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How do I keep my gains after a SARM cycle?

Another common question that we often get here at UK SARMs is about people keeping their gains after their SARMs cycle. It’s a line of logic that makes enough sense, after all: once you’re off the SARMs, you still want to keep the jacked body that you worked so hard for.

The easiest way to keep the gains that you’ve earned is to feed them. With enough calories and exercise. A little bit of loss is likely inevitable, but if you are tenacious with your diet and exercise, it’s likely a majority of the gains will stick around.

Using SARMs to develop your muscles and your definition and then easing back is a good idea if you want to do things completely naturally. However, SARMs always have the offer of higher performance. Ultimately, keeping your gains is a matter of making sure that the progress you made in all of those muscles doesn’t backslide the instant the effects from the SARMs end.

Do your best to feed your muscles enough protein and exercise. They should stick around. Other supplements might also even be useful, such as natural supplements that aid in resisting muscle wastage.