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The Best SARMs for Women (2023 Guide)

New year, new you, or so the saying goes! But how can you take steps to ensure that you’re on the right path to a sustained and improved new ‘you’ in line with your personal goals?

For females who are interested in bodybuilding, SARMs are among the best supplements on the market. They offer explosive muscle growth in the short-term, and a variety of other associated benefits which can help improve women’s physique and performance: such as increased endurance, reduced fatigue, the strengthening of the bones, and other positives which we’ll detail in this guide.

These benefits are huge and noticeable, and many people want to use SARMs and receive them. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these supplements, not everyone can take SARMs in the same way safely. Chiefly, women could be at risk if they take full-strength dosage SARMs intended for men.

The dosage could prove too strong for many women: it could cause permanent damage and hormonal issues because it can’t be absorbed properly by the body. Women don’t have the same volume/amount of blood, their weight is different, their hormones are different, etc.

Let’s go over how women can mitigate the risks of using SARMs – if they choose to do so – and which SARMs would be best for them, given the information that we have available to us.

Which SARMs are Best for Females?

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Because women have different needs with their SARMs, the products that they need are different. We’re going to review some of the biggest SARMs for women, ones that are really effective, and give you the information about all of them.

For starters, let’s review some common options and see what SARMs a lot of women are taking right now.

Ostarine For Women and Other ‘For Women’ SARMs


One of the best options for women looking to consume SARMs is the SARMs that are marked as ‘for women’. While this kind of labelling gives off strange vibes, in this case, it’s necessary. Women may need different kinds of SARMs than men due to differences in hormones and other reasons.

Products like ‘Ostarine For Women’ still feature great performance improvements compared to not using them at all, but unlike some other SARMs, you can generally get away with a lower dosage for a shorter period of time to still get the same effects. This can allow a woman to bulk up or achieve greater muscular definition for virtually little to no risk at all.

Because these kinds of ‘For Women’ SARMs offer such great improvement with virtually no side effects, these are great options for women looking to body build. You get all of the improvements with none of the risks or side effects: it’s really quite perfect.

Stenabolic 9009


Another great option when it comes to SARMs for women is Stenabolic. This is listed as an option by many people and a lot of women use it. Stenabolic is one of the better SARMs for women because it’s mostly focused on fat-burning and increasing definition in the body. It doesn’t necessarily pump your body full of so many aggressive and harsh hormones like some of the other SARMs do.

That isn’t to say that all SARMs are inherently dangerous, but the male body is able to take the effects of the much stronger SARMs a lot more reliably. Women may develop permanent issues and hormonal effects if subjected to such a dosage. That’s why something like Stenabolic is so helpful: and it works the best if you’re trying to cut or burn fat or lose weight.



MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren, is one of the more well-known SARMs on the market. It’s well-known for its ability to not only contribute to fast muscle growth, but also gives you plenty of HGH – Human Growth Hormone – in the body. The combination of these two things means that Ibutamoren results in some really noticeable boosts to your growth but normally doesn’t have too many negative effects attached to it.

MK-677 is another good example of a SARM for women because, once again, it features tons of great benefits with limited side effects. Unlike men on SARMs, women have to be more careful due to the intensity of the hormonal effects: they cannot endure nearly as much testosterone as men, of course, and that can cause a problem if they try to do so.

Ibutamoren is also a great SARM for women because of its versatility. If you’re really serious about bulking, getting ripped, or being a real bodybuilder, many professional bodybuilders are always trying to find the best combination of supplements possible. MK-677 can be used and mixed with nearly anything, and that kind of versatility is really valuable in a supplement.


sarms benefits over prohormones

Yet another SARM that’s a great option for women to take would be Andarine or Andarine for women. This is another SARM that has fat-burning effects, as well as a variety of other uses and effects on the body when taking it. Andarine is not something that will cause virilization, so if you’re a woman and you want to take a SARM, Andarine is a good option if you don’t want to start growing facial hair.

Andarine in specific is well-known for one quality: the ability to battle belly fat. If you’re struggling when it comes to working on your abs and you want cleaner definition, better muscles, and an easier time slipping some of the weight off, consider Andarine. It’s uniquely suited as a SARM for women to take considering all of its qualities.



Finally, one last SARM that should be mentioned in a list of SARMs for women is Ligandrol, also known as LGD-4033. Ligandrol is, like many of these other SARMs, great at building muscle and assists with the process of burning fat. Ligandrol is a good choice for a woman who wants to try SARMs if they’re looking for clean performance without too many side effects.

Ligandrol still has the ability to cause them, of course, because it is a SARM. It is one of the better SARMs on the market, however, featuring a noticeable boost to both muscle growth and muscle definition, along with a reduction in muscle wastage, which makes training up and keeping up a godlike body a lot easier.

Consider taking Ligandrol if you’re a woman who wants to try SARMs but you’re not sure where to start. The strong effects and relative safety of the SARM make it a good starting choice.

Can Women Take SARMs in All Situations?

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While we clearly see that SARMs can be quite effective at assisting with bodybuilding, women wouldn’t be able to handle taking every single kind of SARM on the market without running into some kind of health issue. One of the reasons is that women cannot afford to do something such as take SARMs while pregnant: due to possible hormonal issues and things that could affect the child, it’s likely not a good idea.

Another issue would be conflicting hormonal issues within the body due to SARMs during other aspects of women’s health, such as menopause. While SARMs directly affecting the process of menopause is likely, anything that sticks its hands in during such an important process could cause a problem. With how SARMs are designed, it could cause other problems or just make you extremely uncomfortable while you’re on them. 

Suffice it to say that only a doctor or a specialist like an endocrinologist would be able to give a more accurate assessment of what would happen to a woman should she be on SARMs during a time like this. Men have to take HRT, often, to not have permanent hormonal issues after SARMs. Sometimes women do not need to do the same, but it’s highly unlikely that’s the cause in every individual scenario.

What Other Supplements are Good for Women?

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Now that we’ve gone in-depth about the SARMs, what other supplements are good for women? Should anything else be mentioned here? SARMs are great, but the best possible performance you could hope for would come from a variety of different sources and effects.


what do prohormones do

Women, for example, would receive just as much benefit as anyone would from multivitamins: there are key deficiencies in most people in the US, for example — about 92%. Just as taking vitamins would improve the health of these people and make their performance better, there’s nothing about female bodybuilders that would suggest anything different.

Weight Gainers

Weight Gainers

Another common supplement that may be helpful, if attempting to bulk, could be weight gainers. These are more likely to be seen when there’s a massive amount of weight that needs to be gained in a short period of time, but they’re still an option. Ultimately, these can also contribute fat to your body, so they have to be used sparingly.

Protein Powders/Protein Adders

Protein Powders/Protein Adders

Finally, one other supplement that should be worth mentioning would be something like protein powder and things that generally give you more protein. Used at the right time in the right way, these supplements can contribute in a major way to your muscular growth, while offering almost nothing in terms of side effects.

Are Women Uniquely Susceptible to SARMs Side-Effects?

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While most side-effects of SARMs affect the sexes equally, there are a few side-effects on either side of the spectrum that don’t really cross over. If you’re a woman who’s interested in taking SARMs, you have to be careful with how many hormones you put into your body: too much can really mess up the entire process. Men can experience similar issues. Side-effects in general are unavoidable, of course.

To go over the potential side-effect differences between men and women on SARMs, let’s use a list of the side-effects for either below: to get a clearer comparison


  • Mood Swings
  • Decreased testicular size
  • Acne
  • Water retention
  • Headaches
  • Aggression
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Back Pain


  • Body hair growth
  • Acne
  • Liver damage
  • Increased clitoral size
  • Risk of cardiovascular damage
  • Risk of heart attack/stroke

It’s very clear that the side-effects that men and women face on SARMs, while sometimes similar, are still different overall. Many of the side-effects that women deal with are pretty noticeably dangerous: this is due to how high the levels of hormones can go in their bodies before they start developing serious problems. The risk of cardiovascular damage or heart attack, in particular, is worrying.

How Long Should a Woman Do a SARM Cycle For?

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When taking SARMs, things are done in ‘cycles’ – usually periods of eight to twelve weeks at a time, for most men, where they take the supplement daily while trying to get noticeable gains on a regular basis. Most people see tremendous growth by the end of a SARMs cycle, and most cycles of SARMs last between that time span. Few SARMs go too far beyond these kinds of time frames.

The question then remains, do women cycle SARMs for the same period of time? Many of the SARMs for Women’s products suggest no: most of them revolve around smaller doses over a much shorter period, such as just four weeks, barely a third of the time that men can be on SARMs by comparison.

If one stays on SARMs too long, the above side-effects become much more common. The reason that SARMs are done in cycles in the first place is the supplement is too strong to be taken daily with no end in sight. 

Overall: women require shorter cycles and lower dosages when it comes to SARMs than men do, to get similar results and effects.

Do Women Need to Do HRT?

Do Women Need to Do HRT?

HRT stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy, which is a form of treatment that’s often needed when someone is on a cycle of SARMs. SARMs, if taken for too long, can affect the ability of the body to create and regulate hormones naturally. The body sees so many hormones entering it regularly, over and over, that it begins to allow that to create the hormones and regulate them instead.

Inevitably, when the person goes off of the SARM, the body does not immediately start regulating and creating hormones again. This can develop into a series of different and dangerous health problems. To combat this, you need HRT.

One of the better things for women when it comes to SARMs is that they have to take them so much less than men do that they often don’t need HRT as any kind of treatment. Usually, women can just go off the SARM with no long-term side effects, which is great for them.

Overall, women do not need HRT as much as men when taking SARMs. Make sure to research each particular supplement before you commit to a plan, however. 

Where Can Women Buy These SARMs?


If you’re a woman and you want to purchase SARMs, there are a few different options available to you. Almost all of these options are online. The only problem with ordering SARMs online – along with other kinds of supplements – is the kinds of danger that fraud and fake drugs can present. You could get a serious health condition by consuming random drugs that you don’t know the veracity of.

That’s why it’s important to search for a place that has guaranteed safety or even purity certificates. Here at UK SARMs, we have the proof that we have all of the high-quality SARMs that anyone needs to get ripped! We offer all of the best kinds of SARMs and supplements to customers and they always tell us how much it’s helped them out. Women can buy SARMs at UK SARMs!

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