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Do I need to take SARMs with food?

A common question that many who are new to SARMs ask is about the way that the supplement is taken. Specifically, do you take it with or without food? SARMs in general are still somewhat experimental, and though we know a good deal about them, there’s still a lot more concrete research that has to be done.

In this field, however, many people online have offered their anecdotal experiences and evidence. For the most part, many experts and those who are long-experienced with SARMs tend to report that there’s no real difference whether or not you take SARMs with food or not.

So if you were wondering if you’d always have to have a bit of food on you to take your SARM if you’re potentially in another place at the time, fear not. It’s not required at all. If it’s more convenient for you to remember to take your dosage with your breakfast or dinner, do so by all means. Just know that you don’t need to do it that way if for some reason it interferes with your schedule.