GW501516 And MK2866 And S4
Enhanced Lean Muscle Stack
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Enhanced Lean Muscle Stack

Original price was: £175.99.Current price is: £159.96.

(326 customer reviews)

UK SARMs – Enhanced Lean Muscle Stack

  • GW-501516 (Cardarine)
  • S4 (Andarine)
  • MK-2866 (Ostarine)

* 99% Pure SARMs
* Pharmaceutical grade
* Manufactured in the UK
* Compounded by UK SARMs’ Pharmacologist
* HPLC Tested
* Free Next Day Delivery UK / Free International Shipping

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailment. Sold for research purposes only. Not sold for human consumption.

Our Guarantee

UK SARMs makes some of the highest quality products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free 90 day guarantee.

Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realise that there is absolute ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out.  Tell us that you don’t like it, no hard feelings we’ll make it right.

We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

326 reviews for Enhanced Lean Muscle Stack

  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  2. Arthur

    I would say this is my second time using it and I have felt the difference in my body feel more lean. 10/10 would recommend

  3. ronnie L

    I’m down 10 lbs in 1 week – so loving it!!

  4. John

    My body is changing. More leaner and getting harder.

  5. simon

    Really good product and effectively dosed

  6. Stephen

    giving an extra boost already

  7. Nicholas P

    Smashing it

  8. Wayne

    High quality products at affordable prices

  9. Zack

    This thing is very good.. no doubt

  10. Mikey

    These work. Simple as that. ????????✅

  11. Jordan

    The effect is fast and a powerful one! I will Definitely buy again!

  12. Barry

    Really great product, I felt the difference in both my self-esteem and my overall focus. I would strongly recommend to give this product a try it really does have such a powerful impact on your fitness.

  13. Mark

    Give a real boost after

  14. Alex

    Can not comment on this product yet only two days in as bulk don’t give you time to adapted to a new product I will need a few weeks yet before judgment day

  15. Alex

    Another exceptionally great product UKsarms provides!

  16. Patrick


  17. Joel

    Great product that give give immediate results.

  18. Duncan

    Very happy with this product and looking forward to the results I will achieve

  19. Mattias

    Quality product, makes a difference to my training

  20. Reuben

    Great product for increased blood flow and allows an increase in workload

  21. Alec

    I can honestly say I have put on lean muscle thanks to this product but I expect nothing less from uksarms

  22. Treyvon

    Another great product that does what it’s supposed to do, excellent pump activator, big difference after a weight training session

  23. Hiram

    New to this stack and will help to go the extra mile.

  24. Francis

    with the combination of supplements I can clearly see results after the first week.

  25. Craig H

    Fantastic fast results

  26. Jack

    this product is giving me amazing intensity and strength and more importantly no ill effects afterwards. I would definitely recommend this product

  27. Bruce

    After years of using other brand products that said would work but didn’t , last year I decided to use la uksarms. Best decision I made, you get what you pay for and la muscle lives up to its claims and worth every single penny

  28. Rehmant

    Looking so much leaner!

  29. David

    This product works from day one – very impressed!

  30. Salim

    Keep getting complimented ????

  31. Romel

    The best stack out there!

  32. Blaine

    just love this product.great motivation to start workout

  33. Tre

    Brilliant muscle enhancement can’t believe how powerful it is great product

  34. Oliver A

    I use this product about half an hour before heading to the gym. I really do feel a noticeable result in strength, I’m able to make produce more reps and use larger reps. Plus it sort of gets you pumped and you look physically bigger (not massively) but your muscles are more prominent.

  35. Dexter

    This is an amazing product

  36. Max

    this is my first time using this product it makes you push harder in the gym.

  37. Jake

    This is pretty awesome supplement after pumping the weights pretty hard it really does give you that great pump look!!! Would happily buy this again without even questioning it!!

  38. Zachary

    This is my absolute favourite sarm stack. I can see the results. You can actually see a difference pretty quickly as it will really boost your blood circulation and after a workout your muscle will look more pumped.

  39. Sean

    Amazing Product! Have definitely noticed a much better “pump” in the gym when doing weight training. Brilliant and would recommend!

  40. Meshak

    Five stars!

  41. Joe

    jaw dropping vane poping

  42. Ricky L

    Experienced a increase in the pump in my muscles. It took a couple of days for it to kick in,but then wow!. Certainly be using this product again.

  43. Paul W

    New lean physique ????

  44. Ellis

    Such a reliable company!

  45. Matty

    Fast delivery ????

  46. Frankie

    Yet to use but arrived very quick.

  47. Samuel

    Does exactly what it says. Never disappointed with products from uksarms.

  48. Edmund

    Very happy . The service was great very fast and as a new-be to uksarms i will be back.

  49. Kenny

    All products I’ve bought from here have been top notch!

  50. Greg

    Great product noticed results straight away as well as increased pump at gym sessions. Arms look pumped and veins more noticeable.

  51. Manny

    all I can say is brilliant, muscle deffanition banging,extra pumps smashes it. would not use anything else now

  52. Peter

    Works really well within 2-3 weeks I noticed a big change in the way I look

  53. Callum H

    Awesome, see differences right away

  54. Johnny

    Visible appearance with in day’s , give it a go, with the money back guarantee what have you got to lose. 5*****

  55. Zack

    Best customer service

  56. Hunter

    Loving my new lean physiqye

  57. Ellie

    Great stack x

  58. Marcus

    Would rate this 6 stars if I could….

  59. Carlos

    Been using 2-3 together for 2 weeks at a time and have had amazing results. Great value too. Will order again.

  60. Alex

    Love it

  61. Loz

    Does exactly what it says on the tin

  62. Robin

    Excellent product and already seeing great results, feeling the difference too, thanks very much 🙂

  63. Stephen

    Excellent, started working from the day I started them , my strength went up and my energy levels, great product

  64. Tommy

    Very happy with this product

  65. David

    Will definitely buy again

  66. Richard

    Amazing difference within the first week of using this product I filled out more but you have to train hard too

  67. Elsiie

    Definitely see the results

  68. Lee pannet

    Good stuff

  69. Robert

    Still early days but have noticed a change and so has the wife on chest area. Happy

  70. Steven

    Iam a 60 year old just getting back into fitness this product has helped me show gains I definitely will be continuing with this product

  71. Amar

    Good product

  72. Martin


  73. Jamie


  74. Paul

    Been using for 3 weeks now and already noticed the difference the best I’ve come across

  75. Shane

    Another good product with great results

  76. Terry

    Another good product with great results

  77. Adam

    Both amazing seen some real great gains plus training strength increased very happy

  78. Mike L

    Good stuff ✅

  79. Callum

    Can see the results after 2 weeks

  80. Daniel

    This product made me sceptical as all products say they work… and this really does. I’m just 2 weeks I can see a huge difference in my body, energy and mood. Could not recommend this product any more. BUY!

  81. Osborne

    Fantastic product. You really do feel stronger and gym performance is greatly improved. Started noticing size and strength benefits after a few days. Will be using again.

  82. Fred

    Its working for me was just skin and bone feel a lot better now thanks to this product just needed a bit more muscle

  83. James bowers

    It is a very powerful strength and muscle builder and feels natural too..

  84. Jon

    Great for motivation definitely, not feeling the heavyweight gains yet halfway through but killing me rep’s compared to before

  85. David

    Good product, this is the second month on it. Strength improved, definition improved

  86. Steve

    Great product has helped me massively in the gym

  87. Andy

    Wow! Two weeks in and amazing results this is a product that actually works and you don’t have to be a bodybuilder you just put in good workouts and the results you can see rapidly!! Andy England

  88. Ben

    I started taking these and felt different at the gym, could power through my hour session, for 8st to 10st in mater of weeks

  89. Trevor

    easy to take and noticed results a week later, started losing fat and getting leaner

  90. Manny

    OMG absolutely smashing product. Strength through the roof in first week and put on 3kgs of muscle mass in 2 weeks so far. Will be buying more

  91. noel

    Ye brilliant highly recommend

  92. Paul Chadwick

    Excellent, seeing a difference with my training when using this product

  93. Pauli amelo


  94. Troy


  95. Ian

    My 1st week of taking this product and already noticed the difference, more energy and feeling much stronger. Definitely I’ll be getting more down the line.

  96. Shaun

    Does what it says on the tin, lifting heavier and looking leaner

  97. Kane

    Wow. H2 is the bees knees. I was very skeptic although at first but after 2 days I noticed a massive improvement in my workouts in both strength and stamina, even my mood has improved. Most importantly I saw instant changes in my appearance, so I ordered a second trial to be sure. I’m now waiting on my first full order

  98. Jeffery

    A good testosterone product that helps with your training

  99. Marc

    I really like this it beats other products iv tried,, excellent

  100. Glen

    am finding this really is working, i am following the instructions and the results are indeed very noticeable and not just to me excellent, very impressed

  101. Michael

    Perfect stuff, definitely worth a buy.

  102. Wilson

    Want to get big fast? Then get this. Dose exactly what it states. Awesome, powerful product.Thank u

  103. Simon

    I love this product

  104. Big J

    It works

  105. Rocky

    Good quality

  106. Jonathan

    A1 stufff

  107. Jonathan

    Definitely noticed the improvement in my workout and recovery after using this product. Something that is becoming more and more important now that I have turned 46 !

  108. Martin

    Great stuff have used it before lockdown, can’t want to use it again

  109. Edmond

    Saw results after a few days

  110. Raj

    Worth the money bruv

  111. Charlotte

    Brilliant customer service took me being aggatatied as of delivery with this covid 19 the gentleman was awsome handled me in the best manner and also gave me a good deal

  112. Adam


  113. Alfie

    So far so good!

  114. Phil

    Amazing product put on weight and size will defiantly be ordering again

  115. Nathan

    Started showing signs straight away and feel much better in myself

  116. Craig

    Does exactly what it says on the tin 5

  117. Mark

    Seems to help

  118. Parker

    Potent !! Has a great effect I am intermittent fasting for a natural testosterone spike and this adds so much power to that my head feels focused and my workouts and rep ranges have increased rapidly.

  119. Paul Chadwick

    Excellent quality product and exceptional service from a first class company

  120. Ryan

    My favorite so far

  121. Prince

    Fire ????????????

  122. Matthew


  123. Alexander

    Good product. Maybe people exaggerate slightly with “big in one dose” but the best product I had so far.

  124. Dan B

    Strong ????????????????????????

  125. Jon Beck

    Packs on size when used with la whey gold

  126. Luke

    Seems to have good effect

  127. Mark barnes

    Well recommended. So pleased

  128. Spencer

    Did notice a change in size after taking for 1 month

  129. Vladimir

    Insane results!!!!!

  130. Adam

    Always been a little sceptical about these products but now I’m a believer!! Visible results in two weeks changed nothing about my routine just included the supplement. It may not be the cheapest product but it gets results.

  131. Luis Valencia

    Really good. Perfect boost

  132. Thomas

    For me this product helps the body performing at 100%. Gives me also more motivation and focus which is good to really hit the gym

  133. Barry

    Excellent product

  134. Allen

    very good stuff

  135. Maurice

    So far no complaints, enjoying my workouts and have gone up in weights, I’ve read that you have 2 months on and 1 off. I’ll make my decision during the month off.

  136. Jamie

    Great product and can really see the difference.

  137. Justin L

    Perfect stack.

  138. Richard

    Excellent product. Does exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve tried many other muscle builders but none have been as effective as this. Will be ordering more.

  139. Greg

    Have started to see growth and the amount of weight I am lifting has increased very quickly

  140. renato


  141. Does what it says on the tin can’t complain


  142. Martin

    Really like this product, can see and feel difference . Would recommend

  143. Phil

    I can definately see the gains i am making easy to take and no side effects

  144. Carter

    Again another great product i saw definate gains while using this

  145. Darren

    Can see small gains… Happy with this product

  146. Don

    great product…it seems to be working..

  147. Martin

    Excellent product and arrived very quick

  148. James S

    Strength is through the roof

  149. Paul hogan

    Great love it

  150. Alejandro

    Excellent product and excellent customer service

  151. Stewart

    I can feel the difference

  152. Liam


  153. Jimmy

    Regular gains even without a structured regime, even at the ripe old age of 43

  154. Micheal

    Very good supplement

  155. Raz

    It gave me strength. Was combined with protein foods.

  156. Pedro

    Good Results in days

  157. Nick Saunders

    No other products come close. Rather than pay cheep I’d pay that extra that does what it says

  158. Daniel

    It’s very good stuff. I’m happy that I discovered this product . This is a number 1

  159. Pope

    Amazing ????????????

  160. Ricky

    Best stack ever. Sarms rock!!!!????????????????????????

  161. Ireno

    I like this products.the best muscle builder I have ever taken.Thanks

  162. Edward

    great product,i dont use no other than this,does exactly what it says it will do

  163. Tony

    Great stuff, got alot stronger after taker this and training hard.

  164. Mason


  165. Tyler


  166. rashed

    Powerful sarm

  167. Cass

    I’m very happy about this supplement

  168. Tony

    Best product about. Enough said.

  169. Nigel

    with the combination of supplements I can clearly see results after the first week.

  170. Richie

    Love this????????

  171. Ali

    Great results in short time

  172. Scott

    eat product all round for serious gym users and the mrs doesn’t complain either because it seems to make your sex drive increase too.

  173. Mohammed

    Bang bang

  174. Bruce

    Intense stack

  175. Mikel

    Very good stuff

  176. Abdulla

    Big help in the gym. Able to push myself more and more with these tablets.

  177. Grant

    Great product,I can feel the benefits when training

  178. Cristopher

    After using this product my time in the gym is alot better. Able to lift more and last longer and gain more muscle.

  179. David

    Excellent product I buy this continuously and it produces really great results,Notice the difference much stronger better muscle definition and more energy.

  180. Luigi

    Simply amazing. Must try for everyone.

  181. garry

    Great results

  182. Tristan

    Super sarm ????????

  183. David

    After using this product my time in the gym is alot better. Able to lift more and last longer and gain more muscle.

  184. Mattie

    Excellent product I buy this continuously and it produces really great results,Notice the difference much stronger better muscle definition and more energy.

  185. Liam

    This product enhances strength and you will start to see it work within a week or so If you are training 3-4 times a week and eating properly. I noticed recovery was enhanced and I was able to train back to back days (which I’ve struggled in the past). For guys 30 plus this product will spike your testosterone dramatically and you’ll get the aggression needed to lift heavy and get big and your sex-drive increases which can’t be a bad thing lads!

  186. Daniel

    Simply amazing. Must try for everyone.

  187. Neil

    Excellent, really felt the difference

  188. Victor

    Great results

  189. Sultan


  190. Brandon

    Brilliant works very quickly very impressed

  191. Lyndon

    Had this product before and really does do the job as advertised

  192. Matt

    Definite strength gains, easy to take if a little expensive.

  193. Usman

    Seen some real gains with this.

  194. Aryan

    Feel stronger day by day

  195. Frank

    The missing link between the pre workout and the protein shake

  196. Colin

    Great as a freebie wirh special offers.Recommend you buy the full product as it gives you results

  197. Ralph A

    Will buy again ????

  198. Patel


  199. Louis

    Thank you

  200. Anthony

    Very good product, works well for me!

  201. Fowler

    Great improvement in strength so quickly

  202. Lucian

    My strength increased massively and very quickly

  203. Khan

    Does what it says builds leans muscle

  204. Chris A

    Very good product!

  205. Samuel

    I have been using this product for years when I,ve wanted to amp up my training. For me it usually takes a few weeks to really kick in, but when it does I experience a massive increase in leg strength and my compound lifts.

  206. Pedro

    Great ????????????

  207. Robert

    Fantastic stuff

  208. thomas

    Notable strength gains almost immediately! Muscles feel harder, great product

  209. Pindar

    Very good

  210. Julian

    Perfect am loving it ordering more

  211. Keith

    Amazing product takes few weeks for me to feel it really working .I’m 53 and now lifting and looking better than most the young guys .

  212. Tim

    it changed my body and my mind in a very good way

  213. Florian

    Good as always!

  214. Claudio

    Product very good, powerful, with no contradictions. Its effects appear after a few days. Product highly recommended.

  215. Richard

    In only three weeks, have seen noticable difference in size

  216. Claudio

    Insane stack ????????????????

  217. Martin

    Will never buy a sarm anywhere else. Facts!

  218. Steven


  219. Ben M

    This product really works, can’t wait to use it again next month!

  220. David

    A weeks supply, if a great product perfect to stack with other test boosters!

  221. Edward

    This I do like lots

  222. jimmy K

    f u want some more musscle and strength this is the one

  223. Greg Lawrence

    Really has helped in strength and mass gains!

  224. Chris

    Good stuff. Expensive but works. My only problem is i don’t earn enough to use it all year round or even for a 12 week plan.

  225. Jonesy

    Not as fast as creatine to speed up recovery but it does give nice gains in mass and strength so of course 5 star

  226. Quinny

    Very satisfied with my order.

  227. Reece


  228. Martin

    It’s a very good product

  229. Curtis

    High quality noticing a difference after just 1 week

  230. Adam

    Yet to use but arrived very quick.

  231. Phil

    Seems effective.

  232. William W

    Great product I have seen improvement in arms and how much heavier I can go with my weights.

  233. Ashley

    Good product. Not had any problems

  234. Ryan S

    Is helping me to increase my strength and muscle gain

  235. Zoe

    Very fast shipping guys

  236. Conor


  237. Lewis

    Noticed a difference

  238. Chris

    Great for packing on the lean muscle

  239. Owen

    As I’ve only had it two weeks its a bit early to see any real results, but signs look promising.

  240. George

    Amazing stuff

  241. Justin

    Happy is an understatement.

  242. Darius

    Gains baby gains????????????

  243. Ken


  244. Aston

    Rapid service

  245. Cooper

    Can really feel and see the advances over not taking any supplements. To get the most out of the supplement you need to step up your routine

  246. Gary

    only taking one a day with a high protein meal and it’s made a huge difference, feel more connected to my muscles and looking bigger and lifted more after 5 days! not sure if that’s normal but hey

  247. Johnstone


  248. Brandon

    Always a winner, top supplement.

  249. Anthony bates

    Only used for a couple of weeks but I found immediate strength gains and increase in muscle size. Great product.

  250. James

    Works well ????

  251. Jason

    The best i have ever tried

  252. Harry

    Great sarm. Will order again. 100%

  253. Terry

    The product works quicker than I thought. I’m not yet up to a month as recommended. Excellent results.

  254. Abdul

    This product is exactly what you need before a workout

  255. Darren


  256. Adam

    Excellent product would definitely recommend

  257. Sam

    Awesome feel the benifts within days

  258. perry

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Ordered more…..

  259. mitchell

    Very good! Thank you

  260. paul

    Product is brilliant highly recommend this to others

  261. iohn


  262. tom

    3 out of 5 but only been taking it for 2 week

  263. Davis

    After 3 weeks of using this product I saw some definite gains in overall muscle size and definition.will continue to use this excellent product.101% recommend! !!!

  264. Andrew

    This Works

  265. eddie

    Have been using norateen for a while now and can say that it just gives you the pump you crave for and if you hit the gym as you should the results start showing

  266. simon

    Only 2 weeks in but saw strength increase After one

  267. Bernard

    Saw some increase in strength about a week in, so impressed so far but only been taking a few weeks

  268. brad

    Gr8 Product. It’s only been 3 weeks and i can see a big difference in muscle size and strength. Would definitely recommend.

  269. Shane

    Very good, seeing results

  270. Lee


  271. Rick


  272. gavin

    Solid product

  273. Tommy weather

    Amazing carnt wait to get go

  274. Wayne

    Very good product! My strength and size increased within 7 days. Very very good product when taken as part of a balanced diet and good gym program. You get out what you put in!

  275. Mitchell

    Such a great Product, Every time I add this into my daily supplements I set new Personal Bests. I always combine with Explosive Creatine

  276. Jack

    Great for gaining that extra muscle in a short time .

  277. Brendan

    Brilliant product have recommended it to all of my friends and a lot of members who train in my gym and are looking for that extra boost in their workouts

  278. Nathaniel

    amazing product couldnt be happier

  279. Aaron

    Strength gains unbelievable!

  280. Carl

    Has helped me gain strength and size, especially on my arms and chest

  281. Lee

    very happy, would recommend to a mate

  282. Scott R


  283. Mark

    Seems to do what it’s supposed to. No problems taking this

  284. Johnny

    Top Product, Would Buy Again!

  285. danny

    Great product, I feel as though you get get a real pump on!

  286. ben

    Excellent stuff

  287. kelvin

    Powerhouse, love it!!

  288. smithy

    Got stronger since taking it. Will be ordering item again. Great product

  289. paul

    I’m finding immediate gains and strength in the first 3 weeks. I recommend this to anyone.

  290. Abdie

    I had a huge expectation but it works. But not the quickest way I wanted.

  291. Adam

    Great product, giving me much more energy and noticing strength increases after short time of using

  292. Paul B


  293. Branson I

    Have yet to see results, I’m getting bigger so guess it helps?

  294. Steven


  295. Ben

    Overall happy

  296. Jake S

    Effective, overall it does what it says on the tin

  297. Joe


  298. Mqx

    Excellent it works straightaway

  299. Mac

    Great customer service. Look no further ????

  300. Nathan

    Noticed a little increase in strength but not much

  301. jordan

    Great product

  302. Darrion

    It does work. i am visibly big in two weeks. All u need to do is use Heavy weights. cheers

  303. Mide

    Expensive but really good

  304. guy

    Will buy again lifting much heavyer weights

  305. omar

    Definitely assisted with muscle growth , great purchase!!

  306. Dan

    Awesome for training

  307. Davidson

    Energy strength and muscle size improved

  308. Peter

    Energy strength and muscle size improved

  309. Ted

    Serious fu**ing stack

  310. Timmy

    Top notch stack if you’re looking for lean muscle gain!!!

  311. russell

    Started to feel results after 1 week so well worth the money.

  312. Paul F

    Great seen gains in 1 week

  313. Francis

    Good quality

  314. Tom O Donnelly

    Great product! Fast delivery. This what I need

  315. Chris

    best growth product on the market today strength has gone up dramatically

  316. Nicola

    Good growth support and increased lifting power

  317. mark

    Fantastic product, just the best. Watch out Dean, i’m gunning for you 🙂

  318. Sion

    Another stunning product

  319. Craig


  320. Mustafa

    Noticeable gains in a very short time, awesome

  321. katherine

    Again another fantastic product and ordered more hubby loves this

  322. Jamie

    Excellent product,results seen in under a week of taking it.Would highly recommend it.

  323. Jamal

    Strength increased massively. Size not so much but very happy with this product. It would be most effective with the la whey or there creatine.

  324. Laylan

    Will be ordering more. Cheers

  325. Kyle


  326. Mike

    Very happy with my cycle so far. Lean muscle has most defo been built now just time to maintain it! Very humbled from this stack.

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