SARM you’re using and what kind of results you’re looking for. Generally, you shouldn’t try to push too far beyond the recommended cycling times: serious health risks are possible if you attempt such a time.

Always consult the directions of the product consumed about how long you should be cycling the SARM before you begin PCT, if that’s necessary for you. The amount of time that you need to cycle may be different than what you thought it was going to be. For most people however, eight to twelve weeks should suffice.

If you’ve familiarised yourself with the associated risks, pros and cons to taking them personally, SARMs should ideally be taken twice a day in order for them to work properly – usually twelve hours apart from one another – and the amount that’s taken should reflect whatever dosages were given when you initially purchased the SARM.

Out of all of the ways to take SARMs, this is one of the most effective ways to do it. Make sure that you don’t miss your dosages of SARMs: that could cause your SARMs to be less effective than they would be otherwise.

SARMs absolutely work! Out of most other supplements, they provide a fast, effective way to get ripped! Most people who take SARMs experience an explosion of muscle mass and tissue: they’re able to build up a far greater body in a relatively short period of time!  SARMs work and provide a great experience compared to a lot of other supplements. If you’re thinking of getting ripped, SARMs are a really good option on the market compared to most drugs and supplements.

Androgen receptors are a part of your body that allows it to respond to hormones. They respond and activate to different kinds of hormones and are in charge of various different tasks in the body. SARMs affect these receptors and make your body grow faster and stronger, much more than it would be able to otherwise.

SARMs were originally developed in the 1990s. The point of the Selective Androgen Modulator supplement was to deal with issues like osteoporosis or muscle wastage, as well as certain types of cancers. The intent was for this supplement – which was, in many ways, similar to steroids – to help while reducing the number of serious side-effects it had on people. They were trying to create a new, effective drug.

While this drug was successful in some ways, it wasn’t as great as they wanted it to be in others. SARMs are often effective, but they can still contain deadly side-effects that can damage and change people’s lives in the long-term. Still, they continued to develop and research the SARMs.

New SARMs and different versions of old drugs continued to be produced. Now, almost thirty years later, we have tons of different kinds of SARMs, and they’re still trying to create more.

SARM Stacks & Combinations FAQs

You’ll see some of the most common SARM stacking questions answered on our stacks and combinations page but here are some of the other popular questions we get asked most often by our customers when it comes to SARM stacking.

Faqs Page - SARM Stacks & Combinations FAQs

It’s possible to stack them together with SARMs, yes. Experts don’t caution against this. In fact, it may even assist you with testosterone suppression. It’s likely, depending on what SARM you took, that you’ll need PCT after you finish with your cycle. A testosterone booster is not a replacement for PCT, for sure, but it may help along the line and make suppression less severe.

That alone would already be a good enough reason to take it. But it doesn’t end there. Testosterone boosters are also sold over the counter, meaning that they’re easy to get, and there’s a good chance that if you take them during your cycle, it may make the suppression not hit as hard at the end.

While it’s not a perfect solution, it’s a possibility if you were looking to stack them with SARMs: even if the end results are only a mild to moderate improvement.

Prohormones are a similar drug to steroids and SARMs: they boost the body’s ability to produce muscle, you gain strength and endurance, and several other minor improvements. Some people have taken to stacking SARMs and prohormones together, but that’s a bad idea.

Similar to steroids, testosterone suppression from taking such two unbelievably powerful drugs back to back will be nearly unavoidable without PCT. Prohormones may be able to boost your growth rate a little further, but it likely isn’t worth it with the chance of having testosterone suppression and other side-effects popping up not long after your cycle ends.

This is another case where the costs likely outweigh the benefits. It’s probably safer — though maybe slightly harder — to get ripped without stacking SARMs with prohormones.

Yes, you can stack SARMs with steroids. What’s more, this is done commonly and regularly among some people, according to various online sources. This is worrying for a number of reasons. While you can of course stack them together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe to do so.

Steroids are an inferior version of what SARMs are in many ways. While steroids are a brute-force method in terms of approaching the problem, SARMs are, at least, slightly more delicate. It’s not likely that this combination is a safe one: when you think of all of the health problems that steroids can cause, and then add SARMs into the mix — a very powerful and potent supplement on its own, especially without PCT — the results are potentially disastrous. Testosterone suppression without PCT is almost guaranteed.

There may be bodybuilders, or even many of them, who’ve done the above without any long-term side-effects. Even if that’s the case, the truth remains that for most people, stacking SARMs with steroids is dangerous, and it shouldn’t be done.

RAD-140 can be stacked with Cardarine, yes. The benefits of this combination are multiple: first, the Cardarine gives the user increased cardiovascular performance and endurance, which assists in building muscle and other aspects of your life. The second benefit is that the Cardarine may provide some minor fat loss, though the SARM has not been associated heavily with fat-burning compared to other SARMs such as LGD-4033.

Stacks like this can really help because it cuts down on the work that you have to do, of course. Additionally, if you wanted to add other SARMs for increased or additional effects, that would be another possibility. Stacking adds on a whole new layer to SARMs that you didn’t know where there beforehand, in many respects.

With any SARM stack, make sure you research the way the two SARMs interact with one another as well as how they function apart. Be careful about what you choose to stack together. Not everything is meant to be stacked.

LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol, is another very popular SARM that many people take, a lot of the time for the fat-burning aspects of it. Ligandrol is very widely praised for this and other aspects, because it’s one of the best SARMs in terms of offering results.

LGD-4033 is one of the more commonly stacked SARMs. It’s most commonly stacked with MK-677, RAD-140, or Ostarine. These stacks can be performed with only two of these SARMs or possibly all four of them: it depends on how many SARMs you want to take.

By combining other SARMs with LGD-4033, you’re able to achieve a great fat-burning rate while still maintaining muscle growth and the ability to bulk. Burning fat while building muscle is a great way to really improve definition: those muscles will be more visible on your body and your definition will look greater and bigger overall.

RAD-140 is a SARM that’s used to bulk more often than anything else. Thanks to the SARMs effect of explosive muscle growth and the ability to build muscle tissue at an extremely accelerated rate, it makes sense that RAD-140 is valued most highly for that trait before anything else.

That’s why stacking it with MK-677, another SARM that helps muscle growth, makes so much sense. The MK-677’s HGH boost will help with the promotion of muscle growth, and as an added side-effect, MK-677 also sometimes has hunger as a side-effect. If you have an unbelievable daily caloric intake, hunger might help you get through that while you’re in the middle of your cycle.

There are other options for stacking RAD-140 with, but there are issues with some of them. One problem is that you don’t -generally- want to stack two hormone suppressing SARMs together. People sometimes do it, but there are further risks associated with it.  That eliminates many SARMs already.

Other SARMs that you can stack RAD-140 with include Stenabolic or Cardarine. Ostarine is also useful while cutting.

It may be a bad idea to stack together some of the most potent supplements, even more potent than most other SARMs. These three SARMs are so strong individually that to stack them together may be a very bad idea. You could overwhelm your body’s hormone production and face permanent hormone damage.

This is why we always say that dosages and how much you take matters. Whether or not you’re stacking matters too. Of course, if you’re taking triple the SARMs, it makes a little more sense when you run into problems that tend to happen when you up your SARMs dosage.

Don’t stack together three of the most potent SARMs in the industry. This is far too much. This isn’t even overkill, it’s much more than that. It’s probably not a good idea for the sake of your body’s health: opt for a less insane dosage and take a little longer to get there, instead.

Keeping your gains, as in almost every situation, is a matter of exercise and proper diet. You don’t want to lose all of the muscle that you built up, so it’s really imperative that you keep up whatever diet or exercise you were doing before. If you weren’t going to quit doing that while you were on the SARM, why would you stop once you got off of it? It makes no sense.

The first step to retaining your gains after you get off a SARMs cycle is to keep up that diet and exercise, and that’s really the only way. Those guns need to eat, literally. You have to both exercise and feed the muscle to keep it in the state it is in now. You’ve developed it fully, but now in exchange for that, it demands exercise and food as a tax.

So that’s what you have to do. You need to keep up the food and exercise to maintain your shape and physique.

PCT, more often than not, is necessary after SARMs for most people. PCT stands for Post Cycle Therapy, and it’s a type of supplement/medication designed to help you recover your hormonal balance after you’re done taking your SARMs.

PCT is necessary with almost every SARM. There are very few SARMS where PCT isn’t necessary. Usually, these are SARMs that don’t have as heavy of an effect on your hormones, but these are rare and in between, usually.

Most SARMs contain high enough doses and long enough cycles that your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone can be damaged without PCT, which is why you usually need to perform it. Always check and make sure you’re aware of the PCT status of the SARM before you begin the cycle.

Yes, you can stack RAD-140 and YK-11 together. Unlike some conflicting supplements that cause problems or cancel each other out, RAD-140 and YK-11 support each other when they’re stacked together. Those that have tried this method have spoken about the insane short-term muscle growth they experienced when they stacked these two SARMs together.

This is considered an extreme combination, a stack made specifically to bulk. Expect to gain tons of muscle over a short period of time. You may put on as much as 4-5kg or even slightly more during a single cycle, which is obviously absurd compared to the kinds of gains that most body-builders are able to make on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to bulk fast or have truly ridiculous gains, RAD-140 and YK-11 stacked together is one of the best options.

This is a harder question to answer, but it’s one that ultimately has an end-response: LGD-4033. While some people may baulk at this answer, the truth lies in long-term gains, which RAD-140 isn’t quite as good at.

RAD-140, before anything else, offers explosive muscle growth and the ability to grow your muscles faster than other SARMs. RAD-140 is one of only a few different SARMs like this: they can really boost your muscles up quickly!

But then you get off the SARM, and many of those gains fade. LGD-4033 doesn’t have that problem, not nearly as much. LGD-4033, compared to many other SARMs, offers really good long-term gains for the average bodybuilder.

Use RAD-140 if you’re trying to prepare short term for something important, or if you just want short-term results or fast gains. LGD-4033 is for those who are in it for the long haul.

People’s results from stacking two or more SARMs vary and differ, but most people begin seeing some positive improvement once they’ve been on the SARM for at least a few days. Most people start feeling the effects of SARMs within 48-72 hours, and start actually physically seeing results of SARMs within a few weeks.

This is all assuming that the person who’s taking the SARMs is doing a good job of making sure to exercise and eat right. You need a large amount of protein to build the amount of muscle that you take SARMs to build. It won’t happen easily or overnight, not even with supplements. You’ll have to be in the gym for weeks and months if you want to get ripped.

SARMs make it easier, however. Your efforts do go a little further, and it makes things, overall, a bit more convenient than they would be otherwise. You can expect to build much more muscle on SARMs than you would be able to without the supplement.

Muscle will deteriorate after your stacked SARMs cycle finishes. You’re not going to be able to keep every single gain you make, unfortunately. It just isn’t going to happen. You’re going to have to put in a lot of effort to retain most of your gains, and it’s possible, but there’s probably still a portion that’s impossible not to lose.

When looking to retain your gains, it’s crucial that you keep up a proper diet and exercise routine. It’ll enable you to retain as much of your gains as you possibly can, and if you’re working hard enough, you should be able to stop rapid deterioration.

Your muscles, of course, won’t literally disappear overnight, but they’ll gradually grow weaker and less impressive unless you’re actively maintaining them. Even when you were on the SARM, the SARM wasn’t the one doing all of the work, so why would that be the case now that you’re off it?

Keeping muscle after SARMs is mainly about the individual, and whether or not they can keep up the effort long-term.

Similar to the previous question, please read the below information:

Stacking SARMs together isn’t just possible: for some people, it’s a separate strategy altogether. Stacking SARMs offers benefits that can’t be achieved by taking them separately: so many people opt to try and stack SARMs to get the most they can out of their supplements.

The benefits offered are generally increased versions of what SARMs already offered, but if you want the most growth possible, sometimes a SARM stack can really push you forward.

SARMs can be stacked together to compliment each other as well. In a well-balanced SARM stack, each SARM that’s taken can contribute something to the overall whole. This means you can receive the specialised effects of SARMs that are really great at individual things and build an overall superior supplement by stacking the SARMs together.

Be careful when stacking: it has to be done correctly and if it’s done wrong, you might not get the kind of results you want: plus, it’s possible you can face side-effects.

You can definitely stack SARMs, and it’s good to do so: so long as you do it right.

Stacking SARMs together isn’t just possible: for some people, it’s a separate strategy altogether. Stacking SARMs offers benefits that can’t be achieved by taking them separately: so many people opt to try and stack SARMs to get the most they can out of their supplements. The benefits offered are generally increased versions of what SARMs already offered, but if you want the most growth possible, sometimes a SARM stack can really push you forward.

SARMs can be stacked together to compliment each other as well. In a well-balanced SARM stack, each SARM that’s taken can contribute something to the overall whole. This means you can receive the specialised effects of SARMs that are really great at individual things and build an overall superior supplement by stacking the SARMs together.

Be careful when stacking: it has to be done correctly and if it’s done wrong, you might not get the kind of results you want: plus, it’s possible you can face side-effects.

You can definitely stack SARMs, and it’s good to do so: so long as you do it right.

Taking two SARMs together is a process that’s known as stacking, which is when someone consumes more than one SARM at the same time throughout their cycle to gain a benefit from it.

Some people don’t stack and some people swear by it. Stacking can be very effective if you’re getting all of the benefits from each SARM: that is, you’re taking one for muscle growth, another for definition, another for fat burning ability, and so on, and so on.

Taking SARMs together can give you better results than if you were to take them apart, but just make sure you do it the right way. What that means is to consult a professional or expert about your dosages, cycle times, and how to do everything the right way. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row and you don’t need to make any more changes or do anything else before you start your SARMs cycle.

Post-Cycle Therapy FAQs

You’ll find five of the most common PCT-related questions answered on our post-cycle therapy products page but here are some of the other popular questions we get asked most frequently by our customers when it comes to cycling off a course of SARMs.

Faqs Page - Post-Cycle Therapy FAQs

You’ll probably want to be aware of any medications or medicines you’re taking, and how that could possibly interact with the PCT. You don’t want to stop training during it: you want to keep exercising and dieting while you’re getting your hormones back under control from the SARMs.

Other considerations to take during PCT include making sure that your levels are going up as they’re supposed to, monitoring your symptoms, and doing anything else necessary to make sure that your PCT gets completed without any issues.

It’s a hard question when it comes to how long you should stay off steroids after a cycle. The answer depends, and it can be different depending on each person. For most people, they’ll take cycles of steroids that go in between time ranges of six to sixteen weeks, which is a pretty wide range of time. The cycle can be anything within that range.

Once a person is considered to have completed their cycle, they immediately enter a state that’s something similar to PCT with SARMs: where they stop dosages of steroids almost completely, in an attempt to let the body recover.

While it’s unlikely that this tactic is as effective as letting the body gradually gain its hormonal production back via PCT, there is at least some kind of intent behind stopping the dosage: in that they’re trying to let the body recover.

On average, it seems to be a timeframe of between 4-6 weeks after steroids in terms of time spent off.

SARMs stay in the system for as long as you’re taking them, of course. It takes SARMs between 48-72 hours to kick in for most people and once it does, the SARMs stay in effect for the duration of the cycle that you’re on. They’re potent supplements that are designed to be used to help someone build a lot of muscle: it takes a little while for them to leave the system.

Even after you finish your SARMs cycle, that doesn’t mean that the effects of SARMs are over. Instead what happens is you’ll likely need to take PCT just to make sure that you don’t have any negative long-term hormonal effects from taking the SARMs. Otherwise, it’ll take a long time for your testosterone to stop being suppressed, and during that time, you’ll have to deal with a wide list of unfun, dangerous side effects. It’s not recommended to be in that state for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Once your PCT is complete and your body has recovered, it’s say to safe that the SARMs are gone by then.

Ostarine, also known as MK-2886, is a SARM that offers various benefits to those who consume it, including the SARM standards such as a boost to muscle growth, muscle tissue, bone density and strength, and other benefits. Much like other SARMs, a large dose or a long cycle can cause testosterone suppression. Your bodies become convinced that they no longer need to produce the hormone, so they stop: naturally.

You need to have them restart. To restart your testosterone, you’d need to go through PCT.

But yes, Ostarine does have a chance of causing testosterone suppression in a male: especially if you’re taking a large dose or a longer-than-normal cycle time. Don’t do that. Go by what the instructions that you’re given list for you to use.

Once your testosterone has normalised and stabilised, you should be able to take SARMs again. This is a process that takes at least 2-4 weeks, and it’s probably a good idea to give your body a little bit of time to recover from the recovery, so to speak — for the PCT — until it’s completely calmed down and reverted back to normal testosterone production.

At that point, if you wanted to, you would be able to take another SARMs cycle if that was your priority. We do of course always encourage that you’re careful about your dosages and cycle times, and that you take each dosage seriously. This will help you get the most out of your SARMs, and it will also mean that your body gets to rest a bit more in between the cycles.

Even if it’s not necessarily doctor advice — they could possibly tell you to not take the SARM entirely — it’s also a good idea to let your body rest in between the intensity of what the SARMs do to it. Keep that in mind.

Your testosterone returning to a normal level after taking SARMs relies on a few different things. Testosterone almost goes into a sort of hibernation or inactive mode in the time period that it takes for your PCT to work its way through your body. Until that’s done, you may continue to experience side-effects from SARMs, though PCT should help work it out and get everything alright again.

Just to be clear, while it’s possible to return to normal testosterone levels after SARMs, and many do, some do not. Please be aware of that fact. Sometimes testosterone suppression can cause life-long issues, but we always try to help everyone as much as we can.

If you feel as if your testosterone levels are too low, make sure that you seek out the assistance of a doctor. They will be able to diagnose you, point you to specialists, and give you medical advice that may assist you in dealing with this issue.

If you have what’s called testosterone suppression, you may be experiencing a vast number of side-effects from that. Some of those include the following:

  • Hot flashes
  • Low or no libido
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight gain
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Risk of diabetes
  • Erectile dysfunction

This is by no means an extensive, definitive list of the side-effects of testosterone, nor is it a list of things that will happen to you if you get testosterone suppression. However, you should definitely be aware of the risk before you decide to use something that has the potential to do this to you.

Please be aware of the kinds of side-effects that SARMs — and similar products like it — can give you. It’s not a fake or made up story, it’s real: you can suffer heavy consequences if you take these supplements and don’t follow instructions. Testosterone suppression can follow you for life, so be careful about letting it get knocked out in the first place.

Almost always, when using any kind of substance like this — especially things like SARMs and other similar supplements – PCT is necessary because the hormone levels have been damaged from the supplement. What was once a massive washing tide of hormones through the body randomly dries up one day, with no explanation why. Tons of bad things can happen under testosterone suppression, and the effects can get serious.

This is around the time where PCT steps in. If you’ve got any kind of testosterone suppression, even mild, you have to do PCT. It’s just how it is.

If you were just taking raw testosterone or testosterone supplements, it would be wise to ask a doctor about how to proceed further. It’s unlikely that constantly taking testosterone supplements (unless natural or prescribed) could have a good long-term effect.

With hormones especially, people often dose without thinking. Some people have hormonal problems or medical issues, and those people have medication that they need to take – but constantly boosting up your own T, even when you don’t need to, could cause a problem. PCT may or may not be necessary.

If you take a strong enough SARM, your body will enter a state of suppressed testosterone due to the fact that it was regularly receiving an artificial source of testosterone from the SARMs for an extended period of time. Thus, your body forgets how to produce its own testosterone.

When you perform PCT, usually for a period of 2-4 weeks, but sometimes longer, that’s generally done to allow your hormones and all of their levels to stabilise back into something resembling normal, instead of the radical mess that SARMs leaves them in.

Returning testosterone levels to SARMs probably requires at least 4-6 weeks, assuming that the PCT is also being done and finished during those weeks. If you can’t do the PCT or something else goes wrong, it may take longer for your testosterone levels to get back to the right level.

During PCT you’ll still be exercising and dieting. Once SARMs stop, there’s no reason to stop training, or you really will lose most of the gains that you managed to get during your cycle. Your SARMs end, but your training continues, because you don’t want to get a bunch of negative progress and let all of that eat into the gains that you made. It’ll take much longer to get ripped that way!

Instead, continue your training while you complete PCT and fight off any effects of testosterone suppression that you might notice. As long as you’re able to maintain and slowly build on your gains, you’ll continue to gain weight and really put on and develop a lot of muscle that will just make you stronger and stronger. You’ll build endurance while you do all of this, too.

Just make sure to take things easy and don’t push yourself too hard if you feel weak or a bit strange because of the suppression or PCT. Keep yourself safe first before anything else.

There are a lot of different drugs used for PCT. One of the most common ones is Rebirth, which is a 180-supply supplement that provides you with a really powerful PCT product to make sure your body stays healthy and capable of producing its own hormones. There are many different versions and variations, and different products use different drugs: there’s not one product that everyone uses.

However, there are many different popular brands of PCT. Rebirth is one of them. If you find another brand and you’re interested in using it, it’s fine if you do that, but just make sure to research it and check in on it first: to make sure that it’s something you’d want to be using — to make sure that it’ll fit your needs and actually help you.

PCT generally lasts between 2-6 weeks. The most important part that you need to remember about PCT is what the goal of taking PCT is: to balance your hormones in your body and stabilize whatever it is that you messed up. Because of this, PCT can sometimes vary in the exact duration that it ends up being, but most courses of PCT fall between that timeframe.

You should never try to end PCT early or seek to find a way to try and get it to finish faster. Your health is more important than anything and that’s the entire point in taking PCT in the first place: to make sure that your health stays stable while you’re doing SARMs, which are potent supplements which can damage your body and hormone system if not used carefully.

You should always start your PCT as soon as you finish your cycle of SARMs. For most people, they’ll do a cycle of SARMs that lasts between eight to twelve weeks: that’s the most common allotment of time that you’ll see with people that use SARMs. Once this period of time has ended: the time to get your gains, that is — then you have to start your PCT right after.

Post Cycle Therapy usually takes anywhere between two to six weeks, with a little flexibility on the timeframe. Ultimately, your PCT is complete when you’ve more or less stabilized the levels in your body and you’ve gone through most of the PCT drugs. Still, don’t ever stop PCT early: make sure that you’ve gone through the full cycle of therapy and that your hormones are stabilized before you stop. Not completing PCT could be a horrible mistake, otherwise.

Make sure that you don’t wait to start it once your SARMs cycle has ended: get on top of that right away when it comes to PCT.

PCT is almost always necessary after every cycle of SARMs. If you don’t complete your PCT after you complete your SARMs cycle, you really risk causing a few different kinds of side-effects to develop in your body: usually from testosterone suppression.

You always want to start your PCT right after your SARMs cycle has been completed. Don’t wait to try to complete your PCT or put it off until later: do it after you have finished your SARMs cycle. You could run into serious consequences if you choose not to do that.

In terms of what drugs or products to use for your PCT, that all depends on the kinds of SARMs you’re taking and the kind of PCT that you think you need. Depending on how suppressed you are, you may need a stronger cycle of PCT to be able to deal with and get rid of the suppression.

Use whatever is recommended for PCT for whatever SARMs you took, and have it ready to go when you get off of your SARMs cycle.

PCT, or post-cycle therapy, is a protocol you follow after completing a cycle of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) or BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids).

SARMs and BCAA supplements increase muscle mass but also decrease testosterone levels, especially in men. Taking SARMs provides a high dose of testosterone, and your body experiences a sudden drop in the hormone when your cycle is over.

It may take months to years for your body to naturally restart testosterone production. Meanwhile, you might feel low energy, libido, and depression due to low testosterone. 

You can speed up this process by boosting testosterone production through post cycle therapy.

Purity Certificate FAQs

You’ll find answers to the most popular purity-related questions we get asked on our purity certificates page and here’s some other common questions we get asked most frequently by our customers when it comes to verifying the purity of our liquid SARM products.

Faqs Page – Purity Certificate FAQs

SARMs can be bought online in a lot of different places. Naturally, given our business model, we encourage you to purchase here from us at UK SARMs. We have fair prices, all kinds of different SARMs, and we also offer purity certificates so you can know what you bought is safe to consume.

We’ll help you get ripped! There’s also plenty of other places to buy SARMs at if you wanted to do so, but at UK SARMs you’re going to get some of the best deals in the market.

It’s likely that in order for your products to become certified, you would need to make sure that they got tested fairly and passed. Any kind of organisation that would certify your product would also care about the safety of the product, and would want to make sure that it was safe. You’ll have to also be certain that the product you’re trying to have certified is safe to take.

Melatonin is an important hormone to be aware of. It’s a hormone that has to deal with sleep: the lack of sleep, too much sleep, and everything in between. It’s probably an important thing that athletes manage their melatonin: it can affect your sleep which can affect your energy, which could make it a lot harder to exercise and diet properly. Please be aware of and manage/maintain your melatonin the correct way. Get tested if you aren’t sure about your levels.

This is a decision that is ultimately up to the individual person. The World Anti-Doping Agency specifically states that the decision doesn’t affect any kind of current or future test: so submitting your consent for them to use your tests as research doesn’t mean that they’ll decide to pass you instead of failing you. It’s entirely voluntary and has nothing to do with whether or not you pass or fail.

Yes, in most places, you’re able to purchase SARMs legally! While they’re not marketed as being able to be sold for human consumption, and are instead sold as ‘research chemicals,’ that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase and consume SARMs: you’re just technically not supposed to under the law.

Many supplements, however, are not FDA approved: so this isn’t exactly a new strategy when compared to some other products on the market.

You don’t need FDA approval to sell certain kinds of products, supplements being one of them. It all depends on what something is classified as, of course, as well. As long as they can sell something as a supplement, it doesn’t have to be approved for dietary safety, so that makes certain things a little easier when it comes to trying to sell certain products. Some products have understandably dangerous side-effects, which makes them a bit more difficult to sell legally.

The rules and laws are different everywhere, and it’s never the same! That’s the real answer! While it would be nice to be able to give a more detailed response the question ‘why are supplements not regulated,’ that’s the truth! In some places they have better regulation than they do elsewhere, and then in other places, they barely have any regulation at all!

It all depends on where you are. Even in some first world countries, not all supplements are as well-regulated as they should be. You’ll have to look into the laws and rules of wherever you are to get a better picture about what the current state is where you are, and why.

Supplements don’t technically have to be approved for dietary safety before they reach the consumer. Of course, that makes things a little easier when it comes to purchasing supplements. Because they don’t have to be approved for dietary safety, they can be sold without it. You don’t need to have them approved by the FDA to purchase them.

That doesn’t mean it’s always good to buy products that aren’t approved by the FDA. The organisation exists for a reason and is generally good. The problem is sometimes waiting for them to take action or trying to get something new approved can take a while.

Just keep that in mind when buying supplements.

Checking on whether or not a supplement is FDA approved is extremely simple. All you have to do is use this Drugs @ FDA catalogue to be able to see which drugs are FDA approved or not. Your supplements should be in there too, if they’re approved. If your drug or supplement is not FDA approved, this could be for a few different reasons: from the idea that the approval hasn’t been completed yet, to the process was never started: or, worse, the product failed inspection.

Make sure you look into your supplement under whatever rules or specifications you’ll have to follow to get it: you don’t necessarily even want a supplement that’s difficult for you to access, because it’s illegal — because there’s been cases of poisonings because of it. That’s why it’s always best to buy from a certified seller like UK SARMs.

It means that the supplements were created with Good Manufacturing Practices. Generally, all that means is that they were following the rules when they were creating the supplements en masse in a lab: from the types of ingredients included in the supplements to the amounts and the ratios, good manufacturing practices were followed.

Seeing this label on a supplement is generally a good thing. It means that people are following the rules while creating the supplements and usually is a point towards the supplement being safe rather than not. Good manufacturing practices tend to make it harder to get a dosage wrong or poison someone with unhealthy ingredients.

Generally, you can check whether or not your supplements are banned by looking up the information online and checking that supplement against various different organisations’ ban lists. Those lists of banned products by, say, the FDA or the WADA would be able to let you know what’s banned and not what you’re allowed to use and not.

You can use this information to make a decision on whether or not you want to buy supplements. If you’re looking to enter some kind of competition or compete in some kind of event, you’ll probably want to be sure you’re allowed to use the kinds of supplements you plan on employing.

Yes, the FDA does regulate supplements within the US. The FDA stands for the Food and Drug administration, and they’re responsible for looking into the different kinds of things that people are consuming and putting within their bodies. They’re there to make sure that you’re not poisoning yourself on a daily basis.

They’ll do this by testing and examining various different drugs and supplements that get put forward as options. So they’ll look into a supplement and see how it functions, see if it’s healthy or safe, see if people are able to put it into their bodies. And, of course, they’ll test it.

These kinds of organisations are usually the ones that show whether or not a product is safe or certified or not. Sometimes things aren’t certified by the FDA, and people take those kinds of supplements or drugs at risk: there’s no guarantee that harm won’t come.

Currently, you’re able to sell and buy SARMs as long as they’re marketed as research chemicals and not for human consumption. You’d probably need a business licence in general in many companies to be able to sell the SARMs in any kind of organised way, but there’s not currently heavy regulation in this aspect of the industry.

SARMs can definitely be tested, for everything from potency to purity and everything in between. Testing your SARMs, or more likely knowing that the SARMs that you buy are regularly tested is something that’s important.

Here at UK SARMs we make sure to offer purity certificates with the SARMs that we sell because we know how important it is to people that they’re using a safe supplement. Our SARMs are guaranteed pure and we have the certificates to prove it. Always make sure that you take safe supplements.

Shipping and Delivery FAQs

You’ll find answers to the most common shipping and delivery questions on our order tracking page and here’s some other top questions from our customers about the transport of our products.

Faqs Page – Shipping and Delivery FAQs

If you have ordered something in error or by mistake, please email our customer service team at explaining the situation and one of our friendly support team will help to resolve the issue.

All of our orders are packaged extremely carefully in plain, unbranded boxes. The bottles are individually barcoded and wrapped in a self-seal bubble bag to ensure maximum protection.

The packaging gives absolutely no indication of the product(s) inside.

All orders are dispatched within 48 hours – in the unlikely event your order remains unfulfilled after 48 hours please contact the customer service team at

If you are not at home when the order arrives the relevant courier should leave a note explaining the details of a redelivery or collection point.

Once we have dispatched the products, the parcel is effectively out of our hands and therefore we can no longer change the delivery address.