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Do you need a post cycle after taking testosterone?

Almost always, when using any kind of substance like this — especially things like SARMs and other similar supplements – PCT is necessary because the hormone levels have been damaged from the supplement. What was once a massive washing tide of hormones through the body randomly dries up one day, with no explanation why. Tons of bad things can happen under testosterone suppression, and the effects can get serious.

This is around the time where PCT steps in. If you’ve got any kind of testosterone suppression, even mild, you have to do PCT. It’s just how it is.

If you were just taking raw testosterone or testosterone supplements, it would be wise to ask a doctor about how to proceed further. It’s unlikely that constantly taking testosterone supplements (unless natural or prescribed) could have a good long-term effect.

With hormones especially, people often dose without thinking. Some people have hormonal problems or medical issues, and those people have medication that they need to take – but constantly boosting up your own T, even when you don’t need to, could cause a problem. PCT may or may not be necessary.