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How long does it take for RAD 140 to kick in?

As it is with most SARMs, RAD 140 doesn’t kick in for up to 48-72 hours. During that time, the contents of the SARM are beginning to build up in your body and the effect is beginning to finally kick in. For most people, after three days, they begin to notice major differences that stay until the end of the SARM cycle.

Most of these results from RAD 140 include things like the following: increased endurance, stronger bones, faster (to sometimes explosive) muscle growth, faster muscle recovery, reduced fatigue, and various other symptoms and benefits.

While taking SARMs, always be on the lookout for any odd symptoms. If you feel like SARMs are causing a problem or you don’t like how they’re making you feel, remember that you can always stop taking them. It’s not worth your peace of mind if they’re disturbing your life, regardless of the results.

Make sure to take regular dosages at the correct times so that the effects stay potent and consistent once they’ve finally settled in. Check out our guide on how to cycle RAD 140 for best results.