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Best Exercises for Lean Muscle Growth

The Very Best Exercises for the Promotion of Lean Muscle Growth

When you’re trying to get ripped, while taking supplements and eating right is integral, so is exercising in the right way as well. If you exercise incorrectly, with bad form, or if you lift weights without a spotter, there’s a definite chance of injury. And if you get injured, it’ll be a lot harder and take a lot longer for you to get ripped.

Another issue that you might be facing is you’re not sure which exercises are best, which are safest, and which are most conducive to helping you produce the kind of body that you’re looking to have. We can help with that, though: we’ll give you not just the best exercises to perform, but more info about them: including how to do them and why they’re so helpful.

So let’s skip the delays and the setbacks and figure out which are the best exercises to build lean muscle growth: and which are most key and should be focused on more than any other.

Barbell Curls

musle building with sarms

One of the best exercises for lean muscle growth would be barbell curls. They’re simple to do, they’re effective, and they exercise some really important muscles while you’re doing it. A barbell curl affects your biceps the most before anything else, but it can also put some extra meat on your forearms and your shoulders, if to a lesser degree. It’s a very effective exercise.

To do a barbell curl right, you need to bring the bar up and curl it while still keeping it outwards at least a little. Your elbows are involved. You need to make sure that you’re taxing that bicep: if you bring the bar up straight, you’re doing it wrong. That’s the ‘easy’ way to do it, and it’s incorrect form. Keep the car up and curl it in a smooth motion.

Finally, release it nice and slow. It’s harder to do it that way, of course, but just remember that you’re taxing – and training – the muscles even more when you do it that way. A barbell curl is one of the best exercises for lean muscle growth.

Body Weight Exercises (High Reps)

Body Weight Exercise

There of course has been a ton of science and time devoted to unlocking the secrets of the human body, which includes how it works. One thing that science has revealed about strength training and getting ripped or jacked is that it’s not just about high weight: it’s also about the number of reps that you can perform. It’s why bodyweight exercises are some of the best exercises for lean muscle growth.

They can be performed just about anywhere, require no equipment, and most people already know how to do a lot of them, if not most of them. Specifically, you’d want to target the exercises that hit the muscle groups the best.

The most well-known would be the pushup, of course, but things like lunges, squats, burpees, and planks are a few others. Some other ones, such as pull-ups/chin-ups, only really require one piece of equipment, the bar.

Body weight exercises are often low-stress and high rep, so these can be great for building lean muscle growth and are an awesome choice if you’re starting out or want a gym alternative when it comes to exercises you can perform.

The Deadlift

The Deadlift

Deadlifting is one of the most well-known exercises period, not just in weight lifting. It’s about being able to lift something heavy from the ground and then put it right back down: it’s the core of what weight lifting is. With proper form and weight, the deadlift is one of the best exercises for lean muscle growth. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who perform deadlifts the wrong way. Be careful and check your form: or, even better, let someone knowledgeable and experienced watch your deadlift. If your form is imperfect, they’ll be able to point out what’s going wrong.

Deadlifts are great for building lean muscle mass because they hit practically the whole body at once and can be performed at a lot of different weights, really whatever weight that works best for you or whichever you prefer.

Consider adding deadlifts to your routine if you don’t already do them, though many do. And make sure to double-check for your form: it’s not just losing the gains you’re facing, but injury if something goes wrong, so be careful.



Squats are an absolute monster of an exercise: they can service almost your entire bottom half in terms of exercising and engaging all of those different muscles. Squats can be intense, especially with heavy weight, so safety and having a spotter is definitely encouraged.

Squats are pretty simple to perform, and it’s likely that you already know the correct form to do from school. If you don’t, then make sure to avoid common squat mistakes: spread apart wide, lower yourself, tighten your core, and make sure your back is straight. 

Squats are about forcing the muscles in your lower body to do the work of lifting the weight: instead of making your upper body, normally the labourer in that situation, do it. 

The benefits that squats can give you are multiple: besides building an awesome amount of lean muscle, squats are just generally good for your health and have other benefits. On top of that, things like squats – and deadlifts – are helpful in day-to-day life, because doing things moving heavy objects will be far easier with your strength and experience. 

Definitely consider adding squats to your list of exercises if you haven’t done so already. They’re one of the best exercises for lean muscle growth.



Lunges are another great example of an exercise that’s really good for your legs. Lunges are also great in another way: as an alternative to squats. Lunges are far less stressful on the knees, but still offer a great way to train and push your legs to their absolute limit.

When you do a lunge, make sure that you go deep: don’t focus completely on moving forward, but make sure that you also move downwards as well. The best lunge is one that has your knee extended, at a ninety-degree angle, while you dip and drop deep and low.

The reason why this is so effective – and why it feels intense when you do it properly – is how much you’re working on your legs while doing this. You’re not just training and taxing the muscles: you’re stretching them out and making them bear and hold the weight. You’ll be sore, especially if you’re inexperienced.

Just make sure you have proper form, even if you have to start slow. It’s much more important to build up your muscles slowly and do the correct exercises than get an injury because you messed up.


PCT for weight lifting

Another great exercise for lean muscle growth is chest-presses. Chest-presses hit your pecs, your delts, and your triceps. This is a classic great upper body workout to really give you definition and growth in the areas you care about most. Do enough chest presses, and you’ll have big arms, a big chest, and some pretty serious shoulders.

Chest-presses are so good because they hit so much of your upper body at the same time. It’s just a really efficient exercise. If you’re pressed for time or you’re trying to decide which upper body exercises to cut out and which to leave in, chest presses should definitely get consideration.

Though chest-presses are a simple movement – moving the dumbbells or the bar straight up and down, in a smooth motion, on an inhale and exhale – they activate so many parts of your upper body and will help develop and build muscle tissue in all of those areas.

The form is easy to learn, too, if you don’t know it. Give chest presses a shot if you’re trying to figure out the best exercises for lean muscle growth.



Though this last entry may surprise you, Yoga can be an extremely intense workout and there are definitely benefits to your muscles that come from yoga. That’s of course far from the only benefit, but one of the real reasons that yoga is great for lean muscle growth is that it’s effective, and it’s also good for the joints of the body, which is one thing that strength training doesn’t always line up with.

Yoga is an amazing option for lean muscle growth if you like a workout that’s more suited to flexibility and strength rather than just raw bulked mass or brute strength. Yoga can help you craft a body that’s not just strong, but quicker and more effective at bouncing back from injury, better at day-to-day tasks, superior at handling stress, and practically designed to give you a better body for a whole list of tasks.

You don’t have to do or try yoga if you don’t want to, of course, but just know that despite people’s sometimes mixed feelings about yoga, it’s a legitimate option in terms of a great exercise or strategy to improve your lean muscle growth. The most important part is that you’re increasing your strength and getting the kind of growth you want, even if it’s with an exercise that you were unfamiliar with until now.

Ultimately, if you pick some of the exercises on this list (and a few others), you’ll find that as long as you put in the effort and have a clean diet, you’ll be able to pack on those muscles just fine. It might take time, and it might take effort, but it will definitely happen. 

Beyond the Exercise

We hope you’ll find your groove with many of these classic muscle-encashing sets to work into your regular workout routine – they really are game-changers when it comes to piling on the right kind of muscle mass.

If you’re keen to supplement your healthy lifestyle and go the extra mile with considering SARMs under medical supervision, we sell a range of SARMs which can help build lean muscle fast and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better range of high-quality products anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Please ask us questions if you need any help or need some answers with excise routines or anything to do with SARMs, that’s what we’re here for!

Happy bulking!