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Can SARMs make men infertile?

SARMs, as a rule, have a ton of side effects because of how they affect the body. Some of the biggest of these side-effects involve hormonal issues, the heart, and a few other different biological processes. Most problems revolve around hormones and the heart, though.

One potential side-effect from SARMs, however, is damage to the process of how the body builds and creates sperm. Now, this isn’t a guaranteed side-effect and it’s not like the majority of men that take SARMs experience it, but it has happened to people before.

For your own safety, it’s recommended that you follow dosages and cycle lengths. Oftentimes, people cause symptoms or side-effects for themselves by taking the supplements for too long, or for skipping their Post Cycle Therapy when they shouldn’t have. While the risk will still be there, you can make sure that you’re not putting yourself any more at risk than you need to.