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Should I be training during PCT?

During PCT you’ll still be exercising and dieting. Once SARMs stop, there’s no reason to stop training, or you really will lose most of the gains that you managed to get during your cycle. Your SARMs end, but your training continues, because you don’t want to get a bunch of negative progress and let all of that eat into the gains that you made. It’ll take much longer to get ripped that way!

Instead, continue your training while you complete PCT and fight off any effects of testosterone suppression that you might notice. As long as you’re able to maintain and slowly build on your gains, you’ll continue to gain weight and really put on and develop a lot of muscle that will just make you stronger and stronger. You’ll build endurance while you do all of this, too.

Just make sure to take things easy and don’t push yourself too hard if you feel weak or a bit strange because of the suppression or PCT. Keep yourself safe first before anything else.