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(S4) Andarine SARMs Review & Results Guide

(S4) Andarine SARMs Review & Results Guide

One of the most popular and upcoming SARMs you might have seen is the S4, also known as Andarine. Created by GTX, Inc Pharmaceuticals, you might have also seen it listed as GTX-007. If you are looking to speed up fat loss while gaining muscle fast, Andarine could be for you.

Today, we are going to dive into an S4 Andarine SARM’s review and result guide of one of our most popular SARMs supplements. We’ll go over the benefits and side effects and our top tips for taking Andarine.

So, let’s dive in!

What Are S4 Andarine SARMs?

What Are S4 Andarine SARMs

Andarine, a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), was initially developed to treat degenerative musculoskeletal diseases as well as being good for therapeutic applications for the modulation of fertility.

In recent years bodybuilders have realised the potential S4 Andarine has for weight loss. As a result, it has increased in demand due to its aiding endurance, weight lifting abilities and increased hardcore bone density.

Like other SARMs, Andarine is for oral administration and works by causing a strong anabolic effect in the body. This, in turn, encourage lean muscle growth and strength gains. This is different to steroids as it spares the androgenic effects that sometimes lead to prostate problems.

If you are prepping for a show or want to show your body on the beach, Andarine can help you achieve your desired goals. We have already done an in-depth review of steroids Vs SARMs, which shows that SARMs like S4 are a better alternative to steroids for rapid muscle growth.

Benefits & Side Effects Of S4 Andarine SARMs

Like anything, even though S4 Andarine has many positives, it has some side effects we must make you aware of. 

Andarine has gone through a lot of research, and from that, we will touch on two main side effects in this review.

First, we will say and always highlight to our customers that SARMS can affect your hormones, so please consider this when taking the supplement. Most side effects from SARMs can also be minimised if you reduce the dosage or the time you take it for.


Benefits Of S4 Andarine SARMs

Build Lean Muscle

One of the most obvious and popular side effects of Andarine is the increased rate of muscle growth. Not only does it increase the rate at with your muscles grow, but it does so in a short period of time. Most people notice a difference soon after their first dose of S4 Andarine.

It is widely agreed in the bodybuilder community that S4 is one of the most powerful and effective supplements for muscle building. It also improves overall fitness and strength.

Additionally, it makes muscles appear drier. What we mean by that is they can appear more vascular by showing veins more. Giving that desired long-lasting ripped body look.

Accelerate Body Fat Loss

If you are a bodybuilder or a pro athlete, you will know the importance of having low body fat. Andarine is a great drug for bodybuilding.

What is great about the SARM – S4 Andarine, is its ability to speed up fat loss while also keeping muscle gains with a maintenance calorie diet. So even if you are on a calorie surplus, you can lose fat on an Andarine cycle. Pretty epic, right?

It is known that people lose around 4-5% of body fat in an S4 cycle. This is all depending on how much you train and if you stick to your diet or not. Most people find it a great SARMs to take during a cut to maintain lean muscle mass.

Improves Recovery Time

Often forgotten, recovery time is super important when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness in general. If you think about it, you need to allow your body to recover between workouts to build a lot of muscle.

That is where Andarine S4 comes in. It has an excellent reputation for helping improve the recovery time of your muscles significantly. This allows you to get back into the gym quicker as your muscles won’t need as much rest.

Andarine gives you the ability to exercise more, train harder, and ultimately lose weight quicker and gain muscle faster.

Stronger Body Composition

If you are looking to get that pumped bodybuilder body look with a more defined body composition, then SARMs are going to help.

Andarine keeps your body looking extra cut and slender since it helps to decrease body fat and increase your muscle. People who tend to hold a lot more fat than others and can’t see the gains really notice a difference when taking Andarine (S4). 

Side Effects

Side Effects Of S4 Andarine SARMs

We want to remind you that, like everything, it can have negative side effects. However, that being said, it does not mean they will affect you; it is just good to be aware of everything going into taking a cycle of SARMs.

Most commonly, side effects of SARMs happen because of incorrect dosages or being taken for too long. So please stick to the provided treatment cycle and dosages to avoid any negative side effects.


So, you might be aware that, like every other SARM, Andarine suppresses the natural production of Testosterone. Please note that it suppresses. It does not in any way shut it down.

Testosterone and DHT are endogenous androgens. They are produced in the body that essentially help fuel basic functions in men. When S4 Andarine is taken it suppresses the natural amount of these hormones in the body.

However, once your cycle has ended, your testosterone production levels will return to normal. However, if they are real and high quality like ours here at UKSARMS, it reduces how suppressive they can be.

When it comes to taking supplements that build muscle, you need to ensure it actually works. You must look for authentic products in an industry saturated with false information and dodgy products.

Here at UKSARMS, the biggest SARMS distributor in the UK, we can offer authentic and pure products. We have purity certificates that prove our products are effective and healthy.

Also to note it is lot less suppressive on your testosterone levels than anabolic steroids. If you stick to your treatment cycle for the time frame advised, then you won’t notice the effects of the suppression.

Impaired Vision

Don’t be scared by this side effect, as it does not last and is only reported to happen in some cases.

Andarine has been reported to make some people’s vision a bit more sensitive when taking the supplement. Most commonly, taking a longer time for the eye to get used to either dark or bright light.

If it occurs, it is typically in the third week of the Andarine S4 cycle. However, as soon as the cycle is over, it disappears on its own. Therefore, it won’t cause any permanent damage to your vision.

Again, it is so important to keep to your recommended dosage and treatment cycle to avoid any further complications. This side effect won’t cause you an issue if you are safe with your administration and follow the instructions provided.

What To Expect As A Result Of S4 Andarine

What To Expect As A Result Of S4 Andarine

Now you know all of the ins and outs of what S4 Andarine is, what results can you expect? We want to preface that it really depends on the dosage you take, your diet, how much you train and your starting point. If you are starting in a pretty lean state, then your result might be better than someone starting with a higher body fat percentage.

That being said, results are results, no matter what they look like. First-time users tend to get the best result when their body fat percentage is 12% or less. Those with a higher body fat percentage of over 15% won’t see as drastic results when taking Andarine S4.

Andarine is best for those who are in the cutting stage and for body recomposition. SARMs help muscle gain and preserve muscle. Where some SARM help when bulking, Andarine S4 aids weight loss, which is why it is perfect for those who are competing in competitions.

We recommend a daily dose of 25-50mg. 25mg doses per day for new users and 50mg for more experienced users. This has proven to be the best dosage for the best results.

Please remember if you are taking 50mg a day, split it into two 35mg doses. This is because S4 has a half-life time of 6-8 hours.

Usually, SARMs do not require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) if the correct cycle length and dosage are taken. However, we would advise getting a PCT to help the body to recover naturally and ensure there are no lasting side effects.

A final point to make is that you will only see the best results if you also put in the hard work and eat a maintenance calorie diet. Recreational users report that they didn’t see results until their third week, so you need to ensure you are consistent.

From then on out, you will start to see muscle fill out, veins will become more prominent, and your body fat percentage will fall. We recommend a course anywhere between 6-10 weeks, depending on your starting point.

S4 Andarine- Before and After Results

Now for the best part. Seeing it actually work in action. By now, you are probably thinking it is too good to be true and that surely a cycle S4 can’t be that good in producing mass muscle growth and weight loss.

Let’s review some before and after pictures to show you some of the amazing benefits of S4 Andarine.

Result 1

S4 Andarine Before and After Results

The first example we have is showing you a user over an 8-week period with a treatment cycle (PCT) that happened afterwards/ using the SARMs supplement of S4 Andarine. This user used 25mgs per day for eight weeks of S4.

I’m sure you can agree there is a noticeable change in his body composition with evident fat loss and muscle growth. It shows an attainable transformation that most people could attain with one cycle of Andarine S4.

A maintenance calorie diet and intense training plan helped this user to improve his overall body composition, increases lean body mass and got him to a physique he was happy with.

This kind of result is not unattainable and something that is achievable with a course of pure S4 Andarine. Let’s take a look at result number 2.

Result 2

S4 Andarine Before and After Results 2

Result 2 shows a significant change in the user’s body from the S4 SARMs supplement. The most noticeable difference is the amount of body fat the user has lost. Not only that, there is an increase in muscle mass.

Unlike result number 1, the user started off with more body fat and less muscle. Therefore, I think the amount of fat loss and increased lean body mass that has happened with just one cycle of Andarine S4 is remarkable.

You can’t see the legs too well in the pictures above, but the glutes and quad gains are pretty significant. As well as the growth in chest and shoulder muscles. Overall, we think you would agree it was a great first cycle of S4.

This was a 6-week course followed by PCT to ensure his hormones were back to normal levels and had no lasting side effects. Pretty incredible, right!

Conclusion On (S4) Andarine SARMs

S4 Andarine SARMs

It is clear to see that S4 Andarine is an excellent SARMs supplement. The benefits are second to none with its fat loss power and muscle-gaining capabilities.

S4 Andarine is an excellent supplement for those wanting to lean out, look ripped and not compromise any recovery time doing so. If administrated correctly and taken for the desired length with the correct dosage, you will reap the benefits of the SARMs with little to no side effects.

Please see our main shopping page if you are interested in what other kinds of SARMs are available here at UKSARMs,.

If you have any questions about S4 or SARMs, then contact us; we will be happy to help.

See out S4 Andarine here and enjoy! We hope it works for you and gets you shredded!


Q: How long does it take for S4 to kick in?

A: This depends on person to person. Most people find that their notice a difference, specifically in their endurance and strength, with only 2 weeks. Whereas, to see a physical difference in the body’s composition, others have said it can take 3 plus weeks to notice.

It depends on your body composition and fitness levels going into your cycle. This will determine how fast you start to see and notice changes in your training. However, it has been reported that you will get muscle pumps that can last all day long.

Q: Does S4 build muscle?

A: One of the most popular effects of Andarine S4 is its immense ability to build muscle. Not only build muscle but increase strength and endurance. So, yes, S4 does build muscle and is known in the bodybuilding community as one of the most effective SARMs for building muscle.

Q: What should I stack with S4

A: S4 is a really popular SARM that is stacked with other supplements. Combined, it can help you to achieve the results you desire. Some popular options are:

  • Andarine S4 with Ostarine MK2866– Together, they help increase endurance, power, muscle mass and stamina.
  • Andarine S4 with Cadarine Probably the most popular and powerful combination that will help you to burn fat and build muscle. Advised to take 6 weeks apart.
  • Andarine S4 with S23 If you want differing effects, this combination can help decrease some of the side effects.

Our extreme enhanced lean muscle stack is the perfect combination for leaning out.

Q: How much S4 should I take a day?

We always say never to go higher than 50mg a day. Please do not take S4 for any longer than 8-10 weeks. Complete your cycle as recommended at the dosage recommended.

Side effects of SARMs only occur when the user is incorrectly administrating the supplement or extending the course beyond the recommended length. It is super risky to go over the daily dosage, and you will only hinder your performance and progress in the long run.

Q: Can S4 cause hair loss?

A: As S4 is a suppressive supplement, it is commonly misunderstood that it causes hair loss. There have only been a few people reporting that they have experienced hair loss by taking S4.

If the correct dosage has been taken in the recommended cycle length, then it should not cause any hair loss whatsoever. So, don’t risk taking it any longer in case you experience hair loss. However, it has not been directly linked to being a cause of hair loss.