RAD140 And MK677 And LGD4033 And S23
Hardcore Stack – Mass Bulk
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Hardcore Stack – Mass Bulk

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(145 customer reviews)
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1x RAD-140 / Testolone / TEST
1x LGD-4033 / Ligandrol / GAIN
1x MK-677 / Ibutamoren / GROWTH
1x S-23 / PUMP

* 99% Pure SARMs
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Manufactured in the UK
* Compounded by UK SARMs’ Pharmacologist
* HPLC Tested
* Free Next Day Delivery UK / Free International Shipping
* Scientific-backed advice and assistance

UK SARMs – TEST (RAD-140) is perfect for cutting as it promotes lean tissue gains and the loss of body fat, and can also be helpful in preserving muscle tissue with its anti-catabolic effects.

UK SARMs – GAIN (LGD-4033) has the ability to increase strength levels, lean muscle mass, encourage a drop in body fat, has healing properties, and does not cause the undesirable side effects caused by bodybuilding supplements.

UK SARMs – GROWTH (MK-677) is an orally administrated GH secretagogue. A secretagogue is a term for a substance that naturally signals the pituitary gland to secrete Growth Hormone.

UK SARMs – PUMP (S-23) is a product that has a strong binding affinity to Androgen Receptors in the body and therefore produces similar results to injectable anabolics. As a SARM it is the strongest SARM and as a result currently the closest available SARM to anabolics.

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. Sold for research purposes only. Not sold for human consumption.

We make some of the highest quality products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free 90-day guarantee.

If you don’t have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realise that there is an absolute ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out.  If you don’t like it, no hard feelings we’ll make it right.

We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

145 reviews for Hardcore Stack – Mass Bulk

  1. Dylan (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  2. Milo

    Excellent product and already seeing great results, feeling the difference too, thanks very much 🙂

  3. Ashley

    Very happy with this product

  4. Colin

    Will definitely buy again

  5. Liam O

    Amazing difference within the first week of using this product I filled out more but you have to train hard too

  6. Corey

    Still early days but have noticed a change and so has the wife on chest area. Happy.

  7. Myles

    Iam a 60 year old just getting back into fitness this product has helped me show gains I definitely will be continuing with this product

  8. Joseph V

    After being initially sceptical i have to say i am extremely pleased with the gains i have started to see

  9. Conor

    I gained 2kg. I noticed that am increasing weights and feeling the pump when am training and I feel great.This stack is effective and works if you train hard. Happy to continue using this stack

  10. Vinnie

    Been using for 3 weeks now and already noticed the difference the best I’ve come across

  11. Ash

    Both amazing seen some real great gains plus training strength increased very happy

  12. Harrison

    It clearly does what it states on the tin! Makes you big and strong! I haven’t looked back, I don’t need no other products to make me look and feel stronger.

  13. Arron

    This product made me sceptical as all products say they work… and this really does. I’m just 2 weeks I can see a huge difference in my body, energy and mood. Could not recommend this product any more. BUY!

  14. Mikal

    Fantastic product. You really do feel stronger and gym performance is greatly improved. Started noticing size and strength benefits after a few days. Will be using again.

  15. Toby

    Great for motivation definitely, not feeling the heavyweight gains yet halfway through but killing me rep’s compared to before .

  16. Glenroy

    Taken as directed. Noticeable gains in short period.

  17. Ali

    Good product, this is the second month on it. Strength improved, definition improved

  18. Mason M

    Great product has helped me massively in the gym

  19. Jason

    Since Using this product and working on biceps and triceps the muscles have grown

  20. Richard T

    So far so good. Noticed gains in strength and endurance but too early fully realise as yet.

  21. Tommy

    Good gains, does exactly what it says

  22. Steven A

    The real deal!

  23. Anthony

    Good product put on 7lbs of muscle in the 2 months ive been taking the product

  24. Francis

    Felt stronger in the gym after 3/4 days. Noticable difference in muscle size and leaness in about 10 days. Excellent product

  25. Callum

    Results are definitely noticeable

  26. Marcus

    Have always loved this product since I very first started using it. It never lets me down and I see results in two week of using

  27. Shaun

    Great product, feel stronger and noticed results in the first couple of weeks.

  28. Lawrence

    Amazing, results in strength almost instant, visible results in couple of days

  29. Paul L

    100% true to its claims,stuffs good and does exactly what it says on the bottle,can see gains after using it for 9 days so far

  30. Osmond

    100% true to its claims,stuffs good and does exactly wot it says on the bottle,can see gains after using it for 9 days so far

  31. Craig

    The quality and price can’t be beaten!

  32. Matthew

    Love this stack, delivered noticable results in 2 weeks both in look and in strength

  33. Andrew

    After years of using other brand products that said would work but didn’t , last year I decided to use uksarms! Best decision I made, you get what you pay for and uksarms lives up to its claims and worth every single penny .. if cost is a factor than your not serious enough to get your goals simple!

  34. Kai

    within two days I could feel the difference and my body stated totally changing much more definition and muscles are a lot fuller and I look twice as big. I will be purchasing this again.

  35. Stefan

    Amazing product that you can see working very early on

  36. Paul J

    Wow amazing gone from average to great mustle increase in weeks

  37. Junior

    Really good. Can feel the benefits in the gym .Whilst I do a lot of cardio training this helps to keep my muscles from burning away.

  38. Killian

    terrific product, intensity to train that little bit harder for longer and stacks very well

  39. Manny

    I brought this product for muscle growth and early on I found a difference with this product, great stuff.

  40. Henry T

    Good gains, no side effects, a must have stack which I heartily recommend.

  41. Theo

    just started these this week so far they are great, I will see what the overall results are at the end before I decide to continue use.

  42. Robin

    These really work. Instant gains in lean muscle and muscles recovered faster and were harder as well. Tried nothing else like it.

  43. Tobias H

    OMG!!! Just like the packet said. works fast and results are showing.

  44. Richard E

    This is great helped give me a massive boost in the gym after a week I’ve noticed a difference

  45. Warren

    Great product works great

  46. Ethan

    After using this for only a short time you can see the results very clearly. It’s amazing. I’m buying this every month!

  47. Thomas

    It’s working absolutely amazing

  48. Bobby

    1 month of using this product and have noticed a 15-20% increase in max reps and 5-10% increase in maximum lifting capability.

  49. Harry

    Excellent product. Gives more power to exercise in the gym. Will buy it again.

  50. Andy

    friends came up to me saying how bigger I’ve gotten… and my strength in general has increased so much! Recommend this product to all my friends it works wonders

  51. Philip

    hand on heart I have to say the results so far have been unreal, looking bigger already the definition in my shoulders and traps especially are great, lost around 5 pounds , and my abs are coming through, lifting heavier and feel great, you just feel great during training , overall I can’t fault this stack and I will be reordering them again, Thanks.

  52. Wayne

    By far the best stack I’ve took and I’ve tryed most in market the body is getting better week by week.

  53. Terrance

    excellent product, its only been a few days but I can see and feel the difference already

  54. Greg

    Right from the off I noticed an increase in strength I wasn’t surprised as I’ve been using uksarms for a while now!

  55. Nathaniel

    Great results in short space of time ????

  56. Peter D

    Honestly the best customer service ever! So happy ????

  57. Ezekiel

    Awesome pumps and energy and aggressive in gym and for sure the results what I ever dreamed the body i wanted thanks

  58. Tony

    awesome product recommended for anybody who train hard and love getting results fast

  59. Darren

    Was cynical regarding this product, but have to say that I noticed gains in strength almost immediately. Impressive product.

  60. Steven T

    With clean eating and high intense training the results are noticeable. 5/5

  61. Ricky

    Unbelievable works very fast a must for the serious workout

  62. Brian T

    If you work hard, you’re rewarded. This is for people serious about their progress who work hard for it, its not for little boys looking for a wonder pill… great stack!

  63. Liam C

    Really seeing results within days

  64. David

    This product is pretty impressive all my weights started creeping up by the 2nd week felt less fatigued and had more ooommpphhh to really push myself!!

  65. Michael D

    Marvellous, good stuff

  66. Danny

    Do take this product as directed and you will have gains that will surprise you. I was bit of a skeptic at first but even my personal trainer noticed the energy and results it gave me within days. I was able to lift more. IF you don’t get anything else, get this stack.

  67. Mikel

    Magic stack gives me energy and strength to push through last reps

  68. Tyrone

    Truly amazing stack, if you’re looking to pack on serious muscle then this will blow your mind. Just finished a six week course on this stack and still reaping the benefits, big thanks

  69. Hicham

    Works well, can notice positive gains in strength/size

  70. Frank

    made me lift more weights it will be always on my supplements list

  71. Eddie

    This is the second time I’ve used this stack. I’ve been impressed with the results.

  72. Howard

    So far I have noticed strength gains but only 2 weeks in.

  73. Clint

    Really good if you are serious about making gains

  74. Dennis

    Fantastic product, does exactly what it says on the tin, After 1 week of using this Im experiencing serious increases in strength, getting so much more out of a session with this stack!

  75. Mitch

    Unbelievable gains in terms of strength! Size coming along steady, but strength is going through the roof.

  76. Gavin

    only 2 weeks in and my lifts are increasing and I’m looking fuller, I will defiantly be ordering again

  77. Josh

    their is no better on the market.this product gives me confidence

  78. Alfie F

    Seeing some real good improvements using this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to pack on some size.

  79. Tyson

    Fantastic stack!! If your serious about training and want to see results fast. This is the product for you

  80. Ant

    Only used for a couple of weeks but already noticed an increase in strength and muscle gain

  81. Ronnie

    V.good product..Only been taking for a couple of weeks but strength has already increased, as has muscle hardness and dropped around 4 lbs in body fat ! Bonus!

  82. Samuel

    I have found this product works extremely well for me. It’s given me a lot more ability on my workouts

  83. Billy

    Works great. Great energy in the gym and the muscles get hard quick and you lose bodyfat fast. well worth getting it

  84. Levi

    Great product has most definitely helped me increase my bench press and squats well worth the 5 star***** rating

  85. Khaled

    When I take this stack I feel like I can take on the anything. I have a sense of belief that I haven’t had before. I strongly believe that as long as I keep taking this stack in no time I will achieve my targets and goals.

  86. Hassan

    Superb! Seeing great gains in size and strength no nasty side effects.

  87. Isuf

    Steady weight gains and great pumps after only four days. Great stuff

  88. Abdullahi

    Definitely noticing increase in power, doing 76 arm curls (per arm) per work-out twice a week with dumbbell 17.5 kgs (the max. this one will go). This is double what I could do a few moths ago.

  89. Matteo

    All I can say this stuff is Fantastic

  90. Joseph

    Yeah, im really pleased with this, it really does what it says.

  91. Daniel

    after 2 weeks, Massive Increase in Strength. Wow.

  92. Freddie W

    Been taking this for about 4 weeks now. I noticed a massive increase in strength after just 1 week. I managed 12 reps on bench press with the same weight i previously struggled with for 8 reps the week before, and i had been stuck on 8 reps for quite some time (wasnt a fluke, because i have continued to gain more strength since). Generally felt all my muscles harden up and define slightly after 1 week and feel great during weight sessions and felt a general sense of well being.

  93. Christopher H

    After 4 weeks, strength has continued to increase a lot.size wise, i have definatley made gains and have put on nearly half a stone. my size hasnt increased hugely, but strength is definatly the most notable.

  94. Cameron

    Noticed a difference right away, was able to do more work at the gym literally overnight.

  95. Ian

    Really impressed every time I’ve used this stack. You can see and feel the results in just a few days.

  96. Terry

    Only been using for a week or so an seeing and feeling changes already, great product.

  97. Henry B

    Good stuff added 4kg to shoulder press and now on 34kg dumbbells after 2nd week of taking this stack

  98. Marley

    Gives you a great pump well training highly recommend

  99. Toby

    I’m quite new to the gym and like most blokes I’ve always wanted big muscles..I’d seen and read about this stack and thought WOW ! I’ve been taking this stack from uksarms for a month now and the change in my body is unreal !

  100. Mark

    I’m doing dead lifts and squats with just over 60kg now where b4 I struggled with 40kg ! They certainly help with that last push as well

  101. Gordon

    Very happy with the product as it does exactly what it says on the tin

  102. Nathan T

    must say am very impressed,strenght has improved aswell as my size and condition,top product would defo get it again

  103. Tyler

    excellent product used now 3 weeks looking & feeling great.

  104. Riley

    I’ve been taking this stack for 3 weeks now and seeing some great gains in strength and starting to gain more muscle I’m nearly up to 18 stone now.

  105. Finley

    I’m honestly very impressed, within 1 week this supplement kicked in and started working. I have had massive gains in muscle size and strength went through the roof… Will def be ordering again once I’m done with current supply…

  106. Tate

    I can see and feel the muscle size within 7 days

  107. Kevin

    I was very sceptical when reading about this product and was very wearey about ‘value for money’. However, i’m now in my 3rd week and im making substantial gains, very happy with the results i’m achieving. I started to notice results towards the end of the 1st week

  108. George

    I’m continuing to gain and I no longer have to struggle to get myself down the gym, I actually look forward to going now.

  109. Mike

    Amazing stack – using this and completing 3 intense kettle bell work outs each week for the last 2.5 weeks has made a big difference – will definitely be purchasing again as this helps me get the maximum out of each work out!

  110. Wesley

    What can i say, this stack is the first stack i have used and it has improved my overall strength in the gym, i have noticed i can push more weights and pushes me further when i want to quit. Great!

  111. Jake

    Increase in strength and power within 2 weeks

  112. Matt

    Noticed a good increase in strength since i have used this product i have increased by 20kg on every exercise. I have got bigger aswell.

  113. Gareth

    great product able to lift heavier wieghts and do more reps

  114. Neil

    i have started seeing results. This is a superior stack no doubt

  115. Gary

    Great product week 2 it really kicked in had slight increase in strength but other people really noticed the size i put on especially shoulders and arms will be reordering this product cheers guys

  116. Roy

    After just two sessions of my normal training regime, I noticed greater size and strength gains! A few weeks on now and I just keep getting bigger and bigger! I haven’t experienced any side effects.

  117. Ethan

    it does exactly what it says on the tin! ????

  118. Antonio

    The strength gains from this product were amazing.

  119. Bradley

    its worth the money very happy

  120. Bradley

    I can feel the difference in pure strength and power but yet to see ‘big’ results in the way I look, there is a difference however…good stack overall

  121. Christian

    As a fitness and nutrition Instructor I am always a bit warey of product claims but I was pleasantly surprised to say you can actually feel this product working within a few days your strength increases and within 2 weeks I had added muscle my back in particular grew and my legs I was mainly compound movements bench press, dead lifting and squatting more and my bench increased by over 10kg

  122. Bailey

    Seen small gains. But better gains in strength.

  123. Tim

    I can really feel a difference since taking this product. Already in 3 weeks I’m lifting heavier weight and doing more reps. My body looks and feel great, feeling less tired in the gym means I can do a lot more. Muscle definition is really starting to show and muscle growth has increased.

  124. Carlton

    I was a bit pessimistic when I first bought this product as There was a lot of mixed reviews some people saying a waste of money and other people saying how good this product is. After using this product for two weeks now I must say I am very impressed not as much as size but sheer strength my benchpress has gone from 160 up to 180 KG which in my eyes is a big jump in just two weeks. And all my Main lifts have also increased at least by 10%. Keep your diet clean and train hard and you should get the same results. So its a big thank you to Uksarms!!!

  125. Clyde

    really great prouduct seen gains of a stone in lean muscle, have recommended this stack to my clients looking to gain muscle mass quick 🙂

  126. Kallum

    Does what it says!

  127. Harrison S

    After 1 week of taken this my strength went through the roof! All my major lifts have increased and can see a change in my physical appearance! Highly recommended!

  128. Patrick

    All my hard work in the gym is now visible. Although i am very happy for this i feel i deserve it.

  129. Dave

    Only been useing it 4 one week it does what it says im lifting more weights good product

  130. Frederick

    After the first 2 days of taking I am already improving on reps on my max weight. A genuienly good, strong and value for money product.

  131. Benjamin

    Great pump,good product

  132. Jo

    Excellent feel the difference almost straight away. Very positive response feel great and getting my confidence back highly recommended

  133. Sammy

    Absolutely worth it! Does what it say. You’ll see different from day1. Highly recommend.

  134. Hunter

    The customer service is amazing. Couldn’t ask for better.

  135. Alan

    smashed every workout to the maximum level!????

  136. Rory

    I’m very happy about this stack!

  137. John

    This stack really helps motivate me and gives me that extra edge.

  138. Teddy

    Received my order so quick. Can’t wait to start using this stack!

  139. Adrian

    This stack has really changed the game!

  140. Barry

    Been taking this now for 3 weeks, seeing results already!

  141. Tom

    I can not do without this. I’m very happy with this stack!

  142. Ollie

    Very satisfied, a good product

  143. Jasper

    Super fast processing and shipping. Great assortment of sarms.

  144. Oscar

    Lifting so much heavier than I ever thought I could!

  145. Chris

    Great product. Already placed my next order

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