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What are the health risks associated with SARMs?

There are a few health risks associated with SARMs. While most of the side-effects are more or less mild, there are a few serious side-effects that need to be looked for because they are dangerous. Usually, these are side-effects that either have to deal with either your hormones or your heart.

 If SARMs have damaged the way you’re able to naturally produce testosterone, this can cause long-term side effects that will follow you if it’s not dealt with. PCT is generally what’s done to prevent this problem from happening, and most SARM cycles involve PCT of some kind once the supplement is over with.

If your hormones were fine, the next concern would be your heart. SARMs do have the ability to cause potential heart disease or heart damage, though it’s not guaranteed. If you feel like your heart is a concern for you, or it already was before you began taking SARMs, it’s best to be under the eye of a doctor so they can monitor things like your heart or your hormones more closely.

Besides those two main risks, other side-effects and issues with SARMs are usually mild or resolve themselves on their own.