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Where did SARMs come from?

SARMs were originally developed in the 1990s. The point of the Selective Androgen Modulator supplement was to deal with issues like osteoporosis or muscle wastage, as well as certain types of cancers. The intent was for this supplement – which was, in many ways, similar to steroids – to help while reducing the number of serious side-effects it had on people. They were trying to create a new, effective drug.

While this drug was successful in some ways, it wasn’t as great as they wanted it to be in others. SARMs are often effective, but they can still contain deadly side-effects that can damage and change people’s lives in the long-term. Still, they continued to develop and research the SARMs.

New SARMs and different versions of old drugs continued to be produced. Now, almost thirty years later, we have tons of different kinds of SARMs, and they’re still trying to create more.