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How long should I cycle my SARMs for?

This question isn’t necessarily hard to answer, but it’s definitely not something that has a universal answer. Most people that use SARMs end up cycling them for a period that usually falls between eight to twelve weeks. That’s the most common cycle. However, different periods are possible.

For example, certain SARMs are so potent that it’s more common to stick to a cycle that runs between six to eight weeks. It might only be a difference of a few weeks, but that matters when we’re talking about supplements and products that are as potent as SARMs.

So how long you cycle your SARMs for depends on which kind of SARM you’re using and what kind of results you’re looking for. Generally, you shouldn’t try to push too far beyond the recommended cycling times: serious health risks are possible if you attempt such a time.

Always consult the directions of the product consumed about how long you should be cycling the SARM before you begin PCT, if that’s necessary for you. The amount of time that you need to cycle may be different than what you thought it was going to be. For most people however, eight to twelve weeks should suffice.