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Do SARMs affect sperm count?

SARMs in general do not have a huge influence on sperm count. Some studies — which SARMs have very little of done on them in general — have found that certain SARMs provide negative side-effects to the process of sperm being created in the body, also called spermatogenesis. However, as previously stated, SARMs have not been heavily researched in any way, and there simply isn’t enough conclusive evidence to confirm SARMs affecting your sperm.

That isn’t to say it’s impossible that they could have any kind of effect. SARMs, after all, can affect your hormones and do other things inside your body. The idea that they could change your fertility isn’t a huge step to take at all. It’s completely possible that SARMs could mess with your sperm or damage your fertility. It’s entirely possible.

We just don’t have the evidence to conclusively prove it. With what we’ve seen, SARMs do not provide a negative side-effect on sperm count: at least not something big and menacing that’s immediately noticeable.