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How long should I cycle off SARMs?

When you have to cycle off of SARMs due to the fact that your time is up, you have to do it carefully. Many times that people use SARMs, they’ll also be required to perform what we call Post Cycle Therapy or PCT afterwards. Performing PCT is normal and a lot of people have to do it when they take SARMs to make sure they don’t develop any hormonal problems.

If you have to perform PCT, a good rule of thumb is stay on PCT for at least a month, or four weeks. Most dosages of PCT, from major different brands and companies, advise that the entire dosage of PCT be taken over a timeframe anywhere between two to eight weeks. The length of time that you need to perform PCT all varies depending on whether or not your SARMS cycle was strong or weak, long or short, anywhere in between, it changes the response in PCT necessary.

If you stack — or take multiple kinds of SARMs at once for maximum performance — it’s likely that heavy PCT will be necessary if you want to keep both your gains as well as stay healthy. Not performing PCT is extremely dangerous and can cause hormone issues in the body, so we strongly recommend performing PCT and following the instructions when you do so.