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When should I start Post Cycle Therapy?

You should always start your PCT as soon as you finish your cycle of SARMs. For most people, they’ll do a cycle of SARMs that lasts between eight to twelve weeks: that’s the most common allotment of time that you’ll see with people that use SARMs. Once this period of time has ended: the time to get your gains, that is — then you have to start your PCT right after.

Post Cycle Therapy usually takes anywhere between two to six weeks, with a little flexibility on the timeframe. Ultimately, your PCT is complete when you’ve more or less stabilized the levels in your body and you’ve gone through most of the PCT drugs. Still, don’t ever stop PCT early: make sure that you’ve gone through the full cycle of therapy and that your hormones are stabilized before you stop. Not completing PCT could be a horrible mistake, otherwise.

Make sure that you don’t wait to start it once your SARMs cycle has ended: get on top of that right away when it comes to PCT.