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How long should I wait to do SARMs again after PCT?

Once your testosterone has normalised and stabilised, you should be able to take SARMs again. This is a process that takes at least 2-4 weeks, and it’s probably a good idea to give your body a little bit of time to recover from the recovery, so to speak — for the PCT — until it’s completely calmed down and reverted back to normal testosterone production.

At that point, if you wanted to, you would be able to take another SARMs cycle if that was your priority. We do of course always encourage that you’re careful about your dosages and cycle times, and that you take each dosage seriously. This will help you get the most out of your SARMs, and it will also mean that your body gets to rest a bit more in between the cycles.

Even if it’s not necessarily doctor advice — they could possibly tell you to not take the SARM entirely — it’s also a good idea to let your body rest in between the intensity of what the SARMs do to it. Keep that in mind.