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Where to Buy SARMs Online?

SARMs can be bought online in a lot of different places. Naturally, given our business model, we encourage you to purchase here from us at UK SARMs. We have fair prices, all kinds of different SARMs, and we also offer purity certificates so you can know what you bought is safe to consume. We’ll help you get […]

How can my SARM products become certified?

It’s likely that in order for your products to become certified, you would need to make sure that they got tested fairly and passed. Any kind of organisation that would certify your product would also care about the safety of the product, and would want to make sure that it was safe. You’ll have to […]

What Athletes Need to Know About Melatonin?

Melatonin is an important hormone to be aware of. It’s a hormone that has to deal with sleep: the lack of sleep, too much sleep, and everything in between. It’s probably an important thing that athletes manage their melatonin: it can affect your sleep which can affect your energy, which could make it a lot […]

Should Athletes Give Consent for Research During Sample Collection?

This is a decision that is ultimately up to the individual person. The World Anti-Doping Agency specifically states that the decision doesn’t affect any kind of current or future test: so submitting your consent for them to use your tests as research doesn’t mean that they’ll decide to pass you instead of failing you. It’s […]

Can you buy SARMs legally?

Yes, in most places, you’re able to purchase SARMs legally! While they’re not marketed as being able to be sold for human consumption, and are instead sold as ‘research chemicals,’ that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase and consume SARMs: you’re just technically not supposed to under the law. Many supplements, however, are not FDA […]

Can you sell products without FDA approval?

You don’t need FDA approval to sell certain kinds of products, supplements being one of them. It all depends on what something is classified as, of course, as well. As long as they can sell something as a supplement, it doesn’t have to be approved for dietary safety, so that makes certain things a little […]

Why are supplements not regulated?

The rules and laws are different everywhere, and it’s never the same! That’s the real answer! While it would be nice to be able to give a more detailed response the question ‘why are supplements not regulated,’ that’s the truth! In some places they have better regulation than they do elsewhere, and then in other […]

Can supplements be sold without FDA approval?

Supplements don’t technically have to be approved for dietary safety before they reach the consumer. Of course, that makes things a little easier when it comes to purchasing supplements. Because they don’t have to be approved for dietary safety, they can be sold without it. You don’t need to have them approved by the FDA […]

How do I know if a supplement is FDA approved?

Checking on whether or not a supplement is FDA approved is extremely simple. All you have to do is use this Drugs @ FDA catalogue to be able to see which drugs are FDA approved or not. Your supplements should be in there too, if they’re approved. If your drug or supplement is not FDA approved, this […]

What does GMP mean on supplements?

It means that the supplements were created with Good Manufacturing Practices. Generally, all that means is that they were following the rules when they were creating the supplements en masse in a lab: from the types of ingredients included in the supplements to the amounts and the ratios, good manufacturing practices were followed. Seeing this […]