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SARMs Product FAQs

Post Cycle Therapy is a supporting drug that you take after a cycle of SARMs to help your body return to a normal hormonal levels. The necessity to take PCT depends on the SARM, and how long the cycle was.

Some SARMs don’t require the usage of PCT, such as Ibutamoren, Stenabolic, and Cardarine. But if you were on a 10-12 week cycle, it’s probably a good idea to take PCT to avoid permanently damaging your hormones.

Some of the side effects of SARMs can be:

  • Diarrhoea 
  • Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease 
  • Aggression 
  • Acne 

It’s almost inevitable that SARMs would have side effects because they’re so powerful. 

In fact, almost all drugs have side effects. Even cough medicine and over-the-counter cold medicine have side effects. Drugs and cures for other diseases sometimes have strange and potentially deadly side effects.

Both the severity and presence of the side-effect, if it occurs at all, will depend on the dosage and the specific SARM you took.

To make sure you stay safe, buy SARMs UK tested and approved, in professional research labs.

SARMs begin to activate in the system within 48-72 hours. Considering most SARMs cycles take 8-12 weeks, that’s two to three months that SARMs will be in your system. In most cases, taking a PCT cycle for SARMs comes after this, so it’s fair to say SARMs remain in your system for at least three months after initial use.

Don’t take this as a criticism of SARMs. Supplements take time to work, so they’ll be in your system for a while, but that doesn’t mean they’re dangerous if you follow the guidelines.

When it comes to lean muscle building, determining what’s best can be difficult because different body types respond differently to SARMs. Although nearly all SARMs boost muscle gain, there are different kinds that have a stronger effect than others.

SARMs that are top-tier for muscle gain are: 

These are typical SARMs for sale in the UK that are relatively affordable and extremely popular. 

They also offer really great performance compared to some other brands. RAD-140, Ostarine, and MK-677 in particular are all well-known for boosting muscle growth explosively and making it much easier to gain much faster, in general. 

If you’re looking to gain as much muscle as possible, or gain a lot of muscle quickly, consider using one of the above SARMs.

It takes 48-72 hours for liquid SARMs to take effect on the human body. 

Taking the supplement as part of a daily dosage ensures that once the effects kick in, they stay in place for the entire SARM cycle. They work fast and provide benefits almost instantly: you’ll usually start gaining muscle in the first few weeks. 

The first noticeable benefits won’t appear for at least a few days. But if your goal is to build muscle or burn fat fast, then SARMs will do the trick. By following the right steps, SARMs provide explosive muscle growth that can be retained safely.

SARMs can always be tried in a shorter, lighter dosage to see if you like their effects. Various dosages and cycles are available to suit different needs.