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How long should you stay off steroids after a SARMs cycle?

It’s a hard question when it comes to how long you should stay off steroids after a cycle. The answer depends, and it can be different depending on each person. For most people, they’ll take cycles of steroids that go in between time ranges of six to sixteen weeks, which is a pretty wide range of time. The cycle can be anything within that range.

Once a person is considered to have completed their cycle, they immediately enter a state that’s something similar to PCT with SARMs: where they stop dosages of steroids almost completely, in an attempt to let the body recover.

While it’s unlikely that this tactic is as effective as letting the body gradually gain its hormonal production back via PCT, there is at least some kind of intent behind stopping the dosage: in that they’re trying to let the body recover.

On average, it seems to be a timeframe of between 4-6 weeks after steroids in terms of time spent off.