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The Very Best Supplements for Muscle Building


If you’re a bodybuilder or someone who’s passionate about fitness, it’s likely that you take supplements or similar products to assist you with building muscle, burning fat, or getting better performance in the weight room. Millions of people around the world do the exact same thing, so there’s nothing too weird about that there. Everyone wants to find the very best supplements for muscle building, or at least the most efficient product on the market.

Maybe, however, you’re looking for better performance – elite supplements, the best kind that money can buy, really effective ones. Supplements that actually help you build pounds of muscle instead of just promising it: supplements that destroy fat instead of just saying it’ll help the extra pounds go away.

Even if you were to search for these products, the search itself can sometimes be difficult, because the supplement and health industry is one that is rife with fraud, scams, and misinformation. How do you tell them apart? Which are the best supplements?

We’ve done the work for you, thankfully. Sit back and relax, and check out some of the best supplements that money can buy, along with tons of important information backing their veracity, and other useful tidbits and tips that you may find helpful. Let’s get started!

What Makes a ‘Great Supplement’?


The first question is also one that isn’t necessarily easy to answer. What makes a great supplement? What makes something so effective and efficient that it’s considered one of the best drugs on the market? A pretty normal, common answer would probably be something like ‘it works,’ and that’s true! We want supplements that work.

Even more important than that, though, we want supplements that work well. We want drugs that have recorded, definitive, repeated results that we can refer to in order to make a reasonable decision.

If you took SARMs and got sick, you probably wouldn’t call that SARM a good supplement. But many people use SARMs and put on tons of lean muscle and suffer no long-term side effects. To those people, SARMs are probably ‘the best supplement’ there is.

So to keep it short, we’re looking to find supplements that are easily measurable (and have a good track record), produce noticeable results, are safe to use, and are easy to get and affordable (sometimes you have to stretch a bit on this last point, as a consumer). That’s the most realistic way to determine what a ‘great supplement’ is, and those are the criteria we’ll be using today.

Traits of Common Effective Supplements in the Fitness Industry


Supplements, SARMs, steroids, drugs that specifically assist by producing more HGH (human growth hormone)… there are a ton of examples of different supplements and drugs and products available for consumers. But which ones do you want?

Do you want a muscle-builder, for example? Do you want to get ripped fast? Then not only would you be looking for a supplement that helped you do that, you’d also want it to give you increased strength and endurance: to let you go harder and longer, to build more muscle in the gym.

Do you want to burn fat? Then you’d want to get on a fat burner, and legitimate ones do exist. They’re not always the most reliable in terms of helping you burn a million pounds overnight — wonder drugs like that aren’t real, of course — but slow, steady progress is something that is definitely attainable.

Do you want to just be healthier? There’s tons of supplements that help with overall health, from improved cardiovascular performance to an improved strength in your bones. Some contribute extra nutrients or help fill in gaps that you might not notice in your diet. If you want to get healthier, there’s plenty of supplements that can help.

By understanding what you’re looking for, it can help narrow down your options and make it easier for you to select an effective product to meet your need.

Things to Avoid when Researching Products

Scam Alert

One more important bit of information when looking into supplements is going over the kind of products you’re actually researching. You need to be careful when researching supplements online. Out of many different online industries, the supplement and health industry sadly has a lot of fraud and misinformation as part of it. From outright lies about side effects to purported (but not realistic) effects, you’ll be hard-pressed sometimes to find legitimate products.

You can still find them, of course. The best way to avoid getting scammed is be smart when you’re looking for something, and follow the number one old adage: if it’s too good to be true, don’t believe it. You’re not going to find a panacea online for $10 — it’s just not going to happen. But can you find an effective supplement at a premium price? Possibly, if you know where to look.

We have the knowledge because we’re part of the industry here at UK SARMs and we’ve had years of experience, from all of our employees here, to know whether something is real or not. Our products are legitimate, and we can prove that with purity certificates and a ton of other ways, but many others aren’t. Just be careful when researching, and try to avoid impulse-buying before doing careful research.

Some of the Very Best Supplements for Muscle Building

Best Supplements for Muscle Building

Now that we’ve gone over all of the important info about how you determine which supplements are best, we’re going to actually start naming some great products and the companies who produce them.

We’ve covered the very best SARMs for lean muscle gain in the past and each of the supplements listed in this article are effective, useful, and have a track record of getting results. Some of these are among the best in their specific field or sub-niche when it comes to supplements, so they should be able to help you with whatever you’re looking for.


Protein Powders/Protein Adders

Naturally, many of the supplements on this list are SARMs products, but Creatine is a bit of an outlier there. Creatine is a very effective supplement when it comes to building muscle that has been around for a long while. It was first found in 1832, and is actually completely organic, being a type of amino acid. Many people take creatine in order to help them build muscle and stay healthy and fit.

Creatine has a number of different effects when it is being regularly consumed. The biggest, most noticeable effects are that it increases lean muscle mass when combined with proper nutrition, diet, and resistance training. Creatine is well-known even in the scientific community as one of the safest, most-well-researched supplements in the world. 

It has been backed by scientific studies time and time again and has produced results. People that take creatine usually experience an increase in strength, a reduction in the risk of injury, an increase in the muscle mass they can build, and overall higher physical performance throughout.

The best part of creatine isn’t even the results, however. It’s the practical lack of side effects. Since creatine has been studied so extensively, scientists have learned tons about it. You can take up to 30 grams daily with little side effects. Some common ones include water retention in the muscles and bloating, but many of these side effects are in the extreme short-term and are hardly even painful or uncomfortable. 

You’re not at risk for hormone issues, heart disease, or anything else when taking creatine. It’s just an easy way to build muscle, and we recommend it as an extremely safe, effective supplement.

Weight Gainers (Ligandrol)


While natural supplements are helpful, sometimes man-made drugs can be extremely effective as well. SARMs have a tendency of really getting the job done: many different people have shown crazy, explosive transformations on SARMs, losing 3-5%+ body fat and gaining 5-10+ pounds of muscle in a single ‘cycle’ of SARMs, which is usually around 8-12 weeks.

Ligandrol, a type of SARM, is well known for its ability to help you gain weight and put on muscle mass. While that is its main effect, it has a few other noticeable impacts on your body as well: an increase in strength, healing properties, a (minor) fat burning property and a few other noticeable ones.

Ligandrol is also one of the safer SARMs out there. While side effects do exist, they’re not terribly dangerous compared to older drugs like steroids, and most people will be able to complete a cycle of Ligrandrol without experience significant side effects.

Just for the record, some of the side effects of Ligandrol include things like nausea, headaches, dry mouth, and a ton of other side effects that you could find on the back of any couch medicine bottle in any store anywhere. 

And the results? Ligandrol lives up to the expectation of a SARM. If you were to go on a cycle of Ligandrol, you’d definitely experience noticeable weight gain and a big build up of muscle that you might not be able to manage otherwise.

Overall, Ligandrol is a great supplement for muscle building, gaining weight, and getting bulkier while assisting you with burning fat. It’s one of the ideal supplements on the market.

Buy GAIN (LGD-4033) Ligandrol online.

Fat Burners (Stenabolic)

Stenabolic 9009

What if you wanted something different, though? Something different than Ligandrol, still a SARM, but far more focused on burning fat? Enter Stenabolic. Stenabolic is a SARM that has a variety of different properties associated with its consumption. 

One of the main benefits of Stenabolic is that it’s known as a very good fat burner. Compared to even a lot of other SARMs or different supplements designed for this purpose, Stenabolic has the power and effectiveness to help you get rid of those pounds with ease.

Stenabolic users boast of pretty impressive results most of the time: most people do a SARM cycle of 8-12 weeks when taking Stenabolic, sometimes with other SARMs. While taking multiple SARMs at once is called stacking — and can be beneficial if you understand the process — we’ll focus solely on one supplement at a time. 

Stenabolic users state that they’ve been able to lose up to 5% body fat or even more in one cycle. Obviously, those of us who are more overweight will be able to lose more fat in a similar period of time.

However, this does nothing to speak against Stenabolic’s fat burning properties. The idea of someone with 13-14% BF losing up to 5% of it in as little as two months is absolutely absurd. 

Someone with that body fat level is already in pretty good shape and is trying to perfect the process if they want Stenabolic. It’s a really effective SARM, a great supplement, and it works well in almost every situation.

What about side effects? Let’s mention those before we move onto the next supplement. Most people list very few side effects for Stenabolic: the main ones being headaches and water retention. So there’s very little risk to trying to this supplement, but a lof of potential gain if it helps you burn off all of that fat.

Buy SR-9009 today. 

Bulkers/Muscle Builders (RAD-140)

Rad 140

If you’re looking to purely bulk or build a huge amount of muscle, there are SARMs athat put even stuff like creatine and Ligandrol to shame. SARMs that are purely focused around increasing muscle exist, and they can really help you stack on those pounds if that’s your sole goal. For many people, especially newbie weightlifters, that’s the only thing they’re really focused on. RAD-140 will help you do just that.

RAD-140 is a SARM that’s known for its ability to give people an explosion of muscle growth during its cycle. While many SARMs are able to increase the addition of lean muscle to someone’s body, RAD-140 puts that effect into overdrive. It’s one of the best-known SARMs for its effects, especially because many people manage to gain quite a bit of muscle on it.

RAD-140 results usually add at least a few pounds to people’s muscles. Keep in mind that while this may not sound impressive, many people who use Rad-140 are already insanely ripped, so to add more muscle to that is actually quite impressive. These people are able to push past their limits, and go a little bit further, with RAD-140.

RAD-140 side effects are few and far between, but they can sometimes have effects on your hormones. On average, RAD-140 can sometimes cause hair shedding, acne, joint pain, water retention, headaches, and a few other notable side effects. It’s very powerful and effective, but needs to be managed and dosed correctly, so be careful.

Purchase RAD-140 online today.

BCAA’s (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)

Extreme Labs PCT

Finally, the last on our list of good supplements are BCAAs — which are Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Now, this isn’t referring to one simple product, and like creatine, we’re more referring to the substance itself. There are many different BCAAs available in the industry: finding a legitimate one compared to a lot of other supplements shouldn’t be too difficult.

BCAAs are completely natural and are basically all part of the body. Though some of them are not created in the body and must be obtained via a person’s diet normally, they have great, natural effects on your muscle journey.

People who take BCAAs normally report a massive increase in muscle growth, as well as a reduction in soreness and muscle fatigue. They can even sometimes help people that have different versions of some liver diseases. But ultimately, their main function is that they make working out and building muscle easier, the whole way, from start to finish.

Because BCAAs are natural, there’s also very few side effects to worry about. Nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and a few other uncomfortable things are common, but no horrible long-term side effects or things that can cause real issues. The only real thing to watch is that it can affect your insulin resistance, so if you’re diabetic or have another health issue related to that, you may want to do detailed research and speak to a doctor before you take it.

Why Are These The ‘Very Best’ Supplements? Are They Effective?

Intermediate Stack

Some of these supplements you may have heard of before, and some you may not. But why are these the best supplements? To keep it short, it’s because they’re effective, relatively healthy, affordable, and obtainable. These supplements get the job done and they do it well — that’s why they’re considered some of the best supplements on the market.

The Very Best Supplements: What Comes Next?

healthiest products and supplements

We’ve gone over some of the greatest supplements on the market. It only makes sense that you’d want to purchase some of these for your own use. Here at UK SARMs, we have the best, healthiest products and supplements for your needs. Our products are backed by purity certificates, so you know they’re safe.

If you want to buy any of our products, we have tons of SARMs available.

Please ask us questions if you need any help or need some answers. We’re more than happy to share our knowledge and help. 

Happy bulking!

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