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What are the potential health risks of SARMs?

The main health risks from SARMs revolve around the person’s hormones and their heart, along with a few other factors. But hormonal issues or heart issues/a stroke are the main ‘real’ health risks of SARMs. SARMs are such potent supplements that if you don’t take them correctly, or don’t perform your PCT properly, it’s possible you can run into these health risks.

Take these seriously. SARMs can cause serious issues if they’re taken irresponsibly. That’s always the biggest cause of people developing serious health issues because of SARMs. SARMs are potent supplements that have a lot of strength behind them. They’re not meant to be taken irresponsibly or differently than the instructions that are given with them.

If you want to take SARMs but you’re serious about avoiding or minimising the risks whenever possible, just make sure to follow all of the instructions and consult a doctor while you’re taking the SARM.