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Will my testosterone levels return to normal after SARMs?

Your testosterone returning to a normal level after taking SARMs relies on a few different things. Testosterone almost goes into a sort of hibernation or inactive mode in the time period that it takes for your PCT to work its way through your body. Until that’s done, you may continue to experience side-effects from SARMs, though PCT should help work it out and get everything alright again.

Just to be clear, while it’s possible to return to normal testosterone levels after SARMs, and many do, some do not. Please be aware of that fact. Sometimes testosterone suppression can cause life-long issues, but we always try to help everyone as much as we can.

If you feel as if your testosterone levels are too low, make sure that you seek out the assistance of a doctor. They will be able to diagnose you, point you to specialists, and give you medical advice that may assist you in dealing with this issue.