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The Complete Guide to Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post Cycle Therapy in 2022 – A Complete Guide

Post Cycle Therapy is a technique used when using supplements like SARMs in order to make sure the way that the body produces hormones is done correctly. With supplements like SARMs, due to the strength of the drug, it’s possible that your ability to produce testosterone, for example, is suppressed or diminished. In the long-term, this can be really bad for the health of your body.

That’s why it’s important to do PCT whenever you do a cycle of a SARM. PCT enables your body to bounce back from the way that its hormones are controlled into a far better state after the cycle of SARMs is done. This is one way that you can turn the effect of SARMs into something that’s far more lasting.

What is PCT, though, in depth? And how does it work for those who practice it in 2022? Can you do it incorrectly, and what proper rules and procedures should we follow when trying to do PCT? Let’s dive straight in.

PCT for weight lifting

Post Cycle Therapy – The Basics: What is Post Cycle Therapy?

So we know that SARMs and supplements similar to them, like steroids, have the potential of causing hormone-related issues in the body. That’s because the supplements themselves interfere in the way that hormones are processed in the body and try to levy that to provide extra muscle growth and increased strength, among other benefits.

Once you’re off your SARMs cycle and you’re looking to begin PCT, make sure you understand your dosage and how long you need to do PCT for. For many different SARMs, the length time and the dosage is different. One SARM cycle may have you doing PCT for only four weeks on a low dosage. But another SARM, what may seem almost identical or exactly the same could take twice as long at an eight week cycle.

Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the supplements or the PCT supplements. They dictate how you should use PCT and following the process along should make it much easier to try and feel satisfied with your usage of both SARMs and PCT.

What Types of Post Cycle Therapy Are Available?

As one might imagine, different drugs and supplements are available in the world of SARMs and PCT, and it all depends on what kind of supplements you were taking. Different PCT supplements and drugs have different strengths and different purposes within your body. That’s why it’s important to see what PCT is generally offered or recommended for each SARM cycle: the point of the PCT is to reset the hormone production in your body and naturalize it again.

Take, for example, Clomid PCT, also known as Clomiphene. Clomiphene is used to regulate estrogen in the body. Clomiphene is one of the strongest PCT supplements in the industry, and because of its strength, you don’t want to use it for too long: maybe two to four weeks at most, following the SARM cycle, of course.

Other PCT drugs are of varying different levels of strength. You wouldn’t use as much Clomiphene as you would, say, Nolvadex PCT, because Nolvadex is a weaker drug than Clomiphene and it doesn’t blast your system quite as heavily. If you were to take too much of either drug, there’s a chance you could permanently damage your hormone production. You have to be careful with how much of these supplements you take. Always follow the prescribed dosages included with these products.

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What Do I Do During Post Cycle Therapy?

Though people may offer different supplements or SARMs depending on what you’re trying to do, a few important tips and behaviours during PCT can make all the difference to be certain that the supplement is working as best as it possibly can on your body.

These could technically be considered part of the treatment, if only because they generally have a positive effect on your body.

Rest and Nutrition Are Important

As you might imagine, it’s very important to get the proper rest and nutrition while you’re in the middle of post cycle therapy. You don’t want to overtax your body or put it in a state where it can’t recover correctly because you’ve stressed it too much.

This is a very important aspect of your PCT: don’t ignore proper rest and recovery with correct nutrition. This is important to keep your long-term gains, as well, which is what you’re doing all of this for.

Continue Exercising

Keeping those long-term gains also includes making certain that you continue to exercise and make sure that your body is being properly taken care of. Exercise is part of remaining healthy and you need to feed your muscles and your body with the kind of action that they need. Don’t get complacent, even if you just completed a killer SARMs cycle.

It’s a very important balance between rest and relaxation and working your body. Don’t ignore either side.

Don’t Start SARMs Cycling Again

This should go without saying — though some people will do it anyway — but don’t start cycling SARMs again until your PCT is completely finished. You’re trying to reset the hormones in your body due to side effects like testosterone suppression from SARMs.

By starting another SARMs cycle again, you’re making it impossible for the body to properly reset the way the hormones are processed, which will just cause more issues. Wait until your PCT is done completely, and probably a bit longer, before you start cycling SARMs again.

Why Do I Need PCT? What Can Happen If I Don’t Do My PCT?

Post Cycle Therapy is necessary after taking a supplement like SARMs or a drug like steroids because these supplements and drugs have the ability to mess with the parts of your body that produce hormones. The science is obviously complex, but to keep it simple, by interfering with the hormone process, sometimes problems pop up because what’s being done is kind of like meddling with the body.

PCT corrects the way that your body produces hormones and tries to stop the suppression, usually to great effect. This way, you can get the effects and the long-term gains that something like SARMs can offer you, while reducing any long-term risks or side effects by using the PCT.

If you don’t do PCT, there’s a chance that you could harm your body or deal with a more long-term version of testosterone suppression. Either way, it’s not a good idea, and we don’t recommend it at UK SARMs. You want to be sure to flush your body completely between each SARMs cycle.

That’s how you can get the best possible outcome from these kinds of supplements.

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Side Effects of PCT and What to Expect While On It

Even though it’s designed to help you deal with the aftereffects of another drug entirely, some side effects of PCT have been reported and it’s important that we go over those. Not every side effect is bad or terrifying, but some are important for you to know — especially for those that may have conflicting medical conditions or other issues.

Most negative side effects are temporary. Some of the major issues that you could face while on PCT include things like general fatigue, soreness and tiredness in your pecs, low libido, and brain fog. These are some of the biggest side effects that PCT has to offer, and these usually last a few weeks at most.

Reviewing Some PCT Supplements In Depth

Depending on which SARMs that you have taken, you’ll want to take a different course of PCT to deal with some of the after-effects that SARMs can have. At UK SARMs, we offer several different high quality PCT supplement products, and you may find yourself using one of them if you do a cycle of SARMs. But which to use, and when, and for what?

Extreme Labs – PCT

This is one of the better courses of PCT available for an individual and is used to treat after-effects from many different popular SARMs. Some of the SARMs that this PCT is used in conjunction with include SARMs like RAD-140, LGD-4033, MK-2866, S4, YK-11, and various other SARMs. Many of these SARMs are extremely popular and are part of big stacks and combinations designed to increase strength, build lean muscle, and build endurance/resist fatigue, among various other positive benefits.

This course of PCT was designed for males above the age of 21. It’s important that you don’t take this course of PCT if you were born female or if you’re below the standardized minimum age.

If you use these types of SARMs and think that you’re going to need a course of PCT, this supplement is best compared to many other different products and companies out there.

PCT products

Extreme Labs – On Cycle Support

Another supplement from Extreme Labs, this PCT is designed to assist you with getting over a SARMs cycle. This PCT in particular is more aimed at general treatment towards hormone issues that come from cycling SARMs and is designed to help detoxify your body and help your liver with processing certain toxins.

On Cycle Support is designed to be taken three times a day, and you’re given a 90 capsule supply per purchase so it’s only really designed to last four weeks. It’s made from a variety of different natural ingredients such as hawthorn berry, saw palmetto, celery seed extract and grape seed extract.

There are also a few other rules to follow while on certain courses of PCT, and this product has a few. For one, you can’t drink any alcohol. Two, it may not clash well with ongoing medications. You’ll definitely want to consult a doctor about using SARMs or for PCT at times anyway, but make certain you have no ongoing medications such as medications to help your liver or kidney, or blood pressure medication.

Extreme Labs - On Cycle Support

Enclomiphene Citrate

This is the last of the kind of PCT courses that we offer at UK SARMs. This supplement, enclomiphene citrate, would be considered a very pure, rarer kind of supplement compared to a few others. The thing that enclomiphene citrate is known for is that it can help to raise your testosterone production without affecting your sperm. In other words, it helps you raise your T without making you infertile or damaging your ability to reproduce in the long-term.

Unfortunately, in this industry, many different companies and individuals are eager to use misinformation or exaggeration. Many companies offer false products or non-genuine versions of whatever it is that they’re selling. While these companies usually eventually go defunct due to their fraud, people are harmed while they’re making money and it’s a difficult situation for everyone involved.

Be careful of who you purchase from for this reason. UK SARMs has legitimate purity certificates and every manufacturer that we order from follows strict guidelines and safety standards. We’re one of the only legitimate buyers that you can trust when it comes to products like enclomiphene citrate and several others.


The Benefits of Restoring Hormone Production with Post Cycle Therapy

SARMs, steroids, prohormones and similar drugs and supplements share an important aspect in that while they help you build muscle quickly and make you strong, they do so by playing with your hormones. PCT is the ‘safe way’ to take SARMs, in other words. It still doesn’t eliminate all risks completely when it comes to taking SARMs and the possible side effects that can come from that, but it’s far better to take PCT cycles for each cycle of SARMs that you take, than not to do that.

Another aspect about PCT that people don’t understand is that pretty much every course of SARMs needs PCT in some way or another. Almost all SARMs are anabolic, and they do have the chance of being able to affect your hormones and your ability to produce testosterone in a healthy manner on your own.

You might consider PCT unimportant or think that it’s unnecessary, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every good SARMs cycle generally needs to be followed by a PCT cycle. Now, there are related supplements to SARMs that are not considered anabolic, and thus, they don’t require PCT to be used.

But these supplements tend to be rare. Generally, if SARMs are being used, PCT will be put to use shortly after to defend against any kind of long-term hormone issues that the user could experience.

Other Popular PCT Supplements

This is the complete guide for PCT, so we want to make sure that we cover all the information that anyone could need when completing a cycle or course or PCT. While the previous options we offered were all backed by purity certificates and had a guarantee, many other supplements and options exist out there, and some of them are quite popular.

While we believe that we have the best products here at UK SARMs, it’s also important to give consumers the information they need to make the best possible product decision. So we’ll review a few more important alternatives when it comes to how you get your course/cycle of PCT in.

Rebirth PCT Supplement

One extremely popular option when it comes to PCT is the Rebirth product line. It’s one of the most popular and effective PCT cycles available on the market and many people use it after their cycles to make sure everything stays balanced correctly.

This is a possible option for you if you don’t want to use any other PCT, but just keep in mind that you carefully check which company is producing and distributing Rebirth. Products get relabelled and repackaged and sold all the time: so it’s important that you keep on top of the game and know who you’re buying from. With UK SARMs, however, you don’t have that risk or that worry due to our purity certificates.

Various PCT Stacks/Combinations

Finally, it’s important that you remember that online, people also sell and offer different PCT stacks and combinations for those who use SARMs. These are like regular PCT cycles, of course, with the only difference being that they contain multiple different PCTs inside them: which is what makes them stacks and combinations, of course.

Many people don’t need to use these products, but depending on your dosage and how hard you’ve been messing with your hormones, you could have your testosterone completely suppressed by the SARMs. In that case, it’s possible that you could need a stronger PCT cycle to make certain everything gets set back to normal.

These stacks and combinations would be helpful in that case.

Please also remember that SARMs pretty much always come with instructions and information in terms of what PCT you should take with them and how long the cycle should be/how big the dosage should be. If you’re not certain, always consult the consumer product information given with your SARMs to know how to combat and deal with any side effects. Following your hormone therapy is very important.

Intermediate Stack – Fat Burner

Using PCT when using UK SARMs Products

Here at UK SARMs we have a wide variety of different SARM products to choose from. Because of this, it’s inevitable that our customers are likely going to need regular PCT in order to remain in balance. We offer several different products for this.

Please keep in mind that you need to use PCT when consuming SARMs/when you’re on a SARMs cycle. It’s one of the most important things to do and can help you avoid long-term health problems in the future, especially if you’re a repeat user of SARMs.

If you’re not sure what SARMs to use, please review our PCT section here. These products generally have a listing of which SARMs they work best with in order to let you know which product to take after what cycle.

Make sure that you have the PCT ready to go, too, of course. It wouldn’t be wise to wait after completing your SARMs cycle to then begin your PCT. Order everything at the same time and then use them in their proper order once you receive your products.

Using SARMs and PCT as a Woman

One last bit of important information we’d like to impart is about the usage of PCT and SARMs with different bodies; namely women.

Most of these drugs and supplements are specifically designed with the male body in mind, because that’s the demographic, and so the science that follows is also male-focused. However, female bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts exist, and it’s important that they have the right information to go off of.

Consider changing your dosage when you take SARMs or PCT as a woman instead of a man. Most experts agree that women need merely half the dosage of these supplements in order to achieve the intended effect versus men.

While the exact reasons behind this aren’t quite as simple as that, the point still stands that you’re at risk of doing harm to yourself if you overdose on SARMs/PCT, so be careful when using these products.

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Buy PCT from UK SARMs Today

We hope that this complete guide answered most of your questions regarding PCT — what it is, how it works, how to do it, where to find it, and more! If you have more specific questions that this gude doesn’t answer, feel free to contact us by using the contact form here.

If you’re curious about SARMs or have never purchased them before, feel free to look into the kinds of products that we have here at UK SARMs – if you specifically want to purchase PCT products, they’re listed here. You can view both singular SARM products as well as stacks and combos on our main product list.

For anything else, please contact us directly or feel free to explore our website and read our other educational resources on topics of SARMs, training, PCT and more on our blog.

Happy bulking!