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Are SARMs legal to buy?

This is a complicated question to answer.  The legality of a SARM is complex and has gone through a long process, and it still isn’t even completed at this point in time. The crux of the matter is, however, that SARMs are not intended to be consumed, but you can purchase them legally.

SARMs are almost always packaged as ‘research chemicals not fit for human consumption’, or something along those lines. What that means is that while SARMs are not intended to be consumed, you can purchase them, and once you have them, it’s your choice when it comes to what you want to do with them.

In Australia, this isn’t the case. SARMs are considered a schedule class IV drug and require a prescription to use them. You can’t just purchase the SARM and immediately start a cycle as soon as you want.

So, for the most part, SARMs are legal: even if it’s currently through a loophole.