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Are SARMs steroids?

Despite a lot of online misinformation and general public confusement about these two different substances, no, steroids and SARMs are not the same thing. They’re not even close. Anabolic steroids have been around for decades, whereas SARMs have only really been around for the past twenty to thirty years.

While they have similar side-effects and give the user similar benefits when consumed, steroids are still much different from SARMs. The likelihood of side effects with steroids is massive, and most people that take anabolic steroids for a serious length of time often suffer permanent side-effects. These can be anything from shrinkage of the testicles to hair loss, mood issues, and various other physical problems caused by steroids.

SARMs side-effects, while sometimes serious, are not usually this bad. It’s far more common for minor illnesses, such as headache issues, mood issues, or muscle aches to be problems, along with a few other common side effects.

SARMs also offer other benefits steroids do not: such as a general increase to endurance, strength of the bone, and other benefits. So, SARMs and steroids are not the same, and SARMs are not steroids.