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RAD 140 Testolone SARM Review & Results Guide

RAD-140 Testolone is a powerful Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that can change how your body reacts to and produces certain hormones. 

In this guide, we’ll review the critical information about Testolone: its benefits, the pro and cons of RAD 140, results, side effects, and more. 

RAD 140 Results

When does RAD 140 kick in? Well, the onset of action of RAD 140 can vary from person to person. However, it is generally reported that you will start noticing effects within a few weeks of starting. 

It’s important to note that individual responses to RAD 140 can differ due to factors such as genetics, dosage, diet, exercise routine, and overall health. Some users may experience noticeable benefits earlier, while others may take longer to see results.

Explosive gain to lean muscle mass

One of the primary benefits of cycling RAD 140 is its potential to promote lean muscle mass gains. It selectively targets androgen receptors in the muscles and bones, stimulating protein synthesis and enhancing muscle growth. 

This can increase muscle size and strength; users report an increase of 4-8kg in lean muscle in one 8-week cycle. This makes it a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes looking to improve their athletic performance.

Improved, targeted fat burning

RAD 140 also aids in fat loss. As it helps to increase lean muscle mass, it can positively impact metabolism, leading to a higher rate of calorie burning. 

It can also indirectly affect fat loss by improving overall workout performance and allowing individuals to engage in more intense and practical training sessions.

Noticeably increased physical strength and endurance

RAD 140 has the potential to enhance physical performance by improving strength and endurance. This can allow individuals to lift weights, perform more repetitions, and engage in more intense workouts. 

It makes you very strong, very quickly: by pushing the limits during training, you can stimulate greater muscle activation and further promote muscle definition.

Improved definition

RAD 140 selectively targets androgen receptors in muscle tissues, promoting protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy (growth). By enhancing muscle development, RAD 140 can contribute to an increase in muscle mass and overall muscle definition. 

It has shown potential in preserving muscle mass during periods of caloric deficit, such as during cutting phases or weight loss efforts. While in a caloric deficit, the body tends to break down muscle tissue for energy. 

RAD 140 may help minimise muscle catabolism and preserve lean muscle mass, which is essential for maintaining body definition and avoiding a “skinny-fat” appearance.

Increased & improved vascularity

As muscles grow in size and strength, they require increased blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrients and remove metabolic waste. This increased blood flow to the muscles during exercise can temporarily improve vascularity, often referred to as the “pump.” While the pump temporarily subsides after the workout, it can contribute to a more vascular appearance during training.

RAD 140 is not known to cause significant water retention, which can sometimes mask vascularity. By avoiding excess water retention, RAD 140 may help individuals maintain a leaner and drier appearance, potentially enhancing vascularity.

RAD 140 Side Effects

How safe is RAD 140? The first thing that has to be mentioned when viewing the side effects of RAD-140 is that no drug is perfect. There is no way to remove all side effects from any medication or supplement. Even cough medicine you buy in the store can cause you to harm if it reacts with your body incorrectly.

Keep that in mind when you view these side effects. It’s uncommon for most people to encounter the more serious ones, and the lighter side effects are usually what people deal with, just as buying common medication in the store sometimes results in an upset stomach or a headache. Still, it doesn’t mean you don’t take it. Sometimes you just need it, even if it bothers you a bit.

  • Painful headaches
  • Possible hair loss
  • Aggression
  • Acne
  • Nausea and an upset stomach
  • Diarrhoea
  • Could affect your libido

Remember that you may not even encounter all of these side effects. Supplements can affect each person differently, and it’s important to remember that when you try and take these drugs, to get ripped. 

Does RAD-140 Cause Hair Loss? 

Since Testolone RAD 140 is a SARM, it can potentially affect androgenic pathways in the body, which can be linked to hair loss.

Androgenic compounds can accelerate hair loss in people genetically predisposed to male-pattern baldness or female-pattern hair loss. It is worth noting that androgenic effects on hair loss are primarily associated with anabolic steroids rather than SARMs.

Can You Stack RAD 140? 

Here are a few SARMs stacks that are commonly considered with RAD-140 (Testolone):

  1. MK-677 (Ibutamoren): MK-677 is not a SARM but a growth hormone secretagogue. It stimulates the release of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). A RAD 140 and MK-677 stack may enhance muscle growth and recovery.
  2. LGD-4033 (Ligandrol): LGD-4033 is another popular SARM known for its ability to promote lean muscle mass gains. When LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is stacked with RAD-140, it may further enhance muscle growth and strength.
  3. S-4 (Andarine): S-4 Andarine is a SARM primarily used for its potential cutting and body composition benefits. When combined with RAD-140, it may help promote fat loss while maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass.
  4. GW-501516 (Cardarine): GW-501516 is not a SARM but a PPAR-delta agonist. It is often used for its potential benefits in endurance enhancement and fat loss. When stacked with RAD-140, it may contribute to improved cardiovascular performance and fat burning.

It’s important to emphasise that stacking SARMs should be done with caution and you should consult a professional before you start. Each compound carries its own potential risks, side effects, and interactions. Always adhere to the dosage guidelines. Additionally, the long-term effects and safety profiles of SARMs are still being studied, so staying informed about the latest clinical studies is crucial. 

Is RAD 140 the Best SARM for Me?

To start with, think about your biggest priorities and what you’re looking for from a supplement before you start purchasing SARMs. Ask yourself the following questions before making that decision:

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Are you trying to bulk up and look great for the summer, upcoming season, or trip?
  • Do you have some big thing coming up that you’re trying to improve for?
  • Do you want to improve your bone strength?
  • Are you just trying to gain muscle in general?

Make sure you know exactly what you want before you purchase SARMs and begin your cycle. Once you start one, it’s not typical to add something to your cycle or stop it before you finish: that will affect your results, and you won’t get the full benefit of the supplement. Once you have decided to continue and purchase RAD 140, heck out our guide on how to cycle RAD 140 to ensure you get the best results. 

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