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How Long Are Liquid SARMs Good For?

SARMs are a relatively new drug with properties that stimulate and increase bone strength and muscle mass while preventing unwanted side effects affecting skin or liver tissues.  Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use SARMs to improve performance, boost muscle gain and reduce body fat. But how do you take liquid SARMs, and do they have an […]

What does RAD-140 Do to Your Body?

RAD-140, also known as Testolone or TEST, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that boosts strength, increases muscle mass, and torches body fat. If you’re looking to get muscular and ripped, this might be the SARM for you. RAD-140 is safer than anabolic steroids and causes fewer side effects. It increases lean muscle tissue […]

Are SARMs Legal for Human Consumption?

  Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are a relatively new and highly popular bodybuilding supplement that was formulated and introduced in the 1990s. Compared to other performance enhancing drugs and body building products focused on muscle growth and recovery, SARMs tend to be more effective, less dangerous to the body, and more affordable – but […]

What is the Best PCT for SARMs?

Approaching the end of your SARMs cycle and wondering what products you should use for your post-cycle therapy (PCT)? We will feature a few great PCT products below to help you bring your testosterone levels back up and restore your hormonal balance. We’ll also cover the importance of PCT and which SARMs require PCT to […]

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The Best SARMs for Women (2023 Guide)

New year, new you, or so the saying goes! But how can you take steps to ensure that you’re on the right path to a sustained and improved new ‘you’ in line with your personal goals? For females who are interested in bodybuilding, SARMs are among the best supplements on the market. They offer explosive […]

Enclomiphene Citrate SARM Review & Results Guide

Enclomiphene Citrate SARM Review & Results Guide

If you feel like you don’t have enough energy, have a low libido, have trouble concentrating, and are not enjoying life in general, get your testosterone levels checked. If you’ve just come off a SARMs cycle or have been diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism, Enclomiphene Citrate could be the perfect treatment option. Enclomiphene Citrate is a […]

MELT (SR-9009) SARM Review & Results Guide

MELT (SR-9009) SARM Review & Results Guide

SR9009 is a supplement developed to maintain lean muscle mass and boost the effects of body fat loss. With SR9009 (Stenabolic), the body responds as if it’s in constant exercise. The SARM increases the basal metabolic rate, earning its nickname “exercise in a bottle”. The metabolism stays high even without exercise, unlike almost all body […]

LUSH (RU-58841) SARM Review & Results Guide

LUSH (RU-58841) SARM Review & Results Guide

There is nothing fun about dealing with hair loss, so the idea of preventing it with a SARM like RU58841 makes a lot of sense. SARMs are great for bodybuilders and anyone interested in fitness in general: they usually bring great results with few side effects. They are affordable and good at what they do. […]

What is Certificate of Analysis (COA) Testing for SARMs, and How Can You Trust it

What is Certificate of Analysis (COA) Testing for SARMs and How Can You Trust it?

According to JAMA network research, 48% of SARMs are either fake, underdosed or substituted with cheap and toxic compounds. On top of that, 39% contained drugs that weren’t approved, 25% contained additional ingredients that weren’t listed on the product label, and 59% diverged from listed ingredient amounts. SARMs, in their purest form, work incredibly well […]

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(S-23) PUMP SARMs Review & Results Guide

Many people in the UK and worldwide use SARMs to help to enhance their gym gains and muscle mass, as well as sparking a reduction in body fat and building physical strength and endurance. In this review, we will take a look at PUMP, also known as S-23 to look at what you can expect […]