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What does RAD-140 Do to Your Body?

RAD-140, also known as Testolone or TEST, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that boosts strength, increases muscle mass, and torches body fat.

If you’re looking to get muscular and ripped, this might be the SARM for you.

RAD-140 is safer than anabolic steroids and causes fewer side effects. It increases lean muscle tissue after intense weight training by enhancing testosterone levels and human growth hormone. 

This article will review exactly what you need to know about Testolone RAD-140, how to take SARMs safely, and what taking Testolone-rich SARMs can do to your body.

What is RAD-140?

RAD-140 is a SARM typically used to treat breast cancer and muscle wasting. As well as increasing lean body mass, it enhances natural testosterone production.

Due to its selective attachment to androgen receptors, it is free of anabolic steroid side effects.

SARMs like RAD-140 are sold for research purposes, so if you are considering them for athletic performance, ensure you know how to take liquid SARMs safely.

How Does RAD-140 Work?

RAD-140 works similarly to steroids, with their only (significant) difference being that it selectively targets specific tissues of the human body. It targets androgen receptors dealing exclusively with muscle and bone tissue, promoting their rapid and dramatic enhancement. It’s also a medically designed supplement that replaces testosterone

As a result, lean muscle mass increases rapidly (while body fat is burned), and bones are effectively strengthened by increasing their density.

As far as fat loss is concerned, Testolone enhances the body’s fat-burning abilities. Because it doesn’t cause the side effects of anabolic steroids, such as prostate, clitoris, and mammary tissue enlargement, it is safe for women. 

RAD-140 is safer than steroids and mimics steroid-like effects like lean muscle mass gain without impairing your health with chemicals or other hormones.

Before taking it, you need to know how to take SARMs safely and what they offer. Check out the definitive guide here: RAD-140 Testolone SARM – The Ultimate Guide

As with most SARMs, Post Cycle Therapy or PCT is necessary after the cycle of RAD-140 is complete. PCT helps get your testosterone levels back to normal and everything on track. Once you’ve completed a cycle of RAD-140 and PCT, you can continue bodybuilding for years to come. If you have any underlying health conditions, talk to a doctor before adding any supplements to your routine.

RAD-140: What it Does to Your Body

RAD-140 comes with a ton of incredible benefits for you and your body:

  • Lean muscle mass increases explosively, similar to the effects of steroids without the risks
  • Fat burning that’s more targeted: users can get rid of belly fat or target a specific area for fat loss
  • More robust and durable physical performance
  • An increase in lean muscle mass as well as improved definition
  • Increased and improved vascularity

The remarkable thing about RAD-140 is that within a few weeks of starting the supplement and putting in the work at the gym, you’ll feel a massive increase in your strength, endurance, and even the durability and strength of your bones – directly targeting the negative symptoms of low testosterone.

Like steroids, SARMs can cause explosive muscle gain when you do everything right. But taking the supplement isn’t enough: you have to eat right and hit the gym daily. RAD-140 is one of the best SARMs because it doesn’t cause serious side effects: it’s the perfect supplement or drug for a bodybuilder.

As the cycle progresses, users are likely to experience the following changes or improvements:

1. Increased growth of lean muscle

During gruelling workouts, microscopic tears occur in muscle tissues. Through cytokinesis, muscles require more protein to repair and duplicate themselves. 

As RAD-140 stimulates protein synthesis, this vital macronutrient is produced significantly. The protein generates more cells and tissues to repair tear-related damage by easing recovery. 

As a result, that leads to bigger and better muscle mass gains.

2. Improved energy, strength, and endurance:

This compound improves your body’s metabolism. You will have more energy to perform those rigorous workouts without crashing. Additionally, recovery times are shortened to increase workout quality and volume.

3. Boosts fat burning for a leaner frame

Body recomposition is triggered by RAD-140, which builds muscle and burns fat. Because SARMs have a broad spectrum of effects, they are generally preferred. The body loses excess fat when metabolism increases and muscle growth is stimulated.

4. Keeps muscles from unexpected loss

Keeping muscle gains from unnecessary loss is a challenge. To lose fat, you need testosterone. RAD-140 boosts testosterone production and also shields the muscles from waste products.

RAD-140: Before and After

Most fitness enthusiasts who rely on substances for massive transformations have praised RAD-140. Many enthusiasts claim it’s the perfect balance between bulking and cutting.

The substance adds size without hiding hard-earned mass. It takes little time for the changes to happen, too. With this product, you can achieve almost any fitness goal fast and effectively. 

Users say RAD-140 can also help break plateaus related to muscle building and fat loss. Some people said it was a good substitute for weak testosterone. Most users swear they see incredible rad 140 results in strength and muscle recovery.

By the cycle’s end, you’ll likely have gained 7-11 pounds of fat-free mass. By using RAD-140, you can now get steroid-like effects without using chemicals or hormones.

How to Take Liquid SARMs

Eyedroppers or syringes are most commonly used to take liquid SARMs.

The first step in how to take liquid SARMs safely is to read the label. You can find the mg per ml on your bottle. A bottle of RAD-140, for example, will say ’20mg/ml’. The amount of compound in one ml is 20 mg.

Most droppers measure 1 ml at the top, with 10th-sized divisions. To take 10 mg, fill the dropper halfway to .5.

RAD-140 Dosage

Men should take between 20 and 30 mg of RAD-140 a day for maximum results. As your body gets used to having these chemicals in your system, you should start your cycle slowly at around 20 mg and gradually increase the RAD-140 dosage over several weeks.

During the second and subsequent cycles, you can increase your dosage up to 30 mg per day.

The dosage of SARMs should always be lower for women than for men. We recommend a daily dose of 10 to 15 mg of Testolone.

It is also recommended that women gradually increase their dosage over several weeks to a maximum of 15 mg per day. They can start at 15 mg daily on the second and subsequent cycles.

RAD-140 Stacks

Several supplement stacks include RAD-140. Here are some examples:

Beginner Mass Bulk Stack:

RAD-140 and MK-677 combined are super effective. RAD-140 aids muscle enlargement, whereas MK-677 prevents muscle loss through a firmer grip. 

When combined, these performance-enhancing substances provide numerous benefits. The cycle should continue for eight weeks, with 10mg, 30mg, and 10mg.

People who follow this stacking pattern claim to gain 22 pounds by the end of the cycle.

Enhanced Bulk Muscle Stack:

This combo includes RAD-140, MK-677 and Ligandrol, also known as LGD-4033. 

Ligandrol is generally a fat burner, so putting these together promises increased strength and faster muscle recovery.

This cycle lasts six weeks in total, which is comparatively short. As with RAD-140, Ligandrol is also recommended at 10mg. 

RAD-140 For Bodybuilding and Cutting

A treatment for muscle-wasting diseases, RAD-140 immediately caught the attention of the bodybuilding community in 2010.

Bodybuilders have anecdotally reported that it increases lean muscle mass without the side effects associated with anabolic steroids. It also boosts training energy and endurance.

Fat oxidation is increased by testosterone, making it a powerful fat-loss tool. A bodybuilder taking Testolone to build lean muscle mass will use a slightly lower dose than one for cutting purposes.

For cutting, men should take 20 mg per day, and women should take 7.5 mg per day.

RAD-140 For Women

RAD-140 is safe for women since it doesn’t carry the same risks of developing male sexual characteristics as anabolic steroids. Women should always take a lower dosage of SARMs than men: around 10-15mg per day. After a cycle, women do not need to follow post-cycle therapy (PCT).

Liquid SARMs Side Effects

SARMs in liquid form have the same side effects as other SARMs, varying by compound.

SARMs – including RAD140 – can cause the following side effects in some people:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • aggression
  • hormonal disorder
  • hair loss
  • acne

It’s important to remember though that following proven stacking and cycle protocols, SARMs have much less severe side effects than anabolic steroids.

Scientific findings to date on RAD-140 Testolone show that it does not cause infertility, carcinogenesis or toxicity.

You can avoid/normalise most side effects with a PCT cycle. Chemical products are still under scientific research, and their effects on the human body aren’t fully understood.

Post Cycle Therapy and RAD-140

Cycles should be followed by a 3-week post-therapy cycle (PCT).

Chances are you’ve gained a lot of muscle mass, power, and strength, but RAD-140 may suppress your body’s natural testosterone production. After the cycle, your hormones will be all over the place and require a strict protocol to help get them back to normal. 

That’s where PCT comes in. 

Post-cycle therapy will play a massive role in maintaining the progress you’ve made, whilst avoiding side effects like low mood, lack of libido, decreased muscle mass, and increased body fat by increasing your hormone levels fast.

PCT starts working immediately, so your testosterone level will return to normal quite quickly. It usually takes 2-4 weeks. There are usually no long-term side effects associated with hormone restoration. 

PCT is a direct solution that works. After a cycle of SARMs, it saves you time and ensures you stay healthy. 

Be safe and take your PCT: it’ll help with any side effects from testosterone suppression and the SARMs. Symptoms and side effects of testosterone suppression, like heart attacks, diabetes, low libido, and erectile dysfunction, aren’t good!

Is RAD-140 Safe?

At this point, it is impossible to say whether RAD-140 is safe for long-term use. However, it doesn’t have the side effects associated with anabolic steroids.

When safe dosages (such as those recommended above) are followed, no adverse side effects are reported.

Is RAD-140 Legal?

The sale of RAD-140 is limited to research purposes only. SARMs, including Testolone RAD-140, are not approved as dietary supplements by the FDA.

SARMs are also banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

To be more precise about whether and to what extent the use of RAD-140 is legal, let us clarify a few key points:

RAD-140 is legal everywhere (except Australia) for medical purposes (prescription required) and for research (with appropriate license). As the FDA hasn’t approved, the product always says “Research Chemical.”

The exact effects of testosterone (positive and negative) are still being studied in clinical trials. Legal SARMs are now available from lots of nutritional supplement companies.

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