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UK SARMs Guide to Ostarine and How To Use It

If you’re a fan of SARMs but you’re looking for the right kind of SARM for you, we’re here to help. This is the Guide to Ostarine. In this article, we’re going to examine the kind of SARM product referred to as Ostarine and examine its health benefits, any notable drawbacks, and what this specific SARM assists you with the most when bodybuilding and exercising.


Not only will we outline the correct dosages and what that looks like, we’ll give you even more information, like what you can actually expect when going on a cycle of Ostarine, and what kind of results you’ll get from that.


Let’s jump in and get started on our guide to Ostarine!

What is Ostarine?

Ostarine is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that affects the way hormones are released and produced in the body. Ostarine, along with many other SARMs, has a range of helpful side effects, including increased muscle mass, a reduction in body fat, a strengthening of the bones, an increase in physical strength and endurance, as well as many other positive side effects and benefits.


Ostarine’s chemical name is technically called MK 2866, but it has the name Ostarine and that’s of course much easier to remember than the lab name for how the chemical is produced.


SARMs themselves are generally safe, but Ostarine has the benefit of being one of the most commonly used, researched, safe SARMs on the market. Very few SARMs have the level of usage and the publicity that Ostarine does. This leads to it being considered safe, because of the fact that so many people have used it and there are very few public cases of horrible side effects.


So it can help you build your body, it can help you cut fat, bulk up, increase your strength and muscle mass, definition, and a bunch of other positive benefits. Sounds great! But how should you take it, how should you do it, and what happens during a cycle that you should be aware about?

Ostarine: Everything About Dosing

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is, as with many SARMs, Ostarine is legally considered a research chemical. We may use the word supplement to describe it, but that is where the similarities end in terms of its legal context. SARMs, and Ostarine because it’s included in that group, are not marked fit for human consumption due to various legal, medical, and political issues.


Always talk to your doctor if you have any kind of physical problem, or want to make them aware of the fact that you are taking SARMs.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, however, let’s take a look at what a dosage of Ostarine should look like. Once you’ve sourced where you’re getting your SARMs from, you’re going to want to start taking them and begin a cycle. How do you do that?


Most professionals and experts who have taken SARMs before, and taken Ostarine, offer this advice: take about 15 mg a day. Now, this goes on for about eight weeks. There is also a process called Post-SARM Therapy that takes place after you’re finished with the first part of your cycle. This generally needs to be done in order to help the body calm down from the intense process that you’re putting it through.


Remember, SARMs force hormones to be produced in the body in certain ways. It’s technically not completely natural and is definitely a lot for the body to go through at one time: you don’t want to overdo it and cause a negative side effect by overdosing, so be careful with that.


Once you’ve gone through your initial dosage of Ostarine, and you go through your post-SARM therapy, you’re still going to want to give your body more time to rest and recover. Don’t underestimate the kind of toll these chemicals can take, even if it seems like they only help and have no negative side effects.


So, eight weeks of Ostarine, 15 mg a day. Followed by four weeks of Post SARM Therapy and then another four weeks of pure rest with no chemicals whatsoever, preferably even longer than that. A full cycle, counting the therapy drugs and the rest period, then does not take eight weeks, but rather sixteen.


So now you know how to do a cycle of Ostarine. What can you expect while you’re on it, however?

What Happens During an Ostarine Cycle

During a cycle of Ostarine, due to the effects of the chemical, you’re going to see explosive muscle growth and a massive increase in your strength and your ability to cut fat and build muscle and definition on your body.


These results and experiences can sometimes be rather dramatic: it’s not uncommon for someone to put on 5-10 lbs of muscle, sometimes slightly more, and cut a similar amount of fat in just eight weeks! It’s a very noticeable difference by the end of your cycle.


Also remember that while you may be experienced at lifting when you first take SARMs, there are always people who aren’t. If you are completely new to lifting, strength training, and building muscle, it’s entirely possible that you’ll experience a far more drastic increase than that.


Look at people who experience strong fast gains when they first start body-building. These are often called ‘newbie gains’ or ‘noob gains’ for short, because your body’s ability to grow isn’t hampered by having already hit a relatively high plateau. Thus, these new bodybuilders are able to rapidly increase strength, build muscle mass, and experience an increase to their endurance when they finally train their body.


People who are new to lifting weights or strength training will find even more dramatic results from SARMs, Ostarine being one of the best possible examples. If you were looking to build strength and muscle extremely quickly, and are new to lifting, an Ostarine cycle would really speed the process up.


So you’ll experience a massive boost in strength, a build-up of lean muscle, a reduction of body fat, and on top of all that, an increase in endurance as well as other positive side effects. We all know, however, that no drug or supplement or pill or chemical is perfect. There are negative side effects to Ostarine, and it’s important to address those as well if we’re making an in depth-guide to the SARM.

Guide to Ostarine: Negative Side Effects

Now, many SARMs share side effects with steroids and other similar drugs. Things like growing breast tissue, a reduction in the size of your testicles, and various issues with hormones and health in the body are common with steroids. Some more aggressive, stronger forms of SARMs also share some of these side effects, though in SARMs it is noticeably less common than it is in steroids.


Thankfully, the side effects that come from Ostarine are much less severe than even that, and are far easier to handle. Ostarine, for all that it gives, does come with some downsides. Back acne is one of them, this coming from the hormone production, of course.


Joint pain is another. Decreased levels of HDL, increased hunger, and even hair loss have been reported while taking Ostarine. While all of this happens, however, it is not guaranteed while you are taking this SARM.


Just be aware that it is a possibility, however, and prepare for it the best you can. If you think that you will experience increased hunger, consider preparing your meals differently, upping your calorie count (if it will not hurt your current efforts), or schedule your meals differently to fight your hunger pains.


If you’re worried about joint pain, prepare some natural remedies or some common pain medication ahead of time. Even the hair loss can be fought to some degree, if you were to experience that: there are several different medications and products that are reported to assist in hair growth or fight against the loss of hair.

Where to Buy Your Ostarine

One thing that you might have heard when it comes to SARMs is the quality of the chemicals that are available. There are a few issues with this. SARMs are not fully regulated by the government in most countries, and in some countries they’re illegal to buy entirely. Because of this, it’s difficult to find SARMs that are completely clean and not tampered with.


When we say tampered with, we mean cut with another drug or substance to either dilute the effect and increase their volume to sell, or a change to the drug entirely that gives it dangerous side effects and horrible long-term health consequences if taken in large doses.


For example, it has been common in the past that fraudulent companies have sold SARMs that were cut with steroids or other drugs to increase their short-term effectiveness However, the trade off for that was horrible side effects and consequences. To top it off, most of these users and consumers were not even aware that these SARMs contained these chemicals or drugs, because they are not marketed as such.


And because they are not regulated, it is far harder to go after these companies than it would be in an industry that the government and the legal side of society has overhead in. If you get poisoned by a bottle of milk, and you file a lawsuit, there are consequences for that.


For chemicals that are not marketed as human consumption, the legal situation is not the same, so it is very much recommended that you’re careful about what SARMs you consume or buy.


To buy Ostarine, we recommend using a legit seller with a ton of positive reviews and certificates to back up the authenticity of the chemicals, along with heavy checking of the websites and the individuals in question.


The bigger the supplier, though, the safer — with SARMs, at least.


For example, if you were in the UK and wanted to buy SARMs of any kind, or Ostarine specifically, UKSarms is considered to be the biggest legitimate supplier in all of the UK. And as one of our most popular products, we of course sell Ostarine.


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If you don’t want to use UK SARMs, that’s alright, but we come heavily recommended due to the authenticity of our products, our certificates of purity, our popularity, the fair pricing, and the domestic and international shipping deals that we offer.


Guide to Ostarine: Taking the Ostarine

Taking the Ostarine itself is very simple, but you want to make sure your dosage is regular and is relatively at the same time. The compound does die off in your body as time passes, so to make certain that you’re performing it right, you’ll want to make sure to dose it at the correct time, in the same way, over and over again. Repetition is important here.


It’s recommended to take your Ostarine with a glass of water. You can do this in the morning or at night. Some studies have even shown that you can take your Ostarine twice a day, and split the dosages up in half and do it every twelve hours. Because of how your body processes the chemical, in a lot of ways this is even more effective and efficient than taking one dose every 24 hours.


If you were on a 15mg/daily cycle, you’d be taking 7.5mg with a glass of water every twelve hours. Over time, as the Ostarine assists you with building up your body, you’d see the explosive muscle growth and increase in strength the drug is known for.

What Should You Stack Ostarine With?

‘Stacking’ is a term used in the SARMs community, and the body-building community in general, to refer to using multiple different drugs or supplements at the same time to assist with building muscle, cutting fat, etc.


Stacking can have various different side effects, but if you take the right stack and do it the right way, it’s mostly positive. Ostarine is commonly included in various SARM stacks due to the ability to assist with muscle growth and the cutting of fat tissue.


Ostarine is commonly paired with Cardarine or Stenabolic. Rad-140 is also sometimes used, as is LGD 4033. All of these would be great options to stack your Ostarine with: just keep in mind that different stacks perform different functions. Make sure you tailor your stack to whatever it is that you’re trying to do.

Miscellaneous Ostarine Information

If you’re certain that you want to take Ostarine and go on a cycle, follow through with the information in this article and you should be just fine. You’ll experience big muscle growth, you’ll notice your fat disappearing away, and you’ll feel that increased strength that everyone talks about.


The most common dosage of Ostarine is between 10 mg to 30 mg, though it depends on the needs of the user first and foremost.


Ostarine is considered one of the safest SARMs to use.

It’s also one of the most commonly included SARMs in stacks.


As a side-note, it’s also considered one of the more affordable SARMs to purchase and use on a regular basis.


One of the only unknowns about Ostarine is long-term side effects; SARMs in general are not quite old enough for enough research to have been done about this quite yet.

Guide to Ostarine: Conclusions

We hope that our in-depth guide to Ostarine was more than enough to give you the information that you needed in order to get started. We have plenty of more information for you here at UK Sarms if you are looking to increase your SARMs knowledge and learn more about this new fascinating chemical that has changed the world of bodybuilding and physical fitness.


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Happy bulking!