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How do I keep my gains after a SARM stacking cycle?

Keeping your gains, as in almost every situation, is a matter of exercise and proper diet. You don’t want to lose all of the muscle that you built up, so it’s really imperative that you keep up whatever diet or exercise you were doing before. If you weren’t going to quit doing that while you were on the SARM, why would you stop once you got off of it? It makes no sense.

The first step to retaining your gains after you get off a SARMs cycle is to keep up that diet and exercise, and that’s really the only way. Those guns need to eat, literally. You have to both exercise and feed the muscle to keep it in the state it is in now. You’ve developed it fully, but now in exchange for that, it demands exercise and food as a tax.

So that’s what you have to do. You need to keep up the food and exercise to maintain your shape and physique.