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Do SARMs mess with your hormones?

One of the main side-effects from SARMs (much more at risk with improper dosage, cycle length, or improperly done PCT) is the possibility of long-term damage to the body’s production of hormones, usually testosterone in the case of a man.

 Now, this is a problem for many reasons. The first is that it can cause long-lasting health issues for the rest of a person’s life that can affect many parts of their life, including their overall appearance. Hormone issues can cause a wide variety of issues that would be better explained by an endocrinologist, but just a few include things like balding, gynecomastia (breast tissue production in men), and things like the shrinkage of testicles.

Many of these side-effects are similar to those that steroids cause. It’s because the conditions being caused in this case are basically more or less the same conditions that SARMs give you. It’s your damaged hormone production that’s causing all of this stuff to happen in your body.

SARMs aren’t guaranteed to damage your hormones, but it is possible, and there are ways to prevent and minimise the side-effects.