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What are Sarms? Are They Safe? Effective? What Are The Results?


What are SARMs? Safety, Effectiveness & More

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are a relatively new type of drug that assists in muscle-building. They’re similar to steroids, but they can target specific types of tissues, giving them a more focused use than traditional anabolic drugs.

SARMs are useful in terms of bodybuilding, but the research behind them has not been fully fleshed out. It is known, however, that they do not carry as heavy of a risk for side-effects as steroids do.

Are Sarms Safe To Use?

The opinion from the scientific and medical field on this is mixed. SARMs are not like steroids in that they have a list of well-known risks, such as heart disease, liver damage, and the higher chance of developing certain cancers, like prostate cancers. Some information has been collected since SARMs became more mainstream in 2013, but SARMs, in comparison, are far safer when it comes to their potential downsides.

SARMs, of course, have plenty of positive benefits to using them: otherwise, no one would take them. Read some of them below:

Potential Benefits From Sarm Use

SARMs have been found to increase physical performance in a variety of ways while offering other minor health benefits. These include things like:

  • Superior running performance
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Increasing bone density
  • Increasing the rate at which the body burns fat
  • Increased muscle growth

Some other notable physical improvements include an increased rate at which the body can burn fat, a decrease of muscle wastage through age or disease, and various other benefits.

Possible Consequences From Using Sarms

While SARMs are not steroids, there are a few noticeable side effects that have been observed since they’ve become mainstream. The side-effects are not particularly serious, nor are they common. The evidence that is there to prove the link between SARMs and these conditions are also limited.

There is evidence, for example, to suggest that taking too many SARMs can result in liver damage: much like how too much medication could cause the same thing. But do any of us think of this when we take Advil or Tylenol, for example? Too high of a dosage of those pills can cause liver damage, too. So it should be obvious that just taking SARMs isn’t enough to harm you by itself. The evidence isn’t conclusive enough to prove a direct correlation.

How Do Sarms Work? 

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Of course, knowing how SARMs work is really key to understanding their function and how they affect the human body. SARMs are chemicals that attach to androgens, your male hormone receptors. 

This part is important: this is what separates steroids from SARMs. Steroids are sort of like a shotgun effect: it just hits everything. It’s a giant shot of testosterone to your body, and everything is affected by it. SARMs are different.

The Science Behind Sarms

SARMs, on the other hand, are far more subtle and direct in the way that they boost testosterone in your body. SARMs do not affect every part of your body: they target tissues in the muscles and bones, specifically. 

This means that they can boost the growth of these tissues without causing problems in other tissues that would be harmed by this treatment (hypothetically). Of course, they aren’t flawless, just judging by potential side effects and the fact that they’re still being perfected, but SARMs in general are good at what they do in this sense.

Sarms Compared to Steroids

SARMs, in general, are far safer to use than steroids based on all of the information that we currently have about them. Steroids may increase performance, but offer serious risk for that increase.

 SARMs increase performance, but the evidence about the side effects of them are far less dire and less common. Still, that could also be because steroids have been available to the general public for much longer.

Overall, if you were to choose one drug to take, SARMs would probably be a safer alternative to steroids simply because of the side effects. Just ensure that what you’re taking actually has SARMs in it: one study found that up to 52% of dietary supplements that state they include SARMS don’t actually have the chemical in them. So do your research and be careful. Buy from the right vendor who sells a reputable product. Read reviews and check in on what people say.

This is one of the most important aspects of using SARMs. With the right seller, the product is far safer and more effective than steroids on average. 

How Effective Are Sarms?

When answering the question ‘What are Sarms?’, we also of course want to know how effective they are. We know that SARMs have been proven to increase growth in the bone and muscle tissues, but to what extent, and how much? Are they worth taking? Is the increase noticeable?

Sarm Effectiveness and Impact

SARMs, on average, offer similar benefits to steroids but with much less supposed risk. What about hard numbers, however? On average, people can expect to gain up to 30 lbs of lean muscle on a short cycle of SARMs (a couple of months). SARMs were originally developed to help cancer patients and those with muscular disorders, so it makes sense that the effect is so noticeable. 

However, not every SARM functions the same, and some have different effects than others. Some will affect bone density more than muscle growth, for example, and some are more focused on burning fat.

Different Types of Sarms

As stated before, there are multiple different kinds of SARMs. Here are just a few examples of the most common kinds of SARMs and what they do:

  • Ostarine: This is one of the most common kinds of SARMs and it is considered fairly safe and mild. It has numerous benefits, but most are centered around muscle growth, the prevention of muscle wastage, and increased bone density.
  • S-4-Andarine: This SARM is used to deal with prostate problems, increase your body’s strength, and burn fat.
  • SR-9009 Stenabolic: This SARM is different: more focused on the reduction of body fat as well as increased endurance. Some SARMs are hormonal, which means duration and dosage are critically monitored, but this SARM isn’t hormonal, so it doesn’t fall under a cycle dosage like others do.

These are by no means all the kinds of SARMs, (there are over 120), but rather just some examples of what the drugs can do and what different types focus on compared to others.

The Final Note About Sarms

Hardcore Stack - Mass BulkSARMs, while having a potential danger to them, are far better than steroids in terms of being a good performance-enhancing drug. Not only do they grow muscle mass and help increase bone density, other factors such as fat-burning and slowing wastage make them even more helpful.

SARMs are a great option if you’re a casual body-builder or gym-goer. On average, they are noticeably safer than steroids are and possess less risks, while also providing a great boost to many core physical processes of the body.

Consider using SARMs if you want to cut your fat percentage, build muscle in the gym, or want to see an overall increase in performance in your body. The risks are on the lower side, and the benefits can be tremendous. 

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