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Do SARMs increase muscle growth?

SARMs do in fact increase muscle growth! Not only do SARMs increase muscle growth, but they do so at an explosive pace! SARMs work by binding androgen receptors and increasing the body’s ability to grow and build muscle that way. SARMs have been tested over and over again in many trials and the ability of increasing muscle growth has been proven repeatedly, over and over.

Many supplements  claim to assist with muscle growth, but SARMs actually backs its words up with actions. On average, most people who complete a cycle of SARMs will gain at least 3-4kg of muscle over an eight to twelve week span, on average. That’s not a small gain to sneeze at. That’s actually a significant increase to your muscle and many would be happy with such an increase.

The more you gain, of course, the harder it gets to gain more. If you’re already completely ripped and looking for tons of ways to get bigger, SARMs will likely still help you bulk a little further, but the gains you get from them will be less noticeable than they would be otherwise, since you’re already ripped. Keep that in mind when looking to consume SARMs.