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How to Stack Supplements Effectively: Our Expert Advice

If you’ve just gotten into supplements or SARMs, you might be wondering what stacking is, and how to do it. It’s definitely true that stacking is a way to get more out of supplements or SARMs: many users feel as if the supplements they take are enhanced when taken with other specific supplements at the same time: though it all depends on the combinations and mixes that are used. When trying to stack supplements, the specifics are important.

Additionally, while stacking is very effective at building muscle, burning body fat, building strong bones, and assisting in creating muscle definition in your body, there are definite risks with it as well.

This article aims to teach you both about how to stack effectively, and the benefits of doing so, while also showing you which pitfalls to avoid so you can stack safely and successfully. Let’s dive right in with defining stacking and go from there.

What is Stacking or Stacking SARMs?

The easiest way to define stacking or stacking SARMs is the following: using important supplements with one another that assist in different ways that help you get to your overall goal. If that’s building 10 lbs of lean muscle in your body, great. Do you want a greater overall muscular definition on your body? Also fine. Do you want to burn fat and go down by a certain amount or a certain percentage? Also fine, of course.

Coincidentally, all of these goals would have different stacks and different ways of reaching the goal. Stacking supplements, however, would be an effective way to reach all of these — and other — goals, provided that you stack carefully and in the correct way.

What is that and how does that work? Let’s dive into what you should be taking, what you shouldn’t, and how much.

Stacking SARMs, the Basics: What to Take?

You’re going to want to research the best supplements for whatever your specific task is first. But before you do even that, make sure that you’re taking basic supplements all the time. These are things like multivitamins, proteins, and omega-3s, among some others. When you stack supplements, these are important.

Taking these has benefits year-round, and unlike the strength of SARMs, which are technically artificial, most of these supplements are natural and it won’t hurt to take them regularly.


They will assist in the health and building of your body, so you only gain benefits from taking them instead of any potential drawbacks. This will prepare your body for the real stacking that you do in short periods of time — usually in eight to twelve week spans when on a SARMs cycle.


So you’re ready to stack now. You want to gain muscle, burn fat — how do you do it? Besides regular diet and exercise, once you’ve gotten a good idea of what supplements you should purchase, you should try and get some! Make certain that the stacks and combinations include the specific supplements or SARMs you were looking to consume.


For an easy example, say you were looking into bulking using SARMs. You heard that using RAD-140 and MK-677 provide really great bulking benefits. People put on solid weight while on these SARM cycles, and the muscle really shows well on their frame, so you want to take it too.


The easiest thing to do would be buy a SARM stack package like this. It provides you with everything you need and will make sure that you’re able to build muscle effectively. You’ll notice big gains and huge improvements in short periods of time if you take a great, safe stack like this.


What if you wanted to do something else, though? What if you wanted a stack that provided greater benefits, or you wanted to do a mix of some of the previous goals we mentioned? There are solutions for that as well, of course.

Stacking SARMs, Advanced: Bigger Stacks

Not every SARMs stack only contains two different supplements or chemicals. Some of the more advanced stacks, or the combinations designed to provide larger overall benefits, include many different supplements. If your goals are more free-form or you’re not certain what you’re looking for, these stacks may be more your speed.


A good example would be this stack package right here, named ‘lean athletic’. Not only does it help you build and bulk muscle, but it also assists in the burning of fat.  That way, if you were looking to do both, that stack would assist you there.

There are tons of different stacks and combinations to look into. It’s really all about learning which supplements go well with one another and assist each other in helping you get to the goals you want to reach.


That’s why it’s crucial that you do good research in terms of looking into what chemicals and supplements react with one another and how.

You won’t be able to learn every single combination, of course, but just some moderate time spent researching will let you know far more about what supplements you should be looking at, and for what reason.

It’s a huge industry: there’s tons of products and companies all competing for your business. You’ll find that as you look more into the industry, you’ll find the companies that stand out and the ones that don’t: usually the reason being the purity and strength of the supplements, among a few other things. These are all important things to learn when trying to stack supplements.


Stacking is interesting and can provide a wide variety of health and athletic benefits. But what about the risks and downsides of stacking? Let’s look into those and see what those are, and how to avoid them and minimize them, if possible.

The Risks and Downsides of Stacking

The first piece of good news we have for you here is that most of the risks and downsides of stacking come from user error. Much like regular SARM use without stacking, you really need to keep in mind that these are some seriously strong chemicals and supplements. They work due to their strength.

You cannot overdose them, you need to monitor your dosage specifically and carefully. Not only do you need to do that, you need to watch how long you are on them.


If you aren’t certain how to cycle SARMs, we can help you learn that, but until you know how to cycle SARMs you definitely should not be stacking them. That’s like pouring gasoline on the fire.


Most of the side-effects and risks of stacking SARMs are exacerbated versions of misuse of a single SARM or multiple SARMS. SARMs have proven side effects, but we won’t get too far into detail into that — the information is online if you search for it.


Let’s instead dive straight into detail about what you need to do to stack SARMs safely.

Learn What Supplements Go Together

The reason why we keep stressing this, even though this is the third or fourth time we’re stating it, is that this is important. SARMs and other supplements are strong and they introduce chemicals and hormones into the body: making the body produce more testosterone, among other different effects of the drug.

These are normal and what the drug is intended to do, but that doesn’t mean you can just down forty different supplements together at the same time.


In fact, taking SARMs randomly together without knowing what they are is extremely dangerous, of course, and should be avoided at all times. Please do the proper research and figure out what works well for you before you begin taking and stacking SARMs, or when trying to stack supplements of any kind.


For example, if you want to burn fat and build muscle, look into SARMs that do those well together. Maybe there are two separate SARMs or other supplements that really do each effectively, but they have bad side effects when taken together.


The obvious solution? Don’t take them together. Do the proper research and understand how you are stacking supplements together before you take that plunge.

Monitor Your Dosage

Another piece of advice that needs to be repeated is the fact that you need to monitor your dosage. This is another extremely important bit that cannot be missed or understated: monitor your dosage.

If you under-dose yourself, for example, you’ll be both wasting your SARMs and not getting any kind of real benefit out of the supplement. You won’t be getting the advertised gains because you’re not taking the supplement as it was meant to be taken.

Make sure you take the recommended dosage for your body. Now, often this can vary slightly depending on your build and size, but most people will fall between very tight estimates: if you’re ten pounds heavier than the next guy, that doesn’t mean you should take double, and someone who is half your size and weight shouldn’t necessarily be taking half or even less.

Most SARMs operate on a 10-30 daily/mg dosage, for reference. Some people split these up into two different daily dosages, twelve hours apart, and most agree this is even more effective, but to be safe if you just manage to take your daily 15 MG you should be fine. Don’t go under, don’t go over. Just take the normal dosage.

Monitor Your Cycle Times

You also need to be careful to monitor your cycle times. That means that you need to know when you take the SARM, and then when you stop taking it. For larger stacks and strong dosages and SARMs, it’s recommended that you’re careful with your recovery times. Often, you will wait between 4-8 weeks for your body to level out again before you start using SARMs yet again.

This is for your own safety and so that health problems don’t develop. While SARMs are generally safe to use and don’t pose too many long-term health risks, this is said with the idea in mind that the user of the supplement is taking them properly. Keep this in when trying to stack supplements or SARMs.

When you have a SARM with a cycle that takes 8-12 weeks, for example, with a 4-8 week resting period to follow it, you need to follow that advice. You need to keep track of when you started the cycle and make certain you don’t end it too late or forget to take your rest period.


All of these times have been studied and are provided with certain frames in mind: e.g., how long it takes the testosterone in your system to level out to stable, healthy amounts again. Taking SARMs too fast, ignoring the resting section of the cycle, or messing with your cycle in some other way is bound to have negative side effects, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

The Overall Effectiveness of SARM Stacking

If you don’t know much about SARMs or what they are and you’re just starting out the learning process, or even if you’ve taken normal SARMs before but have never taken a stack, you may be curious about the efficiency difference and just how big of a difference stacking makes.


To start with, stacking provides all of the benefits that all of the SARMs in the mix or combination would, but enhanced, since they’re assisting one another. This has echoing results and implications, because it may make your goal easier in ways that you’re not anticipating.


If you were taking a stack to burn fat and build muscle, you might find performance in the gym easier not only because your muscles were growing, but because you were burning through body fat and had less dead weight holding your body back than you did before. This is an important element to remember when trying to stack supplements.


Some of these effects aren’t as easy to measure as others, but just in general, stacking SARMs together, provided it is done properly, is far more effective than just taking singular SARMs alone and trying to get benefits out of them.

Some Examples of Effective SARM Stacks and Combinations to Use

We’re now going to list some great stacks and combinations to use for some common goals. These include things like building muscle, burning fat, building a lean muscular body, bulking hardcore, and various other purposes.

These stacks are intended to give you good options for reaching your goal, while showing you some of the more popular SARMs that go together to give you a better idea of what you should stack when you do a SARM cycle. Pay attention to the specific chemicals and products used in each combination.

Stacks to Burn Fat

There are several different popular combinations that result in a lot of fat being burned. Some of the most popular are beginning stacks like beginner’s fat burning stack here – notice how only two different SARMs are used. The two supplements in this combination are Cardarine and Ostarine — also known as MK-2866 and GW-501516. These work particularly well together when it comes to burning fat and assisting in the building of muscle, though the main benefit is the fat burning.


Another similar combination, though a bit more advanced, is this intermediate stack right here. This also includes Cardarine, but instead of Ostarine, there is Stenabolic in this stack. Similar to the beginner stack, this can be used to burn fat effectively.

Stacks to Build Muscle

The next stack that’s worth mentioning is a bulking/muscle building stack, designed to help you put on healthy weight in the form of muscle onto your body. This stack contains two main SARMs: Ibutamoren and Testolone, under the chemical names of MK-677 and RAD-140.


This supplement will make it much easier, you’ll find, to stack muscle: and stack it effectively. Most people that take combinations like this find it simple enough to gain at least a good ten pounds of lean muscle in as short of a time as eight to twelve weeks.


Take this kind of stack, or these combination of supplements, if you’re looking to build raw muscle without much else in the way of results, in terms of focus and being specific.

General Lean Muscle Stack


While the previous stack was more focused on gaining and building muscle without caring as much about the level of bulk, this is a lean muscle or lean bulk stack: designed more for athleticism rather than raw body-building. As you might imagine, both the components as well as the results are a little bit different.

This stack contains Ligandrol and Stenabolic — under LGD-4033 and SR-9009, respectively. Once again, this stack has a specific function, allowing you to gain lean muscle without bulking too much. Flexibility and speed are a bit more important in this stack than just building raw weight and muscle.

Whether for personal performance in your day-to-day life or for cosmetic reasons, having ‘the most muscle’ isn’t always necessarily the best. Definition can be considered very important, and this stack helps in that way quite a bit.

More Hardcore Bulking Stack

Finally, this last stack is for really hardcore muscle bulking. We’re talking putting on as much muscle as possible, in as little time as possible. This can be done, and you can experience really great results when you use these kinds of supplements and stacks.

Four SARMs combined in total are used in this advanced stack, and they’re all great for bulking and work well together. You’ll find PUMP, Ligandrol, Testolone, and Ibutamoren on here. The combination of all of these SARMs together can really help you bulk up.

Don’t hesitate to try it out if you’re looking to stack as much muscle as possible.

SARM Stacking and Combining: Endgame

We’ve covered the most important parts of stacking and combining SARMs in this article. If you want to learn more, you can read more articles and interesting information about SARMs here.

Additionally, if you wanted to get more information from us in general, place an order, had any other specific questions or just had a general inquiry, our contact page here should serve as a decent place to get into contact with us.

Finally, if you want to view more of our products, see what we have available, or just try some of our products out, you can order anything on our site or view our entire listing of all SARMS products here.

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