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Can SARMs be found in dietary supplements?

SARMs and dietary supplements are usually two different things. Now, in the supplement industry, scams and misinformation are unfortunately uncommon. It’s possible to find a brand of supplements that produces toxic products, laced with incorrectly made supplements or other substances entirely. People have died from this in the past before, which is why you want to make sure you’re buying legitimate products: things like our purity certificates here at UK SARMs prove that.

If you think that you found SARMs in your dietary supplements and they weren’t supposed to be there, then that’s a problem. You need to make certain of what you’re buying and who and where you’re getting it from when it comes to supplements.

SARMs should not be mixed in with other supplements unless it’s some kind of special product or an advertisement, like a two for one deal. Otherwise, that’s a substance that should be labelled and kept separate on its own.