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How do I know if my SARMs are real?

You shouldn’t be purchasing SARMs from anyone else but someone that has a purity certificate and has a way to prove their SARMs are real and safe, like here at UK SARMs. If you don’t have that, then it’s possible that you were ripped off: fraud is unfortunately somewhat common in the supplement industry. If […]

How do you verify SARM ingredients?

While a liquid SARM supplement or any kind of medicine or product may say nearly anything in the advertisement, and can still get away with a lot of different things on its label, one of the things it usually has to list pretty actively are the ingredients of the supplement. These usually have to be […]

Do SARM supplements require approval?

SARMs often share different legal procedures across different countries or regions. Some supplements that would be considered illegal in one country could be considered legal in another country, so much of this depends on where you are in the world. With that said, yes, in most cases, supplements require some kind of approval. More specifically, […]

How do I know if a SARM is pure?

Usually, a supplement is pure if it’s been certified and tested to not have anything interfering in the quality of the supplement. No additives, nothing put into the supplement that would cause it to have an effect that’s not intended. That would be what a ‘pure’ supplement would be. You’ll find that in the SARM […]

What is a certified SARM?

A certified SARM product is one that has been tested and identified by a third party as being relatively safe and meeting a certain standard of quality that is relevant in whatever industry or comparison is being made during the judging. It goes without saying that you should only take certified supplements when it comes […]