GW501516 x2 And SR9009 x2
Intermediate Stack – Fat Burner
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Intermediate Stack – Fat Burner

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(202 customer reviews)
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Stack Contents:

2x (GW501516) / Cardarine / SHRED
2x (SR-9009) / Stenabolic / MELT

* 99% Pure SARMs
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Manufactured in the UK
* Compounded by UK SARMs’ Pharmacologist
* HPLC Tested
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* Scientific-backed advice and assistance

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. Sold for research purposes only. Not sold for human consumption.

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202 reviews for Intermediate Stack – Fat Burner

  1. Patrick (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  2. admin-sarms (verified owner)

    This is genuine people – I lost a lot of weight.

  3. Francis

    the effects were immediate and very powerful.

  4. Manny

    You’ll notice your endurance sky rocket and cut down some fat(i’m down 7 pounds)

  5. Ricky E

    The amount of body fat I’ve lost is insane!

  6. Emanuel

    Perfect stack of sarms to cut down that body fat and increase your endurance ????

  7. Toby

    Really fast delivery. Can’t wait to hit the gym!

  8. Lewis R

    Great stuff. Thanks uksarms!

  9. Robert

    Really good price for a stack of sarms that really works

  10. Peter V

    Insane results. Both will also give you a slight edge for sustaining your muscle

  11. Wilson

    My diet and workouts are on point. I’ve noticed this week that I have amazing endurance.

  12. Carl

    I’ve gone from a 1.8mile run each day to 2.5- 3mile runs ????

  13. Nick

    It’s working well, I’m 3 weeks off my last cycle, in a small surplus and have kept everything plus lost another 3 lbs.

  14. Paul Davis

    Overall helped me train intense and longer coming off to maintain which is what my goal was

  15. Fred

    Best stack for burning that unwanted body fat!

  16. Christopher

    Best price for genuine products. Won’t find better.

  17. Kadeem


  18. Milo

    Helped speed up my fat loss process.

  19. Gregory

    Best company! Keep it up guys

  20. Wayne

    Great results

  21. Damien

    Will be ordering again!

  22. Sully

    A Stack that has helped me reach my goals!

  23. Fabian

    definitely worked wonderfully! Helped with the feeling of appetite and it’s great that I could take it day/night without worrying about my sleeping pattern/schedule

  24. Bradley

    Great product

  25. Craig S

    Great product that gets the metabolic sweating started Fast!

  26. Tyler

    The name of the product is spot on. It certainly helped me with my cut. Next time I would add this fat burner in nearer the end of my cut

  27. Paul W

    I used this while in a calories surplus and I must say my body composition improved! I normally sweat a lot but with this, I needed to increase my fluid intake as it ramped it up higher.

  28. Wayne

    definitely makes all the difference when trying to lose that extra little bit of body fat.

  29. Steve

    Certainly makes you sweat a ton which always encourages me to keep training harder!

  30. Chris B

    Helps keep fat gain under control

  31. Julian

    I have used these during the lockdown to keep on top of my diet. Great product that has helped keep my weight managed

  32. Andy

    Simple and effective

  33. Bill

    This fat burner stack has been essential in my weight loss

  34. Mitchell D

    Amazing stack, everything I would need and more. Have been using this product for a week and I seem to have massive amount of energy and generally feel better in myself. I’ve also lost on average 6lb in a week too so that’s an added bonus!

  35. Daniel O

    It’s my first time buying anything from here and I’m so glad I did

  36. Yanis

    5 star so easy to order. Very responsive to any questions about the supplements or just your order in general. Supplements are great and no side effects!! I’ll buy again

  37. Henry K

    Fast delivery and good customer care

  38. Tommy

    My first time buying supplements online and Uksarms was fantastic ! Great goal orientated service and fast delivery ! Highly recommend

  39. Dennis

    amazing results

  40. William M

    I have dropped 10kg in body weight and now at 12% body fat. My strength has gone up across the board, 180kg rack pulls 400kg leg press and now challenging myself on 100kg bench. Not bad from a guy who now ways 73kg.

  41. Graham T

    You won’t go wrong with Uksarms when it comes to supplements. Keep it up guys!

  42. James

    Quality products, excellent results and great customer service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  43. Frank T

    Fast efficient, product seems good quality I’ve used them several times since my initial find , will be using them again shortly .

  44. Nicholas

    Brilliant very happy with the results.

  45. Nabeel

    Great service from the offset, very responsive to messages. I had a slight problem with my order but the issue was rectified within minutes of informing them.

  46. Chris

    What a product and what a result! Best sarms on the market????

  47. Harris

    excellent products great service I will definitely continue to use these products, the knowledge from the suppliers was second to none which made it so much easier to get the right stack

  48. Michael L

    happy with product.No side effect. I will update after full cycle -12 weeks

  49. Warren

    The main thing with products like this is knowing they are real and with Uksarms they are, 100% brilliant quality. There isn’t much say than that, great customer service, quick and all round great company.

  50. Charlie

    nothing but 5 stars for this company! the product is top of the line

  51. Reuben

    I personally am not going to buy Sarms from anyone else, I’ve tried a few different places, non have compared.

  52. Mo

    Amazing quality products! Easily some of the best prices you’d find on the market too at great dosages.

  53. Sean

    Body fat percentage has dropped! Couldn’t be happier with the results ????

  54. Theodore

    Now I’m losing the fat my physique is more visible! Constantly receiving compliments lately.

  55. Treyvon

    10 out of 10 for service and sarms

  56. Tobias

    Ordered supplements and came within great time. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to better themselves physically.

  57. Ricardo

    Excellent product really see the difference in your body shape.

  58. Timmy

    Next level stuff, nothing comes close to this.

  59. Barry

    Very good. Strong. I kept taking them even though I had an injury and wasn’t training and they still worked! Lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks and looking more muscular. Definitely recommend.

  60. Tyson

    First time using this but noticed weight drop off my middle within few days and less hungry for snacks

  61. Jamal

    OH WOW! What a supplement! I saw results within a week. Looking so much more shredded. Great product. Will buy again.

  62. Usama

    Does what it says ! Unbelievable.

  63. Pablo

    So far so good I’ve also cut down how much I’ve been eating and I have seen a difference and they have deffo taken away my hunger to

  64. Ethan

    Brilliant product. Works well if you want to loose weight. But providing that you have a healthy lifestyle your good to go.

  65. Walter

    everything seems to be going in the right direction, so very happy so far

  66. Nathaniel

    Amazing products really helping me lose weight will order again!

  67. Thomas

    Very potent can feel effect working and a great boost to any workout and my overall daily energy level

  68. Beau

    As my diet hasn’t been the greatest I don’t think I was able to utilise the product to its limit. However with a very standard diet I still lost around 4-5kg within the first 2 weeks of use. I can only imagine what the results would be with a full fat loss diet plan

  69. Bobby

    Outstanding, really helped me lose weight.

  70. Harrison

    I am surprisingly satisfied with it. Really helps u reducr your weight and also control your appetite. When u start taking it avoid taking fatty oily food products no pizza no burgers and no fries n u ll see amazing results. Also it gives u more muscle strength to do your routine exercises and jogging. U ll feel the difference no kidding.

  71. Alfie F

    Really effective I have noticed a difference near enough straight away !!

  72. Joe

    Combined with intermittent Fasting, Keto Diet and exercise I lose up to 400g/day.

  73. Manny

    Using alongside exercise to tone up after putting on some midriff weight after changing jobs to one which involves less walking, and unable to visit gym as regularly. Seems to be working

  74. Marsel

    My go to product to shift my yo-yo dieting weight! Awesome!

  75. Leon

    I’m sure something working as I’m starting to see some definition around my abs!

  76. Norman H

    a great product as it’s helped me loose close to 11lbs in 3 weeks!

  77. Freddy

    No obvious adverse effects on digestion or cognitive function. Some weight loss has occurred.

  78. Gregg

    Good product to keep the fat down during the bulk because I store fat very easily so very useful for me personally.

  79. Max

    When paired with exercise this product shows quantifiable results, great for preventing huger between meals as well

  80. Emanuel

    Really good started shredding right away

  81. Robin

    Great product, getting the results I want. Thank you

  82. Teddy

    I have been very busy to go to the gym but this stack has been very helpful

  83. Roman

    So far so good, I have lost 7lb since taking this

  84. Mohammed

    I had stalled with my weight loss but this has kicked it off again. Great product.

  85. Danny

    This stack is amazing really worth the moment

  86. Zane

    Well it does work, i have lost 13lb, and will keep using them, 5,lb more, easy with these, no bull it’s the best, just try them

  87. Louis

    Great product, no side effects and have started to notice a difference; works great with a good diet plan. No complaints.

  88. Dylan

    Holy Cow – it works! I tried everything to get that little boost and burn fat

  89. Alex

    I paired it with healthy eating and 3-4 times a week HIIT training and after 3 months I lost 10kg. That’s a lot. That’s A LOT for me. Even when I eased off the exercise and wasn’t a thorough with the eating, the weight hasn’t crept back up. I’m happy. I’m delirious. I will continue buying this product as it works for me.

  90. Lenny

    felt a true effect on my hips and stomach. will be buying it again around Christmas.

  91. Hayden

    You need to take it for at least 2 months to see real results but I definitely felt slimmer and lost some stubborn lbs. Would recommend alongside a good diet and exercise routine.

  92. Augustus

    Good stuff … seems to keep fat at bay although I still have a way to go before the abs come out to play

  93. Andrew

    12lb lost so far works well

  94. Anthony

    After hitting a plateu with my weight loss & being unable to really lose anything I thought I would try these. I still worked out & ate as I was & the weight has steadily been dropping off again. So all in all I would say it’s a great stack & one that I would definitely recommend to anyone & buy again.

  95. James W

    Assists in getting at stubborn fat and so is a must when trying to burn this off. It’s the only thing that I have found that actually does this.

  96. Carlson

    Very effective, love the results and I’m only a couple weeks in. Great to use in combo with cardio!

  97. Martin

    it does exactly what you buy it to do. would recommended it to anyone. particularly if you were like I was and are looking to shed that last bit of excess that you just can’t seem to shake on your own.

  98. Wesley

    Really good product, I saw results with this after only a few days. Will definitely be buying again and I would recommend this product to others.

  99. Morley

    works great with diet and exercise you get the results within a week or so but feel it within a few days

  100. George

    Ive started takeing this product and so far have lost 3lb in a month.there are no side effects or bad after effects

  101. Kevin

    Wonderful product, does exactly what it says on the tin

  102. Calvin

    seem to be doing the trick, I have a high body fat% to begin with but differences are noticeable with clothing

  103. Junior

    Very effective for my training needs

  104. Reginald

    great product and worked from day 1

  105. Adrian

    Along side regular training and a clean diet! This stack works wonders, gets rid of stubborn fat in the most common problem areas. We’ll recommended

  106. Marcus

    Have lost a lot of fat so far.

  107. Raymond

    Works well lost a stone in just under a month and gone down a trouser size would recommend and will be purchasing again

  108. Julius

    Work great with cardiovascular workout

  109. Richard E

    As part of a balanced calorie regime this stack definitely does the trick, and gives some clear fat loss results.

  110. Barney

    Have been using this for couple of weeks now. Really pleased with the results. I have been struggling to shift a ‘middle age spread’ and no matter what I tried it wasn’t working. Finally something that actually works, have lost a few pounds now and hopefully I’ll loose a few more. Definitely recommend.

  111. Rodney

    lost 9lb in 2 weeks

  112. Stuart

    Notice I’m eating smaller portions since using so this must be a good thing.

  113. Levi

    Top quality product for weight loss

  114. Gavin

    Another fantastic product, works well with good health diet and exercise. Would definitely recommend

  115. Dawson

    Seemed to step up weight/fat loss

  116. Taher

    Great yet again

  117. Ian

    Does what it says on the tin & good at surpressing appetite. I’ve lost a stone in a month but ive done a fair amount of cardiovascular exercise and eaten clean

  118. Khalil

    Incredible amazing unbelievable it really works lost 12 pounds in 10 days so impressed its a product that really does what it says on the tin.

  119. Kieran

    I’m losing weight quicker then I was with just my diet plan definitely recommend them for any one looking to lose weight abit quicker

  120. Lewis

    seemed to nudge my body in the right direction, after about 2 weeks it did pull my waistline in and reduced any “bloatedness”.

  121. Fred Z

    Great product & I did notice a difference. I need order some more.

  122. Lonnie Y

    Spot on !!!

  123. Wes

    5***** Noticed the weight dropping off in just 5 days fantastic product , keep it up

  124. Paul H

    Only just started using this product so it’s hard to write a review but what I can say is the service and delivery time was outstanding

  125. Henry

    Just started using this product it’s helping me slowly, think if I was doing more exercise etc I would see a bigger difference a lot sooner. But overall a decent product.

  126. Matthew

    Excellent product really works

  127. Luke

    No side effects or anything from these. I have been taking them for 1 week and have lost half a stone amazing. They give me so much energy, now I bike 20 miles at a time were before taking this stack I’d maybe manage to bike 9 miles. Would defo recommend these and will be ordering again

  128. Drew

    It’s splendid, it has no side effects

  129. Marc

    Works for me!

  130. Johnny

    Used this stack to finally lose weight and get my body transformation to work. Great ????

  131. Jay

    I was very cautious about using this product as there were so many mixed reviews I could not tell if any of the good reviews were real. However, this is the only supplement I have ever used where by following the instructions an actual noticeable difference was seen.

  132. Gaz

    Immediately within 3 days my weight on the scales and around the waist was dropping. I was buzzing I could not believe it, I highly recommend to anyone

  133. Ryan M

    Works well have reduced fat levels by 10% since using this

  134. Mikel

    I complete a weights circuit training session x3 a week and x2 a week doing abs and a sauna. In the first 3 weeks I lost just under 5lb. Ill be buying more once I’ve used this batch.

  135. Johnathan P

    I complete a weights circuit training session x3 a week and x2 a week doing abs and a sauna. In the first 3 weeks I lost just under 5lb. Ill be buying more once I’ve used this batch.

  136. Phil

    Quick results

  137. Steven A

    Works well. Need more!!!!!!

  138. Jacob

    Very good product only been using for a week but starting to feel a difference.

  139. Luca

    i have lost approx 2 stone in 2 months just by changing my diet and using this stack

  140. Bruno

    Im finding at present im achieveing my goal quicker

  141. Callum

    Great product couldnt belive the amount of compliments I received this weekend definitely looking to make another purchase soon

  142. George B

    very good product

  143. Taylor

    Really has been a catalyst in my weight loss goal. Haven’t much to lose but some belly fat to shift.

  144. Joshua

    Great deal that’s helped to drop the weight quick!

  145. Scott

    Have lost fat around my abdomen & my abs muscles are visible again, with a sensible diet & help from this amazing product I’ll certainly continue buying this product .

  146. Kirk

    this is a fantastic product works so fast highly recommended

  147. Harvey

    quick and easy to use and has the desired results.

  148. Tony

    I noticed a change on the third day, i love this product. No jitters , my heart doesn’t feel like its going to jump out of my chest.

  149. Jack

    this product is very good and fast working have only just finished course

  150. Elijah

    Just getting going with this and letting go of the fat! Easy to use.

  151. Casper

    been using for 3 weeks and I’ve got a complete new body now thanks

  152. Terrance

    best ever product I have tried it works

  153. Matty

    seems to work well with a good diet plan and cv workouts

  154. Tyrell

    no side effects sleep really well and hasn’t affected my work life as started new job and been able to be focused and professional

  155. Jerome

    Very good u get fast results quick.

  156. Russ

    I used these only for 3 weeks and they worked wonders.

  157. Bobby J

    so reliable can’t knock them for anything and the delivery service is 100% spot on..all my items I buy from now on will only been from Uksarms top products and top service

  158. Carlos

    Great product helped get rid of the unwanted fat, defiantly recommend

  159. Marley

    I have lost inches around my waist. Have not been taking them long but do feel better for taking them

  160. Graham

    I have been using this product for 4 weeks now and have tried to watch my diet in that time as well . I have lost 7lbs so far which im really pleased about.

  161. Theo

    Early days admittedly but definitley seen a difference in body shap & jeans are fitting much better, im am a 45 year old and train hard but shifting that extra body fat gets harder & this is making it a lot easier

  162. Paul C

    I was unsure at first but this really does what it says on the tin. Easy to take with no adverse affects. I don’t feel dizzy, sick or like i’d had a 100 cups of coffee. Brilliant starter pill.

  163. Theo

    i havent got a lot of fat on me but i have seen improvements on my body

  164. Maxwell

    Works great and no sideeffects. Really boost my stamina and I can push myself further with amazing results.

  165. Tim

    really helps shred the unwanted pounds.

  166. Gareth

    Good product has defiantly helped me to look more defined around the middle while maintaining size.

  167. Lee

    Great product lost 5 1/2 lb in two weeks with no side effects from the tablets, i only had a few lb to lose so they’ve been a great help 🙂

  168. Dominic

    I lost 5kg in a month

  169. Alex


  170. Darren

    Starting to see improvements within the first few weeks, great product

  171. Alan

    Top product with great results, what more can you ask for.

  172. Will

    A very good product which does what it says.

  173. Ben

    When dieting it helps suppress your cravings and boosts your fat shedding when you exercise. Eat clean and cycle it x 2 for best results.

  174. Neil

    I was sceptical to say the least but gave these a go and was really impressed. Along with a calorie controlled diet I dropped a crazy amount of weight in a really short time. No lack of energy or other issues

  175. Robin

    For the first time in a long time I am seeing result from my cardio and strength training. I feel like it is definitely in part due to this supplement

  176. Thomas F

    One of the best fat burner that actually works.

  177. Dennis


  178. Harry

    Excellent fat burner used for my summer preparation … great price on this site

  179. Michael B

    purchased on this site for an unrivaled price, highly useful product and the best existing fat burning sarm!

  180. Perry


  181. George

    The only one that really works for me.

  182. Toby


  183. Arthur

    Have been using it for some time now and it serves its purpose.

  184. Freddy

    First days getting used to it but after that it works really well.

  185. Bear

    Very good product! Very efficient, the best burn on the market! I recommend it to anyone looking for real results!

  186. Miles

    I am very satisfied with the result.

  187. Dominic

    Pretty strong product with the right effect

  188. Teddy

    been a week and a half since I take and I have already lost 5 kg

  189. Rory

    Works well in combination with a modified diet. Does what it should do

  190. Yanis

    a different league and if you want to be successful I recommend everyone

  191. Paul E

    The fat burner works very well. Will definitely order it again.

  192. Richard

    5 Stars!

  193. Tony K

    Great Sarm! Try to combine it with a good nutritional plan

  194. Martin

    Ten days of good use and already lost a lot of kilos.

  195. Nelson

    Does what it should do. Gives a good result.

  196. Eduardo

    Great product if you exercise intensively you really sweat everything (my experience)

  197. Henry T

    Best company to buy sarms!????

  198. Winston

    I really feel the effect this don’t make magic but if you stay with a good diet and good training sessions you will see amazing results

  199. Johan

    Definitely one of the better fat burners. Works as expected and did not suffer from side effects.

  200. Felix

    Well-known and favorite product! Fit perfectly into my diet

  201. Ali

    This product is a good addition to my training. No side effects. Works very well.

  202. Kash

    Works well in combination with a good eating schedule

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