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How Long Do BCAAs and Creatine Stay in Your System?

Everyone’s body metabolises things differently, so there’s no way to know how long a pre-workout will last until you try it. Taking a pre-workout supplement and looking at each ingredient individually is the best way to assess its lasting effects. Their half-lives (or how long it takes for an ingredient to reach half of its […]

Can You Take Creatine and BCAAs on Rest Days?

Your body can’t make BCAAs on its own, so you need to get them from foods or supplements, whether or not you’re working out. BCAAs are a normal part of the diet, so taking them on rest days shouldn’t be a problem. One exception is if you have one of the rare conditions that hinder […]

When Should You Take Creatine and BCAAs?

Before or after exercise. Combining the two provides power and endurance, and their attributes complement one another: creatine gives you strength and reserves, and BCAAs give you muscle energy. You should take creatine before a workout (some 30 minutes before), and BCAAs can be taken during or after a workout. There’s only been one small […]

Can I take BCAAs and Creatine Together?

The answer is yes! Studies have found that mixing the two supplements has no adverse effects on your health, and many pro athletes and personal trainers recommend doing so. BCAAs and Creatine are often combined in supplements – especially pre-workout supplements. By taking each as a separate supplement, instead of part of a pre-measured blend, […]