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Do you keep RAD-140 Gains?

RAD-140 is no different than any other SARM product in this respect. The gains that you keep are not related to the SARM that you take: while certain SARMs give different benefits over one another, the way you keep gains after you take a SARM isn’t by taking more SARMs or taking another supplement or drug, but rather just by diet and exercise, nothing else.

That was what built your muscles when you first started doing SARMs, right? You may have been taking SARMs, but you were also exercising like crazy and eating really healthy. That provided the body with everything that it needed to get huge and jacked and ripped and strong. You were probably really proud at that moment.

Nothing changed between wanting to build a better body for yourself and then wondering whether or not you’ll keep the gains that you’re making in the middle right now. The answer is yes, but it’s all dependent on how much effort you decide you want to put in.