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What if my doctor prescribes a SARM for me?

If your doctor prescribes a SARM for you, it’s likely that you should take the SARM and follow both the instructions that the medication gives you as well as your physician. If your doctor gives you conflicting information, such as a change to dosage, cycle time, or another important bit of information, always feel free to ask the doctor to explain why, though it’s smarter to side with the doctor in almost every case.

Trust your physician. They’re licensed, trained, educated professionals that have spent years in schools and hospitals, learning and learning. They have the information and education necessary to be able to help you as much as possible: so listen to their advice and directions when it comes to using any kind of medication or supplements. SARMs are no different. Take the SARMs as you’re directed to and your doctor will help you make sure that you stay healthy while you’re on the supplement.