RAD140 And MK677
Beginner Stack – Mass Bulk
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Beginner Stack – Mass Bulk

Original price was: £149.99.Current price is: £119.97.

(184 customer reviews)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Next Day Delivery (UK) / Free Express Shipping Worldwide

UK SARMs – Beginner Mass Bulk Stack

1 x (MK-677) / Ibutamoren / GROWTH
1 x (RAD-140) / Testolone / TEST

* 99% Pure SARMs
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Manufactured in the UK
* Compounded by UK SARMs’ Pharmacologist
* HPLC Tested
* Free Next Day Delivery UK / Free International Shipping
* Scientific-backed advice and assistance

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. Sold for research purposes only. Not sold for human consumption.

Our Guarantee

We make some of the highest quality products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free 90 day guarantee.

Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realise that there is absolute ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out.  If you don’t like it, no hard feelings we’ll make it right.

We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

184 reviews for Beginner Stack – Mass Bulk

  1. Nicholas (verified owner)

    My experience with UK Sarms has been excellent great products/ delivery and always responded to emails promptly.

    Keep it up!

  2. George

    Fantastic, will definitely use again I was struggling on my diet to gain weight (mass) I went on the mass stack and finally got out of my Plato

  3. Jay

    I’ve never felt so good in my life. Rad 140 is the pump everyone is looking for. The gains are real, the strength increase is big, and just overall mental feeling is super positive. Mk677 keeps you growing 24/7, it’s the fountain of youth. I take it at night before bed and wake up revitalized and ready for more training.
    I highly recommend this stack.

  4. Marlon

    Great product !!!

  5. Ross

    Great for sports, this one. Endless drive in the legs. Love it

  6. Adam

    So far so good!

  7. Vladd

    Very Nice i take 8 pound of muscle

  8. Brandon

    Amazing results only after 2 months, power strength and recover

  9. Anonymous

    Good results compared with other brands????????

  10. Anonymous

    Best stack i have personally ever taken… what a combo!????????????????

  11. Andrew

    I getting better results AND saving money by replacing half the supplements I was taking with this!

  12. Tommy L

    Excellent. Reordering now.

  13. Jez

    Can really see my arms and shoulders leaning out while putting on muscle. No negative side effects after a month of use. Looking to buy more RAD140 in the coming months.

  14. Michael

    Felt hungry first 2 weeks then got used to it. insane pump and veins popped

  15. Chris

    Great results

  16. Matt

    Efficient service????????

  17. Jack

    Product works phenomenally! I workout harder and longer since I’ve been on it and have noticed some serious growth in every muscle group!

  18. Travis

    Products were delivered right away. So far they seem to be working well. Overall satisfied and would recommend.

  19. Jon

    So far love my results while using it.

  20. Levi

    Added 10 pounds of muscle within first cycle. Great stuff, will be buying again.

  21. Marcus

    So far I find it did exactly what I expected

  22. Codie Anderson

    This does what it says it does and more.

  23. Tim

    End of the 4th week and I’m clearly getting bigger, my muscles feel full, and I’m leaping over my old plateaus.
    This is the real deal.

  24. Danny D

    Stacked with lgd4033 I gained 20 pounds in 2 months

  25. Lucas

    Amazing results!????????

  26. Michael A

    Great service, fast and easy. Products work as advertized

  27. John

    Enjoyed the cycle!

  28. Francois

    Excellent Service et remplacer produits non recus merci

  29. Jason

    I received my order in 3 days!!! Great customer service!!! Started cycle 2 weeks ago, can already see results in my strength and insurance, maybe a little size but tough to say this early. Very happy with SarmsRevolution.

  30. Shane

    Its working great for me. Legit product

  31. Robert

    Great product, great gains been recommending it to all my co workers and friends. Thank you.

  32. Andy

    Noticing some changes to the good. Getting leaner and more energy for my workouts

  33. Andrew

    Amazing product. Will buy more!

  34. Eric A

    Works great, noticed a difference in my body within the first two weeks, going for my second cycle

  35. Dominic

    Works great

  36. Robert

    I was able to put on an extra 5lbs in 8 weeks

  37. Joe M

    Great product. My sleep improved and I was able to keep my muscle mass while cutting.

  38. Brandon

    Packed on a decent amount of lean mass pretty quick, definitely recommend

  39. Luke

    Great product. Will definitely be buying more!

  40. Daniel

    Very fast delivery.

  41. Marc

    Very happy with these results so far. 100% telling a friend

  42. Martin

    RAD-140 is a “must have” !! HUGE results for me!

  43. Mark

    Feels like you are taking testosterone.

  44. Kerry

    Works good. I always was cautious of what i was eating.While taking this combo I ate a little less healthy some days and still seen lean growth.

  45. Perry

    Amazing stuff

  46. Loz

    Excellent stack. Legit results!

  47. Rob

    Received everything as intended, purity and effectiveness are both good

  48. Dwayne

    THanksMy order arrived well packaged and promptly.

  49. Anonymous

    vraiment bon résultat je recommande

  50. Louie

    High quality !!!

  51. Chris

    good costumer service , top quality product

  52. RAF

    Works ????

  53. Anonymous

    Jai perdu 10lb en 1 mois et vu mon endurance augmenté de facon significative !!!!

  54. Anonymous

    sensational fat misfortune and increase 5-15 lbs fit bulk gains in as short as four to about a month and a half.

  55. Anonymous

    So pleased with this purchase!

  56. Steven

    Me and a couple friends have been rolling on these SARMs since this year and I can say I could never have achieve so much whithout them! I’ve been taking RAD and MK-677 combined with a high-caloric diet and it made me pack way more muscles than I could have expected. Gaining 15 lbs on a small frame like me is pretty damn impressive so I highly recommend!

  57. Ryan

    Awesome results!!! Love that SARMs stack!

  58. Kieran

    Haven’t started these compounds yet but I do look forward to it

  59. Tom

    I bought the mk677 to help increase my appetite and to use in combination with my synthetic growth hormone that I take and it so far has worked great, my appetite is up and I’ve gained some since taking it.

    I’ve dosed it at 5-2 so that the hunger remains and it seem to be working, pretty early still to review completely but the initial effects are positive

  60. Sebastian

    I bought the mk677 to help increase my appetite and to use in combination with my synthetic growth hormone that I take and it so far has worked great, my appetite is up and I’ve gained some since taking it.

    I’ve dosed it at 5-2 so that the hunger remains and it seem to be working, pretty early still to review completely but the initial effects are positive

  61. Frank

    Quality products, I recommend! Martin answered all of my questions. thank you!

  62. Tyler

    Awesome products that work! Myself and other athletes I coached quickly felt great results and were always satisfied. Fast delivery, affordable and high concentration. Highly recommend it!

  63. Jag

    These SARMs are one of the best priced available online and the product is highly concentrated, it’s just simply ore for your money Great quality and great service too!

  64. Richie

    Highly recommend!????????????

  65. Reggie

    Spot on with the delivery, great customer service!

  66. Jimmy S

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. IMO one of the best stacks I have ever used/seen on today’s fitness market if you’re looking to bulk!

  67. Cole

    Really good products !! The results are there, whatever the rad and mk mass gain products it is just perfect and I tried ostarine for joint pain … I had tendonitis and after a week I felt almost nothing. Really satisfied

  68. Zyan

    Helped me alot

  69. Jim

    Came very quick an is what I expected

  70. Jones

    I like this product and do believe it is beneficial to wellbeing

  71. Mark

    Have used before and found good results

  72. Paul

    professional packing, easy to use, effective, increase stamina and muscle development with exercise

  73. Riley H

    Fantastic service ????????

  74. Phil

    Good product, better customer service though????

  75. Gary

    I have try a few these products. And this one is very good considering I’ve only being taken for less than a week.

  76. Mark

    Excellent product works on me both types x2 and testo both are good quality product s keep you forced works strait away best formula around thats for sure iv gained a lot of muscle s from useing this last a long time on you no side effects in any form perfect I highly recommend this future development formula s to everyone who like body building 10/10 best iv ever use well worth the money definitely thanku for reading

  77. Connor

    My parent has been taking this for 5 days and already u can see a different. He would recommend it for people that need that little help in gaining muscles.

  78. Gary

    Definitely a must buy product

  79. Josh

    Lovely stuff once again guys ????????

  80. Wantie


  81. Sam

    Gr8 product

  82. Solomon

    I recently tried this product along with the decabolic creatine. I had great results from thos product and would definitely recommend these product to anyone looking to put on good quality muscle and size.

  83. CJ

    effective product, within a matter of days I could feel the effects and see the results, I gained 1 stone in muscle mass in 10 days.

  84. Khy

    No joke does it exactly what it says!

  85. Kory

    Solid stack combo????????????

  86. Dan

    Item gets a 5 star rating from me, for the price you pay the results are fantastic if you make the effort for the product it does work! I take it on a morning before anything else and consume plenty of water during the day as it makes you very thirsty anyway. No side effects at all so nothing to worry about. Does exactly as it says and for the money worth a try.

  87. Darren

    Insane gains. Highly recommend.

  88. Umar

    These guys are ready to answer any questions that you have. Prompt reply. Excellent.
    Use this along with creatine and good amount of protein you will see results

  89. Mickey

    Great product, fantastic seller. Saw amazing progress along side my normal gym work outs, does exactly what it says on the bottle. Seller gave fast shipping so was here In time for the work outs. Easy to use product with clear instructions on the bottle.

  90. Mikel

    Fast shipping

  91. Joseph

    Cool stack… wish I had taken this sooner ????

  92. Micheal

    Good stuff great

  93. Jimbo

    It’s amazing the weight and muscle bulk I can put on with this product
    If you want to bulk up use it
    But eat like a pig and drink plenty of water
    Work out minimum five times a week
    Within a week and a half you will see the difference in your muscle mass
    Have a minimum of 3000 cal a day plus high protein diet
    The Pumps are amazing

  94. George

    Great delivery time needed to assess results of usage

  95. Lee

    Been using it for about a week now, can see improved strength, increase in lifting, i use this along with shakes and ABE, works a treat, well happy after being sceptical, REMEMBER…EAT,SLEEP,WORKOUT…REPEAT????

  96. Tony

    Eat sleep train repeat!

  97. Patrick

    Works well if you follow diet. Not sure it’s great for your hair though.

  98. Khan

    Excellent product and service

  99. Jordan

    Great product notice a difference

  100. James

    Really feel the improvement since I have been take. These

  101. Nick

    100%! Worked for me… massive improvement in size and strength

  102. Chris

    After first bottle results were clear to see,worth saying I work hard on diet while using supplements but for me at least 100% worked

  103. Jamal

    Like anything else it’s not magic if you’re gonna take it and not train hard and eat well you won’t get results .

  104. Ashley

    Great supplement. Been using for a week and noticed strength has increased. Will buy again!!

  105. Terry S

    Very good

  106. Shaun

    Very good product, works with the right diet and training!

  107. Shaun

    The best in the business for sure!????????

  108. Dan Williams


  109. Gustavo

    Did what it said! You have to train hard though nothing comes easy remember!!!!

  110. Ernesto


  111. Alan

    Like them. Do feel a difference. Use with working out. Don’t expect to get results sitting on bum. You can feel the extra work when hitting weights. Better recovery. Top notch.

  112. Guy


  113. Leah

    Happy customer and a very happy husband????????

  114. Daniel

    Does what it’s ment to do, great stuff

  115. Shaun

    Very very very good briliant

  116. Joe J

    Sarm stacks forever changing the game! Gains baby gains!????????

  117. Jagz Singh

    Train insane or remain the same.
    Does what it says.
    However… please train hard. Don’t cry about not seeing results if you’re not living in the gym.

  118. Steven C

    Amazing sarm. Cheers

  119. Ricardo


  120. Ben

    Top notch stuff

  121. Nicky

    Talk about results.. this might be the best effective sarm stack to date!

  122. Romeo

    5 ????????????????????

  123. Rodger S

    Stronger, heavier & lifting much more in the gym. Correct diet and a good gym routine is also ????

  124. Simon

    Worked for me.

  125. Shane


  126. Theo

    Great value for money if you ask me

  127. Jordan

    Huge benefits since stacking up on both of these products! 10/10 for service????

  128. Cole K

    Nice stack, thank you ????

  129. Steven

    Will update results when my cycle is finished

  130. Ewan

    Niceeee product

  131. Eric

    Talk about a fire stack. Damn this combo is deadly!????

  132. Casey

    Bought this as a gift and they loved it. They couldn’t fault it and in fact bought it again for themselves.

  133. Barton

    Awesome product. Buying same one every time. Big recommendation!!!

  134. Bogdan

    This product did exactly what it said it’ll do, as advertised on its packaging. You get out what you put in.

  135. Big Joe

    Good stuff chaps

  136. Mitchell

    Very good

  137. Sian

    Great for body builders!

  138. Andy

    On my third bottle now and used as part of a stack and PCT and has helped a lot. Helped maintain gains during PCT so will definitely recommend.

  139. DK

    ‘ve been using this stuff for less than 2 weeks, but I can already feel the differences. Especially within my shoulders and arms, I can see the size coming in. I don’t know if you would consider this a gripe, but the increased hunger is serious…
    Can’t wait to see how things will be after a month

  140. Jones

    Tried different under and over the counter products, and this by far is the best. The size and strength gain is massive. I have left my training partner behind.

  141. Dennis

    Great stack

  142. Paulie

    Apetite was increased by alot the first weeks, a bit of bloat. Made me gain 12 pounds in 4 weeks.

  143. Winston

    Very fast delivery, product seems to work, i have a much bigger apitite!

  144. Winston

    Skin also looks much clearer

  145. Vinnie

    Immense stack. Talk about dynamic duo!!????????

  146. Steve

    Makes you very hungry. Works well for nagging injuries

  147. Jeff

    first week on this product and already gaining weight! better than expected

  148. Samuel

    very good product
    feel this product working

  149. Guy

    Expensive but you get what you pay for!

  150. Gavin

    Gained 8lbs in 2 weeks so far all good!????

  151. Ryan smith

    Customer service was good

  152. Louis

    Enjoy trying new products and this stack definitely caught my eye. Let’s see how it goes

  153. Reece

    If you’re new into the body building scene and want to rapidly increase mass, strength and recovery then this stack would be perfect for you. Thanks

  154. Joshua

    Very happy with my results so far.

  155. Luke T

    Bit pricey but hey ho… in better shape than ever before how can you complain?

  156. Jordan P


  157. Anthony

    Never looked back since finding UK sarms. Probably the most genuine seller I have ever bothered to invest into. Ideal for new comers too (body builders)

  158. Bardz

    Nice stack ????????

  159. Ricky

    Good customer service, extra fast delivery. Impressed so far but haven’t yet tried!

  160. Jason

    Really happy with this stack.

  161. Jack

    Always struggled to gain size, put weight on and my strength gains don’t ever seem to change??? This has potentially given my body the boost it always needed to actually see some results. Another happy customer????????????

  162. Jake

    Nice !!!!!

  163. Yuri

    Quality stuff.

  164. Paul

    Do not sleep on this beginner stack. Ideal for a genuine beginner

  165. Lawrence

    Noticed gains in the gym and visually the mirror looks more appealing now haha! Let’s keep going ????

  166. Tom


  167. Hussain

    Two words UNREAL RESULTS

  168. Stew

    You guys rock!

  169. Stew

    Since using UK sarms I have made a bigger transformation than I ever have in 6 years of training… I think that speaks for its self!

  170. Nathan

    Top tier stack. End of story????????

  171. Tion


  172. Cole K

    Happy days since shopping here ????????

  173. Rebecca

    Lost 12lbs in 4 weeks, wow just wow.
    Im truly blown away and humbled by this stack.
    Highly recommend

  174. Rebecca

    Efficient delivery, very helpful

  175. Rose

    Me and my mum have been using this to help each other lose some weight and to help motivate each other! We’re both buzzing with our results so far. I honestly couldn’t think of a better supplement to assist you in helping you reach you’re goals

  176. Logan D

    Did someone say magic?????????????????????

  177. Dominic

    Yes it’s expensive but you know the saying you get what you pay for its that easy

  178. Paul

    10/10 no in-between

  179. Lawrence H

    Finally a sarm that works lol thank god for UK sarms… fitness industry would burn into the ground without you guys

  180. Deborah

    Decent price, effective results

  181. Deborah

    I ❤️ UK sarms

  182. Steve

    Recommending to all my gym buddies maybe I’ll be the reason you guys have an instant rise in sales!!!! Hire me???????????????

  183. Michael

    Does what it says on the tin.

  184. Francisco

    I got this webite from my buddy who shared wit me regarding this website and at the moment this time I am browsing thyis website and reading very informative articles or reviews at this time.

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