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Your Guide to Safe Steroid Alternatives

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Getting ripped is often a big goal for those who are into weightlifting and exercise, but it can be a difficult task even for those of us with the strongest will. 

The amount of time and effort it takes is substantial, which is why so many people like to use muscle-building supplements or other products to make the whole process just a bit easier.

Many supplements are natural or healthy, versus something like steroids, which is illegal for a reason. Steroids tend to harm the body and offer a variety of dangerous, long-term side effects that often don’t have many solutions for those affected by them.

Because of this, it’s a great idea to find safe alternatives to steroids wherever you can find them. Whether that’s SARMs or some other product such as normal protein powders or natural supplements, having that alternative will mean it’s easier to get totally jacked without worrying as much about how this is affecting your health.

Without waiting any further, let’s dive right into all of the safest steroid alternatives, why they’re great, how to get them and use them, and all of the other information you may need!

What are the Best Safe Steroid Alternatives?

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Once you start looking into the different kinds of supplements available, it becomes clear that there’s far more than just steroids on the market. This industry – rife with unsafe things as it can be – also has good products too, and if you do your research, you can get something that will help you instead of hurt you. 

The products listed below have different reasons for why they’re great alternatives to steroids, so let’s go one by one and give you the information you need to get ripped.

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate

The first safe alternative to steroids we’ll discuss is Whey Protein Concentrate. It’s a very healthy, extremely effective way of supplementing your exercise without causing any bad long-term side effects on yourself. 

Whey Protein contains the ingredients necessary for the body to build muscle tissue. With the amino acids that are inside this product, your body has everything it needs to look its best, so long as you exercise it.


Reflex BCAA Intra Fusion

Branched-chain amino acids are another great example of a safe alternative to steroids that tons of people use. These are proven to assist in tons of different functions related to muscle growth, from the recovery of muscles that have been exercised and are rebuilding their fibers, to assisting people by reducing fatigue. 

They offer a ton of benefits and are totally natural, so you don’t need to worry about taking these. Finally, one really huge noticeable benefit of reputable BCAAs such as this one from Extreme Labs is that even if you’re not eating enough food, they try to help you conserve as much muscle as possible. They don’t just help you build the muscle: BCAAs help you keep it.


BSN Glutamine

The third item on our list when it comes to safe supplements is Glutamine. Glutamine, naturally, is known as the most common amino acid that can be found anywhere in the body. Because amino acids are critical to the muscle-building process, Glutamine is often used in building muscles because it’s the most common amino acid.

Glutamine is actually an amino acid that the body uses a lot, however: and this critical component gets reduced when you exercise, by almost up to half. That would already be bad enough. 

Because you might not have enough Glutamine, however, this could cause your growth to be slowed as muscles are starved of it: or even worse, for you to make backward progress and actually lose muscle or definition because of a lack of Glutamine.

This is one of the best examples of a natural supplement that helps with muscle-building that offers no side effects. In fact, it could be argued that taking Glutamine makes you more healthy overall: just in general.



You might not have expected to see these on this list, but multivitamins play an important overall role in the function of your body when taken as some kind of supplement. First of all, by taking multivitamins, you’re making sure that all of the different nutrients and vitamins that you need in your body are there. You don’t want to not meet your nutritional needs: which is easier to happen than you would think, even while dieting.

Even if you weren’t a weightlifter — even if you didn’t want to get ripped or jacked — multivitamins are a great supplement to take because they offer serious health benefits to just about everyone that takes them. Don’t believe it? A quick side note: it’s estimated that over 92% of the US population has a vitamin deficiency in some way, shape or form. Does that sound like a small percentage of the population to you?

Multivitamins will keep you healthy, make getting ripped easier, and improve your body’s overall function in general. Take them. 



There’s a common saying in the health and fitness community: abs are built in the kitchen. Why is that? Because although many people do the required work to able attain decent abdominal definition, not everyone can attain a low enough body-fat percentage to actually be able to see those abs.

Thermogenics can often help with that. Thermogenics, as they’re known, are essentially fat burners. They are products and supplements that help someone burn fat off faster than otherwise, to achieve definition, lose weight, or become healthier.

Thermogenics get to this result in a few different ways, but ultimately, they all serve the same purpose: reducing fat, burning it for energy, and helping someone shed fat faster than they would be able to otherwise. Consider taking these for definition, if not for another reason.



Finally, at the end of the list, we have SARMs. SARMs are a bit of a strange one in this list because they have the effects of several of the supplements listed above. SARMs are called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, and they assist in a variety of different ways.

We’ve covered the difference between SARMs and steroids in detail an there’s many similarities and key differences, from assisting in building muscle, to muscle definition, to an increase in strength and endurance, and right down to assisting you with burning fat, SARMs are you in your corner when it comes to body-building.

Naturally, some folks may not want to use supplements like this: the term ‘all-natty’ exists as a somewhat joke, after all, whether people believe it or not — but SARMs offer great performance for very little risk, even better than other supplements.

Not only do SARMs offer explosive muscle growth, but they do so while keeping the threat to your health under control. SARMs have more side effects than some of the other items on this list, but they also have more good points. You have to pick your poison at the end of the day, and SARMs, if taken responsibly, pose far less risk than many think that they do. 

Which of these Alternatives Should I Choose? How Do I Know Which is Right?

Steroid Alternatives

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the biggest steroid alternatives, which one is correct for you? Which one would fit you the best, offer you the best performance, and would feel the most right to you? Which do you think is the safest steroid alternative?

It may be a hard question for you to answer, at first. That’s fine. There are plenty of options available for you, however, and as soon as you figure out which ones work for you and start taking them, the faster you can expect to see results.

It should also be considered that taking a mix of all of these alternatives may be the best possible decision. By covering different weaknesses with different supplements, you’re maximizing your possible performance and building the best possible body that you can. 

Are SARMs the Best Safe Steroid Alternative?Intermediate Stack – Fat Burner

SARMs, overall, would be recommended as the best safe steroid alternative. While side effects from SARMs still exist, they are limited, and the benefits that they do give more than outweigh the positives.

SARMs have a few different side effects that should be mentioned, and we’re going to cover the information here so that you have it for your own sake. SARMs do have potentially dangerous side effects, which will also cover as well.

The benefits go without saying, which is why anyone would take SARMs: from explosive muscle growth to fat burning to endurance to stronger bones to a lack of fatigue, the benefits that SARMs offer are outstanding.

But what about the side effects?

Side-Effects of SARMs

Side-Effects of SARMs

The first thing about side effects that you need to remember is that every kind of medicine has them. Literally, everything has side effects, no matter what kind of medication or treatment that it is. Whether it’s SARMs, drugs that treat cancer, or cough medicine over the counter, everything has side effects.

With cough medicine, it could be anything from drowsiness to nausea or diarrhea. These are common and normal side-effects, many drugs have them. Some medications have deadly side effects even if they look innocent: from blood-pressure meds to those that treat other issues, dosages and interactions with conditions and other medications matter as well.

The reason why all of this information is being brought up is to point out that pretty much every kind of medication or supplement can have side effects. So it’s normal to have to think about side effects when you’re taking some kind of medication or supplement.

SARMs side effects are commonly as follows:

  • Water retention
  • Hair loss
  • Heart disease/heart damage
  • Mood swings
  • Acne
  • Aggression
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin rashes
  • Impotence

There are various other side-effects that SARMs have, but the above list is substantial and covers most of the situations.

It’s important that you read that list of side effects as a list of potential possibilities, not as symptoms of an illness. It’s highly unlikely that many of these will happen, even if a good portion of people who do use SARMs experience side effects.

Many SARMs side effects are small and harmless: such as headaches or water retention. Annoying, certainly, but not deadly. Even with SARMs, please keep in mind that side effects don’t tell the whole story.

How to Figure Out if SARMs Are Right For You

How to Figure Out if SARMs Are Right For You

Now that we’ve given you all of the lead-up information, we can help you figure out if SARMs are right for you. Considering they are able to really help bodybuilders put on the muscle, most people really enjoy SARMs and the large list of benefits they provide.

You should take SARMs if you want big increases in your overall musculature and definition over a short period of time. SARMs are not designed to be taken for a long period of time: you take them in eight to twelve-week cycles, most commonly, and then must allow your body time to rebalance its hormones — or you could risk causing problems for yourself.

That’s part of the reason why people have issues with SARMs: they don’t take the correct dosage and they cause issues for themselves because they didn’t take the supplement correctly. It’s important that you always follow directions whenever you take any kind of medication or supplement, obviously.

To sum things up, SARMs are great for you as a supplement if you like fast results and want to get huge and ripped quickly. SARMs feature explosive muscle growth and assist in the reduction fo fatigue and the increase of endurance, which helps build muscle faster. Many SARMs also increase bone strength, another big benefit. Just keep in mind the dosages and you should be alright.

Other Options Besides SARMs

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Of course, not everyone will want to take SARMs. Many people will be scared by the side effects, and even if those don’t worry you, you might value some of the effects of the other alternatives a bit more. Some people desire different kinds of performance and no one solution will ever fit anyone.

If you’re looking for alternatives and you’re certain that you don’t want to purchase SARMs, figuring out what your alternative should be is simple. Just figure out what kind of goals you’re looking to achieve, and buy the supplement that helps you with that. 

SARMs help with explosive growth. Multivitamins assist by helping your body be the best that it can, which helps in bodybuilding, of course. Thermogenics burn fat and help with definition. Things like Why Protein Concentrate, BCAA’s, and Glutamine assist with proteins and amino acids, which are critical to the process of building muscle.

Taking a combination, depending on what you want, may be most efficient. It’s best to try to figure out what you need and then purchase/consume supplements according to that.

Safe Steroid Alternatives: Conclusions and Where to Buy SARMs

Intermediate Stack – Fat Burner

While we’ve gone over all of the other alternatives to steroids, it remains clear that one of the best options on the list is SARMs. If you’re looking to purchase SARMs, you might not know the best place to be able to get them.

Depending on where you live, there may be different options for purchase. Some companies, such as UK SARMs, offer worldwide shipping, so you’ll be able to get the product no matter where in the world you are.

SARMs, if you want them, can be very effective at increasing the effectiveness of one’s body-building efforts. You just need to know where to get them. 

UK SARMs, as one of the biggest SARMs companies, is well-positioned to be able to help.

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SARMs are a great product, and if you use them the right way, they can help you bulk up, get definition, and get totally ripped and shredded. Buying SARMs, to many, is clearly the right choice. Happy bulking!